Hyrule Warriors Video Review – Refined and Accessible

Callum May at The Koalition writes: The world is made up of two different types of people. Those who enjoy Dynasty Warriors games and those who just don’t get it. With a seemingly basic formula that’s been reiterated over and over again since the series inception, you can see why there is this divide. Although there is so much more to Dynasty Warriors games than meets the eye and Hyrule Warriors does an excellent job of demonstrating this to a brand new audience.

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rbailey1548d ago

I must admit, I wasn't sold on this game when it was first announced. Most Dynasty Warriors games feel like the exact same formula everytime. Knowing that this game follows the same trend but has Zelda characters in it is a bit intriguing but still I'm not quite sure if I'd buy a Wii U for it yet.

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