Bayonetta 2: Should Sex Appeal In Video Games Be Questioned?

Entertainment Buddha's Owen Hibbert discusses the use of sex appeal in the video game industry.

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febzilla1477d ago

If women are objectified in games, so should men.

DarkOcelet1477d ago

Try to look at things a little differently . Say for instance ,its a game thats meant to be an entertaining medium and relieve some of your stress and think less about those pesky stuff . Like this game is offensive , violent , has inappropriate image of a woman and your life will be easier . I understand how you feel but please you dont have to create a problem out of nothing because then you will just piss yourself off and piss other people off which is what some women are trying to do .

febzilla1477d ago

I'm not trying to piss anyone off nor should you read into my comment that deeply. It's a never ending arguement of how women are represented in games. I liked how saints row IV approached it. If a the female character has to be naked or strip, the guy does too. Most people will always say there's execption or look at the context.

N4g_null1476d ago

But men are objectified. We just don't complain about it as much.

annoyedgamer1477d ago

They are. In fact men almost always fit a stereotype.

Aleithian1477d ago

Exactly. And the prevalence of this 'objectification' should make everyone question the legitimacy of the term 'objectification.'

gamer78041477d ago

Most men are objectified as well. Look at Nathan Drake, the perfect image of a man (body voice hair) or the other extreme, gears of war, muscle bound guys with the deepest most gruff voices you've ever heard.

Would i ever want to be just like any of those guys, of course not, but i don't mind playing the role of those characters in a fantastical world for a few hours. Same with Bayonetta.

ContinuePlay1476d ago

Bayonetta is a female character designed by men to appeal to men based on sex appeal.

Nathan, Drake is a male character designed by men to appeal to men that wish they had that sex appeal.

There's a big difference. If Nathan Drake and Uncharted was designed primarily to appeal to female gamers and their sexual attraction to the male physique, why doesn't it contains the same lingering crotch shots, suggestive close ups and overtly sexual dialogue?

It's not as simple as saying that "men in games are all physically fit and and attractive". Women can be portrayed as physically fit and attractive without literally impossible breast sizes or a skeleton structure designed to show off their breats or backside. If it was the same for both sides,why don't all male characters have gigantic bulges in their pants bursting to be free, spend all their time fawning over women or take every chance they can get to look sexy no matter how inappropriate the context?

Concertoine1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


Bayonetta is designed by a woman. In fact that is a well known irony regularly used against critics of her design. Your ignorance is showing.

And you can't be serious about Nathan Drake being designed as some sort of prospective alter ego for people with no sex appeal xD. He's just a tribute to the romantic adventure movie protagonists like Indiana Jones, The Mummy, etc. Now we can't even HAVE an attractive lead character in a game without accusing the developer of being petty?

Only the West would make an issue out of this, lol. They act like Bayonetta is straight up porn when there's technically zero nudity and most of the sexuality is in a humorous context. Sometimes i wonder if any of these morons actually play the damn game.

HammadTheBeast1476d ago


I have no desire to look like Nathan Drake, not sure what you mean. Why don't you look at Kratos, muscle-bound af and with tons of closeups on his face, biceps, chest etc.

clouds51476d ago

Thx for that. You said it just the way I would. Since Duke Nukem we play with absolutely unrealistic male protagonists. And that was never an issue because it's pure fantastic. It's meant to be fun playing these characters! And it succeeds. Mission accomplished.
Bayonetta is an amazing character IMHO. She is sexy, very capable without help from anyone, independent and fun... really she is my female Duke Nukem.

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Neixus1477d ago

Almost all men in games are objectified, but do we men moan about it? No.

Concertoine1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

The only people whining about it are women who don't play games and journalists that want to be on their good side.

Vocal minority, silent majority.

Exies71477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Oh they are. A person can be objectified in many different ways. Just as women are presented with unrealistic stereotypes, so too are men.

This happens throughout our media, entertainment, etc. I'm not saying women don't suffer from an abundance of objectifying in sexual terms, but life isn't peachy and free of any stereotypes, social misinterpretations, etc--simply because you're born with a penis.

Darkwatchman1477d ago

How often in games are men portrayed as the gruff handsome guy with abs? A lot. Do guys care? No

Sentient5451476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Well let's just take a look at Dante, the male counterpart to Bayonetta, and see if he's objectified/sexualised.


AgentSmithPS41476d ago

Funny and disturbing, a baseball bat for a weiner and then a large, erect, and veined..... pizza crust appears. I'd rather not see things like this but I support the right of devs to release it, even if the guy is wearing a 'douche necklace'.

AgentSmithPS41476d ago

No. Nobody is forcing you to buy the game, so why do you want to force them to do what you want? Go make a game objectifying men, it doesn't matter, it's just a game. I'd like a game that lets you spank women that want to take away necessary freedoms, but only the attractive ones of course.

RedstonerMC1476d ago

Fine by me. Objectify away. But there is a difference between having sex appeal and being objectified.

TheDevKit1476d ago

If you view objectification as wrong, why would you wish it on another?

ChickeyCantor1476d ago

" so should men."

They are.

Zepherite1476d ago

The people making Bayonetta made that game probably because that's what they wanted to play. Nobody gets to tell them what to put in THEIR game.

Why not be constructive and go and make the kind of games that you want to play? So many people seem to know exactly what games developers should be doing and yet in a world where indy games can go toe to toe with AAA games, none of these people that know so much actually put it into practice.

wonderfulmonkeyman1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

The majority of males in video games sport a near-perfect figure, and a smaller faction sport the kinds of muscles that most men can only dream of.
Every time this happens, there's going to be a fan girl objectifying them for their looks.
And no one ever makes a big deal out of it when it happens.

This is never brought up, let alone acknowledged to exist, however, because it would completely stab a hole in the inflating ego of the extremist faction of feminists if they were to admit that men in video games have been objectified for a long time, too.

King-u-mad1476d ago

Men are objectified in games... duh... I mean seriously they have perfect sex appeal towards women... I laugh at anyone who thinks otherwise.

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DarkOcelet1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Its funny some people look at Bayonetta and feel offended or look at her in a sexual way because all i see about her is total badassery . She is indeed beautiful but i always look at her badass side and attitude . And to answer that question . No is the answer because its a fictional world created for entertainment and not for delving into the real life issues . While some games do this perfectly , others look at games in a really weird and useless way . (Looking at you Bioware ) .

Bimkoblerutso1476d ago

It's a weird thing, really, because I've always kind of disliked games that throw sexuality in my face for no apparent reason...I think because porn is already about as easily accessible as it can possibly be, so why do I need a boner while I'm playing an action game?

But it's never really BOTHERED me to the extent that I feel like it should be banned or even widely chastised in the industry. Even in a game like Bayonetta, for instance, her sexuality seems to be playing into the big, dumb Japanese B-movie vibe that the developers were going for in the first place.

I guess it's just good to look at everything in meta-context before making damning accusations about a game, because I agree with you: at the end of the day, these things are created for entertainment purposes. Most of them are not out to make any sweeping social statements about the world we live in.

annoyedgamer1477d ago

I am getting this depressing feeling that every game from here on out is going to have the "its sexist" attack against it.

randomass1711477d ago

Gaming will mature out of that sooner or later. There was a time where all video games "caused violence." RE5 was racist. Halo was a murder simulator. That kind of stuff didn't change the industry and I don't believe this will either.

annoyedgamer1477d ago

Yes I hope this "fad" passes away. To be honest these feminists and liberal journalists that push this stuff profit of making controversy so the sooner the money pool dries up the sooner this disappears

turdburgler10801476d ago

I remember the RE5 racism crap. Capcom had to add in white zombies because apparently some people felt they were trying to make a game where you were on some quest to kill as many black people as you could. So tarded.

DualWielding1476d ago

@turdburgler1080, most of the people that complain are not really feminist nor liberals, just people who want controversy and attention......

Aleithian1477d ago

They pretty much already do suffer that attack.

HighResHero1476d ago

Not to worry. The sites promoting that garbage are already losing ad revenue, traffic, and credibility.
We are winning. The fading misperception that we are somehow not winning is caused mostly by the same scared bullies that are losing ad revenue.
Kind of interesting really.

moegooner881477d ago

In the first game, it felt as if the writers didn't want to put time into writing a meaningful character, so they ended up with an overly sexualized one. Felt corny and unnecessary most of the time. Didn't add anything meaningful to the game imho.

TenBensons1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Sorry wrong post. I agree with you though.

TenBensons1477d ago

It's all about common sense when it comes to representation. A lot of people see it as an 'attack' yet people who want fair representation want just that, fairness.

Comparing make to female characters is frankly laughable. We're talking about sexualisation, saying "The guy in x game has big muscles, men a misrepresented too" etc is valid, but very narrow viewpoint to have. Most people who feel threatened by people talking about how games are rubbish at fair representation only use the 'muscular dude-bro' statement as a counter argument to female representation, but instead of using it a a rebuttal it should be used to support it. The same is true of race, homosexuality and transgender representation.

At the end of the day if it's fair and justified in a context other than the ridiculous argument that its "just a videogame" and therefore ok, then most of the 'feminists' will accept it. The fact is right now most cannot and will not accept that there is a problem because it doesn't really affect them in the same way and therefore throw up knee jerk and childish reactions

hkgamer1477d ago

you make a fair point.

i think this article doesn't and made no sense throughout.

sex appeal in video games should be questioned in a sense of why portray this character in this way? what i mean by this is if female A had to be running around in a bikini? i recently saw screenshots of the new fatal frame and had characters in little to no clothing DLC. now in that sense its kind of objectifying women and was totally unneccesary. however, i havent seen many other games that would be out right sexists or over sexualising the females.

AgentSmithPS41476d ago

"The same is true of race, homosexuality and transgender representation."
It sounds like you're trying to manipulate companies into doing things your way, using the public, etc (since you believe you're right). They are making a product, it's their choice what they put into it and your choice to buy it.

"At the end of the day if it's fair and justified in a context other than the ridiculous argument that its "just a videogame" and therefore ok, then most of the 'feminists' will accept it."
It is just a game, and for adults they should be allowed to make and buy any kind of game they want. A 'book burning' mindset is more dangerous than any game could be. I don't care what any group will accept, the truth is what's important.

"The fact is right now most cannot and will not accept that there is a problem because it doesn't really affect them in the same way and therefore throw up knee jerk and childish reactions"
It effects me because I want more nudity, jiggling, and sex in my games :) and there are dangerously ignorant people delaying it (and bring on the VR versions! ;). Childish is calling other people childish because you're throwing a tantrum when you don't get things your way, there are enough problems in this world without people making up new ones. You can explain your wants/reasons to the companies and try to nicely convince others to help, or you can just not buy it and tell them why you didn't.

Zepherite1476d ago

I would go one step further. Instead of being destructive and telling others 'you can't do this' go and be constructive and say 'I can make this'. People generally make the games they want to play. If you disagree with what others are making, make the games you want to play.

DualWielding1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

to be fair games that sexualize male characters to appeal to female gamers are actually common in Japan, more so than those that sexualize women, the thing is only male oriented 'fanservice' games get localized because gaming is not as common among teenage girls in the west as it is in Japan

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