The Walking Dead: Season Two Review – Rick and Daryl Got Nothing on Clem | COG

COG writes - Both seasons of Telltale’s critically-acclaimed series are now available on next gen platforms for the first time. We take a look at Season 2 in its entirety and walk away exhausted from this emotional roller coaster of a game.

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TheBrit1452d ago

The only problem is if you have already played these games then your in it for more trophies or achievements for the most part.

There is absolutely nothing different between the Xbox one version and the Xbox 360 version. I figured there would be so I rented it from gamefly but it's just the same only I'm playing it in my back living room instead of my front living room because that's where the XB1 is stationed :)

Perjoss1452d ago

I'm not sure why they didn't do a single box with season 1 and 2 on the same disc.

Digital_Anomaly1451d ago

Give it time... no publisher or developer is gonna turn down a chance to make more money! I wouldn't doubt if we eventually see a 'whole story' package.