PS4 Pro Tip: Using Your iPod With The PS4′s USB Music Player

Not everyone has a USB drive available, or enough space on whatever device they DO have, to make use of the PS4's new USB Music Player that arrived with the 2.0 "Masamune" firmware update.

Fortunately, there is a way to put your trusty (and usually spacious) iPod to use instead!

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ghettosmurf1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Between this and the fact I can also use my iPod to store saved screenshots and videos from the PS4, it has become an essential hardware accessory for me.

LackTrue4K1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

That's sweet news/info ghettosmurf, any body here @ N4G has connected a Sony brand phone? (Forgot there name) any benefits with them both being Sony products?

mikeslemonade1547d ago

My USB ports don't even work anymore.

gatormatt801547d ago

Sounds like a personal problem.

spacedelete1547d ago

anyone know how you can use your smartphone as a music player for PS4? i don't have a USB stick.

MRMagoo1231546d ago

Buy one they are like $5 in Australia for an 8gig stick I am sure they are just as cheap if not cheaper everywhere else.

esemce1546d ago

Have you tries making a folder in the root of the phones storage and naming it MUSIC ?

It's the same as using an ipod as its just a USB mass storage device unless it has to be format with a certain files system, I it just has to be fat/fat32.

uth111547d ago

You could also do thie with any phone that works as a USB mass storage device (most do, but sometimes you have to enable that option in settings)

G20WLY1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"the system automatically suppresses the natural soundtrack of the game regardless of your in-game audio settings"

A very nice touch! :O

spence524901547d ago

It didn't do that with 2K15. I had to turn the in game music off entirely because it was blasting while the usb player was.

ghettosmurf1547d ago

Ah, that's a shame. I wonder what hook they used to subdue the other games that 2k15 is lacking...

SoapShoes1547d ago

Weird it does on DriveClub and TLOU.

ThatOneGuyThere1547d ago

it sounds like 2K didnt use the SDK properly. *shrugs*

Ninjatogo1547d ago

Could be that the developers used different audio channels for the in-game music than the regular ones used by most games. I tested it with Driveclub earlier and it seemed to work.

Yokan1546d ago

It doesnt do that with all games, was playing The Last of Us MP and had to lower the music, it seems that it only turns off music in some games.

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moodymofo1547d ago

i dont understand why i cant use my vita . ive allways thought it was a lite wierd that the vita is a ps4 companion but i cant data transfer from it now ipads and phones can be used for the music player but not the vita?

soljah1547d ago

yes yes yes +1 why in the h%ll can't we play music off our vita's

Larry L1547d ago

Hhave either of you actually hooked your Vita up to a PC, created a folder on the memory card called "MUSIC" and tried? I don't see why that wouldn't work, though I havn't tried to know. Vita could very well use a more complicated file system than say PSP did. I've never looked at my Vita's memory on a PC to know. I bet a PSP would work though, or any USB stick formated by a PS3, because both of those file systems have a "MUSIC" folder right in the main root.

And since PS3 can easily transfer music to Vita, I'm really shocked Vita can't be used as a USB music source for PS4, just how it is, without even having to create a MUSIC folder.

ChronoJoe1546d ago

@Larry It shouldn't work, the Vita isn't a FAT32 mass storage device. It's memory is only managable via proprietary software, sadly.

It would be nice if it worked with Vita.

esemce1546d ago

It's probably Sony just using precautions incase of piracy, and it sucks.

Harkins17211547d ago

I dont get what he means by

"Fortunately, there is a method for using your trusty old iPod to fulfill those auditory desires. First, plug your iPod into any compatible PC/Mac/Linux device and navigate to the root (base) directory of your device. Create a folder titled ‘MUSIC’ (that’s case-sensitive), dump all your favorite jams in there, and then connect the iPod to your PS4."

Larry L1547d ago

What don't you get? It's pretty clear. Open up your iPod, create a folder in the main directory called MUSIC in all capital letters, put mp3s in that foler, unplug iPod from PC and plug into PS4.

ghettosmurf1547d ago

For Windows it's pretty straight-forward. Plug your iPod into the PC and Windows should either open an Explorer window in the device automatically, or perhaps ask you what you'd like to do. Select 'Open to view files' or some similar option.

Once you've got the device open and the file structure is visible, you need to create a brand new folder called MUSIC. Any applicable music files (m4a, mp3, 3gp) you put into this folder will be recognized by your PS4 the next time you connect the iPod.

Harkins17211547d ago

I do exactly that and it brings up "Internal Storage" and then I try to make a folder but it will not let me.

FullmetalRoyale1547d ago


Same situation here, man.

teedogg801547d ago

Not working for me. Can't create the folder.

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