Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism

Harold Ryan, the company's president, is well aware of the criticism Destiny suffered at the hands of some reviewers and many players. Most of that early criticism, from what I could tell, revolved around the story, its structure and its delivery. Nearly two months after its 9th September 2014 release, and for me three days and 22 hours of play later, other aspects of Destiny have more than made up for the threadbare plot. But for Bungie, Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below provides the perfect opportunity to address criticism.
Interestingly, Ryan has recently revealed Bungie’s logic behind shipping Destiny with planned, future DLC content already on the game’s disc – their reasoning may surprise you - it's to limit download sizes because of people's bad internet connection speed.

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Mikelarry1503d ago

Yeahh............. what a load of porkies. lol i bet capcom was wishing they used that line when they cared about we poor peasant internet speeds

DesertFoxJr1503d ago

Haha, I'm wondering whether it's true or not, or if it's some altruistic spin on damage control.

Naga1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

If they are so concerned about people's internet connection, perhaps they shouldn't have made that a requirement for playing the game.

JeffGUNZ1503d ago

@ Naga

That was my exact thought when I was reading this lol

user56695101502d ago

Naga bubz you just blew my mind I completely forgot the us an online only game voiding everything the said. Lol. Too funny. I love how devs try to get over on gamers. Over priced dlc that's on the disc lmao. Stay classy game devs.

So we have EA , Activision, Ubisoft, capcom blatantly lying and trying to get over on gamers, but gamers still act like like its only one. News flash these publishers don't care about you they want your money. Who's going to be the next publisher to slip up ? are we going to sign a petition about Activision since they're over charging for dlc that is already on the disc? I doubt it since ts not about a gfx difference between console versionsi

creatchee1503d ago

This might be the single most egregious PR explanation ever. They must think that our brains are dead.

Mikelarry1503d ago

No I think the Tomb raider sequel explanation takes that title for the most egregious explanation ever, now that was A DOOZY this one comes 2nd place tho


Agreed but people like Jeff Gunz above is one of the hypocrites that cried about me stating Facts about his precious game now look he thinks this is garbage now LMFAO!!!!

BlackWolf121503d ago

After seeing the kinds of things people write on the internet about Destiny, yes, most Gamers brains died long ago.

Bunch of morons to be honest, the gaming community is a lost cause.

joab7771503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

This is what happened. They ripped part of the game out and made it dlc for 2 reasons. They were behind and needed dlc for December. Mmo's die without continuous content being added.

I actually have no problem to hold some content for 3 months. But make it free. Then charge for the 2nd piece...which was obviously the planned 1st dlc.

And whoever developed this explanation should be fired. It's a 10 yr plan and u just told us u have no solution to getting content to us past the on disc content b/c of Internet connections.

If they came out and said. U know what, we fell behind and wanted to get the game out. We wanted content for u for Xmas time so we pulled some but it's gonna be free....we would RESPECT you for it!!!!!

paul-p19881503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Exactly!! Well Said!

And we all know that if a gamer RESPECTS you and your work they are more likely to support the franchise and buy the DLC. But now Bungie/Activision are treating us like idiots and slapping a £20 price tag on it... no thanks!

johndoe112111503d ago

Bungie is really starting to sound pathetic now. All the moronic excuses they keep making to cover up their incompetence. "Atheon teleporting the furthest 3 players was a glitch so we had t fix it" translation "We really thought that people wouldn't beat the VOG that easily so we had to make it more difficult and less sensible by having him teleport 3 random players hoping people won't get bored and realize they only have 1 raid thus far".

Apart from Treyarch with the black ops franchise, I have never seen a dev completely ignore and piss off their fanbase in such a "up yours" manner like what bungie is doing with destiny. They must seriously think we are idiots.

VealParmHero1503d ago

I am far from purchasing this DLC. I am at a point where the only way to rank up more is play the same raid over and over. Now, they announce a relatively high-priced, lacking DLC package, already on the disk, with one less strike for xbox players. The strikes would be the only thing I am really interested in. I don't know how they expect people to pay the same price for 1 stirke, a raid, and a few maps/missions.

turdburgler10801503d ago

What about the following content after these expansions bungie? Guess some folks are up s!#t creek without a paddle. This is a really piss poor explanation.

Jonny5isalive1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

well it also means that it was already finished and cut out of the game to sell later. I dont have this game but I hear it is lacking in content. Gotta cut parts out and sell it for more money instead of actually releasing as much content as possible and making something after the game is released.

shit, with all the dlc already on the disk I guess they finished the part taht people paid 60$ for a year ago.

jahfen831502d ago

"Harold Ryan: There’s a bunch of shared-world content we’ve shipped on the disc specifically to limit download sizes for people. Both inside the US and all over the world, how much you download on your local home internet connection can be a problem, and even how much storage space it takes up on your console."

I agree with this.

shivvy241502d ago

On disk dlc by bungie, never did I see this coming! They just pulled a Capcom

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-Foxtrot1503d ago


Oh the mighty has fallen.

I bloody knew Activision were a bad sign when they were announced as the games publisher. But no no...people said it's Bungie and they'd have full control.

DesertFoxJr1503d ago

"Don't worry, they said. It'll be fine, they said..."

Bur really, it is a bit sad to see Bungie fall from glory. Still a good game, but I don't think it's what many people wanted or expected it to be.

shloobmm31503d ago

I would say its a bungie problem not an activision one.

ManAnimalX1502d ago


NO. no no no no no no......This is Both, they have AGREED to do this together, there in partnership.

And Id say im leaning more towards Activision in regards to the business model, but please don't kid yourself, Bungie is totally complicit, 100% agreeable, they see the $$ too.

And hence they have fallen from there lofty perch and are just like the others, greedy and slothful(lazy game design,lazy), unimaginative( the A.I. is just not good imo etc) and uncaring liars.

Embrace the Truth, its a good game but a bad game for other more "Principled" reasons that a sensible/self respecting person cannot ignore.

lipton1011503d ago

Dude, the company made the game for one reason, to make money. Not to kiss the ass of the entitled gamer N4G club. How will the product continue to make money? Through DLC expansions. The game has a "10 year life cycle," which is an excuse to use the same engine for 10 years with minimal changes, kind of like their past products, Halo 3, ODST and Reach, to maximize their return on investment initially by creating the new engine. I guarantee there will be 1 full $60 retail release every 12 to 24 months which will essentially be a glorified expansion where you use your same character. I play the game and enjoy it but it's getting old already. In 5 years we'll all be bitching about how drstiny is the same game with minimal changes year after year, like with call of duty. But from the perspective of a person formally educated in the ways of business (M.B.A) I commend them on this annual license to print money.

ManAnimalX1502d ago


You most definately represent that "New
Breed" of gamer he was talking about.


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georgenancy1503d ago

loool these developers must think we're stupid

Hellsvacancy1503d ago

Very considerate of them for not wanting me to use my 60mbs connection

JeffGUNZ1503d ago

"hey, we don't want people to use the data limits on DLC so we put it on the disc. We are concerned about people internet speed/caps on a ONLINE ALWAYS game"

RosweeSon1503d ago

Nice to see them giving something back to the community, £19.99 for DLC!? Madness, never heard of free post launch DLC. If burnout could do it and do it so well surely destiny could have released a pack for free, Red dead did plenty and probably sold half as many copies as destiny has. Nevermind.