Hellblade needs to sell up to 300,000 copies to recoup development costs

Ninja Theory has released a new Hellblade developer diary video focused on the business strategy behind the upcoming PS4 exclusive.

Product development manager Dominic Matthews says: "We're taking our work on Hellblade as an opportunity to question the way the game industry has always done things, to see if there's a better way, a more streamlined way, to create amazing quality but on a smaller budget.

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Fro_xoxo1503d ago

that shouldn't be a problem.

bouzebbal1503d ago

give me some explosive action and that 300000 will be no problem

user56695101503d ago

yeah the problem was funding the developement.

lelo2play1503d ago

The budget this game has and a 12-15 man team... this game sounds like a indie game.
If people are expecting a game with the scope of DMC or Heavenly Sword, I think they are going to be disappointed.

GameDev11503d ago

"If people are expecting a game with the scope of DMC or Heavenly Sword, I think they are going to be disappointed."

Lol, that is actually what they are aiming for, a game in the scope of their own AAA titles

Ninja theory actually call Hellblade an AAA indie title, it is made and published by an indie company but has the content of a AAA game, they are using Unreal engine 4 and Vicon for motion capture is a site you should look at for what this game is about, cause you seem to have no clue

hay1503d ago

Wow, what a change. 1m of Heavenly Sword being a launch title: A MONUMENTAL FLOP, as they described it sealing their fate with the hypocrisy.
Enslaved: 700k, A FLOP.
DMC: 1.2m, A FLOP, since they aimed for twice as much in multiplatform ecosystem.

And now Hellblade, a Heavenly Sword reskin: 300k. Good to see their ambitions going up. But will it float?

Knowing the BS Antoniades did in the past, I think this is just an excuse to go "indie" and cash-in on "begstarters" additionaly in near future, the way Tim Schafer paved the road.

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trywizardo1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

it'll sell more than that on PS4 , and X1 version will make it sell even more . i can already smell a sequel
@aviator : well , its a timed exclusive , so yeah it will be released on X1 after some months of PS4 release

aviator1891503d ago

is an xbox one version on the way?

G20WLY1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It's been touted as 'first on PS4', but there has been no talk of a potential Xbox release date or even an expected post-PS4 release delay.

I think they'll sell 300,000 if it's anywhere near as good as Heavenly Sword was, just of the back of the love that game had. The reveal had such a similar feel, it's seriously working those nostalgia-based cravings! :)

Heavenly King1503d ago

They said PS4 first, because is the only version they are working on, BUT still they are searching for other viable platforms for their game.

UltimateMaster1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

For all we know, Hellblade could be on PC afterwards. I wouldn't dismiss the possibility on an Xbox release.
Either way 300k is not a bad number.
I'll be getting it.

bouzebbal1503d ago

it's rumored to be timed exclusive, but could be exclusive PS4 as well. NT said nothing about this as far as i know

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CocoWolfie1503d ago

i like this. so honest :3

ManiacMansion1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

They told that it wont have as much content as a full game so if they wont bring this on a physical bluray and just as digital download 300k will be hard!

OUROSMAG1503d ago

lol wut? They've never said that, in fact they've said that it has as much content as their previous titles.

ManiacMansion1503d ago

"Hellblade is currently slated to release in 2015 for the PS4. It utilizes Unreal Engine 4 and will be a digital release featuring some fairly unforgiving combat"

Forn1503d ago


Again, where in there does it say it won't have as much content as a traditionally released game?

XtraTrstrL1503d ago

That's about $18 million at $60 a copy.

OUROSMAG1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It won't be 60 they are only doing only digital releases to lower cost.

zeal0us1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

They actually only get a fraction of $18m
Retailers, manufacturer/distributors and etc get their share of the $60.

XtraTrstrL1503d ago

Yeah, just adding up the full amount at $60, they said 200,000-300,000 copies anyhow.

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