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Lukemon1454d ago

Binding Of Isaac will be all I need!

Exies71454d ago

It's pretty good, eh?

nX1454d ago

Judging by the original game, it's almost at the point where it's too good because it's addicting. I don't know how much time I will have for it this month, but it's the perfect great game for drought periods.

bouzebbal1453d ago

kinda sucks this month for the first time ever. i have a lot to play anyways so it's fine with me

Ashlen1454d ago

Translation: Binding of Issac is the only decent game on this list.

Palitera1454d ago

PSA: you don't know what you're talking about.

The other PS4 game was highly praised by bloggers and players.

Ashlen1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Actually, I know all about steam world dig. It's been available for months on Steam and WiiU and I think 3DS.

RiPPn1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@Ashlen: It's also been available for months on PSN it's just free in November and it is a fantastic game, so probably time to take your trolling attempts back to the drawing board.

kingdom181453d ago

@Ashlen yet that doesn't negate the fact that its a good game.

esemce1453d ago

Luftrausers and Escape Plan are decent too.

vakarian751453d ago

Yeah SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt actually came out on the 3DS first last year.

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Xaphy1454d ago

Its like ps plus is just about indie games now :(. Dont get me wrong I know the value behind it but when I first subscribed the lineup was much better each month. Im not a fan of indies and I cant remember the last time I downloaded a game from ps plus. Cmon sony!!!

rxl2091454d ago

indies arent a genre of games so when you say something like "im not a fan of indies " you sound like a casual gamer

memots1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

How many big release got on ps4 in 10 months ?

What are you really expecting here? So any games that is not a big retails is indie now?

Of the free stuff that i got some ps+ i am very happy with Dead nation, Resogun , Pixeljunk Shooter ultimate, Trine 2, Velocity 2x, Dust and now Binding of Isaac,
What do you call these games? They are all great games if you simply disregard these title because they aren't triple AAA sheep following title than thats your lost.

illAmpRefugee1453d ago

Well wht do u expects sony to give away AAA exclusives or multiplats this early on ps4 sorry it wont happen maybe dwn the also Driveclub plus edition will drop enventually thts a good deal

Th4Freak1453d ago

@rxl209 He's not a fan of low budget games made by 2 hipsters, does that sound better?

OldDude1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I have to hand it to you PS4 boys, at least you are equal opportunity haters. It doesn't matter if someone owns the system or not, the minute they speak anything but ultimate praise for your gaming messiah (Sony) you guys come down on them like a ton of bricks. Already in this thread you have called the guys that own the system but don't like this months selection Trolls, Casuals and Sheep. Way to band together! Hate on my friends, you make the system so appealing.

levian1453d ago

I agree. I'm not against indies completely, there's a few I really enjoy (Terraria and Dungeon Defenders to name two) but in general most just don't offer what I want. A full length, 40+ hour gaming experience, preferably action/action RPG/RPG.

I don't expect AAA titles on the PS4 for another year and a half or so, but we've had nothing but indies on the PS3 for months now. I haven't downloaded a game from PS+ in ages.

Cupid_Viper_31453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@ Olddude

There isn't really a need for name calling, but sometimes it's so hard not call someone out when they're being silly.

We know that GTAV sold some 34 million units on the PS3/Xbox 360, that means that some 120 Million plus gamers out of 160 million plus gamers didn't give a sh!t about the game that everyone thought was a masterpiece.

The lesson here is that, even though a game is might be overwhelmingly good, the vast majority of gamers normally don't care for it. So coming on here and complaining that it has been 2 months and "no good games" is to literally be spewing "Bullsh!t" out of of one's arse. Given that if they had released GTAV, most of the people who are into that game have already bought it, and the result would be that there is still nothing for them.

Secondly, the PS4 is some 11 months old. So let's pretend that for 11 months, 2 big games were released each month. that would bring us to 22 "BIG" games, which one of these 22 big games should they be giving away for free then? And who's going to be the publisher who decides to give away their games for free so early on in the generation, when gamers literally have to choose from only 22 games, as opposed to later on when there are several hundreds games to choose from? The less games on the market, the more value is attached to games already released.
Kinda of like how the less money you have, the more value gets assign to each dollars.

Thirdly, someone mentioned that even on the PS3 there hasn't been any major BIG Releases for PS Plus. Well guess what? if you are now investing into Apple's shares, you've missed out big time too. There is this thing called "Saturation" you see, and it governs our entire universe. Your money is still safe with Apple, but please understand that your money wont double anytime soon. For 2013, I only bought 2 games for my PS3, TLoU and GT6. Why? Because PS+ didn't give me the time to buy other games. My harddrive was full of Games, Demon's Soul, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row 3, Battlefield 3, Rachet and Clank, and the list goes on and on. And I still have a HUGE backlog on my PS3. So if they're slowing down on the PS3 front, that's only natural since the focus has to shift to their new product, the PS4.

PS Plus on the PS3 was it's golden era, mainly because for the past 4 years, the consoles entered their primes, and Multiplats and exclusves where aplenty. Meaning that there was an already huge library of games, with tons more being added every month. Eventually though, that ecosystem died, and the supply of new games stops, and we shifted focus onto this Current gen. The PS4 is at least another year away from obtaining a similar ecosystem. So sitting here complaining that like a child is to show great ignorance for the world around you works.

If you don't like the service, and there's no value in it for you, then cancel your subscription, and maybe even sell your system, and use the money to get and XBox One or something. Because the XBox One doesn't seem to suffer from the same pressure put on Sony for its Games With Gold service. This need to provide Free AAA games this early on only applies to Sony. Meanwhile, MS is counting its billions....

Funantic11453d ago

I don't like most indies. It has to be exceptional for me to like it. This month on the PS4 the free games are very weak.

bouzebbal1453d ago

i dont get you? have you tried any of these games before? they could suck all of them but any big budget game could suck just as much. you seem to be frustrated over the fact that it's indies, not the fact they are bad games.

Utalkin2me1453d ago


Ok here is some retails games strictly from this year.

Bioshock Infinite
Metro last light
SF x Tekken
Payday 2
Batman AC
Pro Evo Soccer 2014
Nba 2k14
Deadspace 3
Crysis 3
PS Allstars BR
Batman AA

vakarian751453d ago


Tell that to the Indies section on PSN.

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shammgod1453d ago

Binding of Issac like a mug!!! I have been waiting a while for this!

However, i want it on my vita as well as my PS4, i wonder if this will work as a cross buy?

ovnipc1453d ago

Another month of crap, and no drive club free.

jc121453d ago

im sorry, but enough with the crappy indie game already, give us something worth our while, like DC PS+ edition, Killzone, or Tomb Raider etc.

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Hellsvacancy1454d ago

Nothing for me this month, 3rd month in a row

sobotz1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Just when I thought it can't get any worse. Even the DriveClub PS+ still hasn't up yet.

spacedelete1454d ago

November's PS plus line up pretty much confirms we will never get AAA games again. i honestly thought they would at least give Knack as thats in the bargain bins and its the one year anniversary of plus on PS4 but each platform only gets indies this month even PS3. its a good thing theres some good games coming out this month as i'm getting depressed from the quality.

its not like these are even good indies like Resogun and Outlast were. these are just home made indies that were created in some basement.

DeadlyOreo1454d ago

I agree with spacedelete. I'm not going to lie and pretend that Sony are doing well with PS+, they certainly need to up the quality of the games. That being said, has anyone given Dust a go? I'm actually having a blast with it.

nX1454d ago

"November's PS plus line up pretty much confirms we will never get AAA games again"

You just went full retard man.

Palitera1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Space delete, both of these PS4 games are much better than Knack. Muuuch better. These are not random indies at all.

And no, we won't get AAA for a long time. And when we get, you'll probably be pissed off because they'll still have this last gen face on them, as they have now.

To be honest, this year is being SO weak for PS4 that quite a few of my top 2014 games are 2d somewhat indies from PS+. Spelunky, Trine, Dust (both I had already played on other platforms, but on my preferred console it always tastes better), Dont Starve, Strider etc.

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Mikelarry1454d ago

i was just about to say the exact same thing. its been like that for the past two months, and i know some might say there's loads but to my personal taste nothing for me.

Finalfantasykid1454d ago

You missed out on Dust (unless you already bought it)

CriticalHit1454d ago

yeah, Dust is fantastic! And Spelunky is even better if you ask me. I recommend everyone downloads these awesome games. Who knows, maybe later on you get a more defined taste in video games and will love these!

Hellsvacancy1454d ago

Not gotta PS4 dude, not until Bloodborne is released

Muzikguy1453d ago

I don't feel bad at all for letting my sub run out and not renewing. They touted all this stuff with Plus and it hasn't happened. How many betas have there been? How many AAA games? How many exclusive bonuses? I'm not talking about $2 off a game in a sale either. Not to mention, PSN has been trash this last year. I'm not a big online player because all there seems to be is first person shooters. When the next Rainbow Six game comes out it might renew.

Actually, Bloodborne would make me renew my plus subscription. I guess I'm waiting until February

rhap1453d ago

I'm pretty sure the games for december are going to be awesome. It's Playstation 20th birthday, there's an event about it and I doubt Sony isn't going to use it to give more value to PSN PLUS and having a PS4/PSV in general.

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rarity1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Nothing for me unfortunately:/ why don't they just give us vita owners PSP games?

Blastoise1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

I agree, I've said this a million times. Give me just 1 GOOD PSP game over two mediocre Vita games anyday. Seriously who wants the hungry horde and escape plan has been on sale a million times already.

Do you remember when Vita owners used to get things like Muramasa Rebirth, Disgaea 3, Unit 13 & Uncharted? Such a drop in quality

CriticalHit1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Have you even played Joe Danger and TxK? They are freaking awesome! TxK is one of the best downloadable vita games at the moment, it's so underrated. Although I have to agree, Hungry Horde seems a little... mediocre...

Oh btw, I wanted to reply to your latest comment but there was no reply button there for some reason.

Muzikguy1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

There are only 3 tiers of comments on N4G. He comments on one, then you comment right here, that makes 3. Can't comment to anyone directly after that except to say "@user"
You may or may not have known that :)

nunley331453d ago

They used to give psp games monthly but people complained. Probably the same people who complain about not getting full ps4 retail games in plus. The rumors of no retail PS3 game this month was true and we get that crap frozen synapse, i may check it out. The past months some good games have came but this is a very weak month. I'll be binding of isacc mostly.

DualWielding1454d ago

people used to complain when we got PSP games, I would totally prefer PSP games over indies, or even PSOne classics

Blastoise1454d ago

People used to complain because every now and again we got proper quality games like Muramasa Rebirth, Disgaea 3, Unit 13 & Uncharted (Like I mentioned above).

But now those days seem to be behind us, and Vita owners can expect thing's like The Hungry Horde, Joe Danger & TxK. I'm sure a lot of people would just prefer a quality PSP game now :/

TheGrimReaper00111453d ago

Huh, I'd be down with a free ps1 title every now and again.

I mean, Sony already confirmed they will never make a first party title anymore (which is a slap in the face to all vita owners) so we wont have those for free with PS+ and the games that come from Japan that are triple A titles wont be given for free anyway

Cmon Sony, step it up =/

TimeSkipLuffy1454d ago

Escape Plan? Wasn't this available already?
Indies everywhere... This is a very unusual update... Hope this won't be the rule... T___T

GarrusVakarian1454d ago

Yeah....I think it's about time we started getting some retail games on PS Plus. It's been almost a year.

AC4, or it's stand-alone DLC expansion would be welcome. :P

Mega241454d ago

It would be a miracle, but imagine if they offer Driveclub completely free with PS+. I don't think will be seeing a retail game anytime soon.

wsoutlaw871454d ago

ya I think AC4 would be a good candidate. Im pretty sure knack will be there soon. Why not killzone? I think its tough because yes there are now games almost a year old, but with new ps4s being bought everyday, people are still buying games like ac4. I think that makes it much tougher for sony than it is for the ps3.

Blastoise1454d ago

I agree. No excuses or fanboy BS anymore. Sony need to start putting some of their money back into their own (now mandatory) service.

Pikminmaniac1454d ago

Here's hoping they will in December. Would be a perfect gift from Sony.

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