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"Ever since Capcom decided to move Monster Hunter to Nintendo platforms, gamers have been waiting for a suitable replacement to release on the Vita. At first it was thought to be Ragnarok Odyssey, then Soul Sacrifice and then Toukiden, but none of these games ever achieved the same level of success. By now most have accepted it isn’t going to happen, but it seems Sony has yet to give up hope. Armed with an interesting setting, strong support and much more, can Freedom Wars fill the void or is it another failed attempt?" - JPS

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Blastoise1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Wow way to open your review, calling great games like Soul Sacrifice & Ragnarok Odyssey failed attempts at success.

So what, these games are no good because they didn't reach the 3 million plus sales Monster Hunter 4 had in Japan?

Protagonist1503d ago

Great exclusive for the PS Vita is great exclusive!

Getting this game.