2014 has taught us that Mikami's brand of horror no longer rules the roost

Dealspwn: "See, as a classic take on survival horror, The Evil Within is a clear success, and Mikami readily admits that he wasn't looking to push the genre forwards. But in a way, I must admit I find that stance rather disappointing -- a feeling that ultimately extended to the game as well. Games don't exist in a vacuum, and their merits are often weighed and judged in context. Mikami hadn't made a horror game since Resident Evil 4, but so much has changed since 2005. We've had the likes of Amnesia and Outlast and Condemned and Slender and Penumbra.

Now all of the games I've mentioned there have one main thing in common -- they're all first-person titles. I'm rather of the opinion that third-person horror is largely defunct because by the very nature of its perspective, it places an object (a shield if you will) between the player and the horrifying stuff. "

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PaleMoonDeath1502d ago

Really now, best survival horror game I've played since 2002.