Bungie president on Destiny: ‘We wish we had put more time into some areas’

Destiny developer Bungie has some regrets about the game’s launch, and it’s bringing a new approach to storytelling in the first major expansion, The Dark Below.

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radler1477d ago

Thank god they have some DLC to try and rectify the problem! For some extra cash, you can upgrade your game from utter garbage to terrible :)

JWiLL5521477d ago

I understand the game is disappointing on some levels, but there's nothing "garbage" about it.

It's been hated on so much it's almost become underrated.

geddesmond1477d ago

When all these other games release this christmas just watch how many are still playing it. Then people will see how garbage the game is

BDSE1476d ago

I'm not going to pay for DLC that fixes stuff that shouldn't have been broken or missing in the first place.

donthate1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

"Thank god they have some DLC to try and rectify the problem! For some extra cash, you can upgrade your game from utter garbage to terrible :)"

Well, Bungie's 10-year plan for Destiny is to take one games worth of content and spread it out to 10-years and milk you dry.

I wasted $90 right out of the gate sight and reviews unseen. Never again will I waste my money on a Bungie game!

To top it off, us Xbox One/360 owners are paying the same amount for less DLC content. WTF is up with that?

We get it, you have a deal with Sony, but first that timed exclusive content doesn't arrive until a year later, but on top of that we pay the same price for less!

I might have spent $90 on a Digital Guardian Edition, but I am not wasting more resources playing this game. Should have waited for the best value in gaming this holiday with Halo:MCC!

bouzebbal1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

of course he says that now and before the game comes out..
this is all marketing to prepare for the dlc and even the sequel..but aren't all the DLCs locked on disc?

BX811476d ago

For all it lacks its a damn solid base to build on. We have to consider this is a new ip from a dev who didnt do games like this in the past. Bungie should be proud.

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Meltic1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

When the order or bloodborne is coming im going too trade this shit game in for that.

D3TH_D33LR1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

So then why not trade it in now and earn better trade in value? Oh right! Cuz you're still playing it? Why are you playing a game you find it shitty? Because it's not shitty enough or you're simple. The logic is strong with this one

Fkhalf161477d ago

i already sold mine and bought Shadow of Mordor, pretty awesome game.

Meltic1477d ago


Im not playing it. Not even playing my ps4 anymore when i bought my GTX 970 card. But im going too play it more again in january/february. Destiny sure i played alot in the beginning but i was bored very fast. And if i trade it now i wont get a better value here in sweden EU.

Automatic791476d ago

I already traded mine in bought the Evil Within.

Jubez1871476d ago

You know the order is all hype too right? The gameplay looks like a straight 2006 PS3 game. Bloodborne will be cool, and I'm not a Destiny fanboy, but The Order is all hype just like Destiny.

Stapleface1476d ago

LOL This again!! Yesterday or the day before it was a 980, today it's a 970!! LOL Ahhh, Meltic, you are always good for a laugh!

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jspsc1231477d ago

when mcc comes out. xboxs player count is going down to 0

Jubez1871476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

the blessing of only have 1 game worth playing on a console. At least the game will be populated.

TheXgamerLive1477d ago

Its near garbage for a current gen game. It's extremely last gen limited. But, I do thank Bungie for the beta BC then, I came I saw I refunded my preorder.

Shinuz1477d ago

I wouldn't say its garbage (just wasn't what I was expecting) but yeah thank god for the beta, it made me cancel my pre-order as well.

BallsEye1477d ago

more was in development probably for 6 years now (already secretly announced in Halo:ODST in 2009) and that's all they could pull off? I know games with waay more content and waay more detailed and they were done in 2 years with much smaller budget. Damn bungie...I'm glad 343 took over halo from you. I had a better opinion before.

spacedelete1476d ago

can you smell the turd that bull just left ? it stinks of greed and lies.

Christopher1476d ago

Some areas? How about all areas?

2cents1476d ago

I wonder how much the final price tag will be for 10 years of destiny, combining all the releases and dlc's.

Based of this first DLC pricing structure I think it is fair to say that this will be an expensive decade.

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CocoWolfie1477d ago

they had a lot of years to start with too ;-; damn activision

Mustang300C20121477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Got nothing to do with Activision. This is all on Bungie just like it is on on Evolution with Driveclub

DanteVFenris6661477d ago

Yea but sony allowed drive club more time. Something. That activision probably would have laughed in bunnies face. "What you need more time,, hahahaha just cut all the story out and release the game as is. Don't worry you've spent tons on marketing so people will eat it up. Well add the rest in dlc" that's how I imagine activision

Palitera1477d ago

^ so either you're adopting sheep behavior or you just have a juvenile mind.

It amazes me how idiot people try to blame the publisher for the deep shortcomings of the game instead of the actual developer. Time is not what Destiny needed. The ridiculous design choices are what make the game average: repetition, insanely bad RNG (vanilla D3 level), non existing story, no reward for performance etc.

And even if the obviously cut content (or barebones vanilla, to sell DLC) can be pointed as Activision's fault, Bungie agreed with it and is together on this tramp.

So use your brain once in a while. This is the work of two companies, but much more from Bungie.

D3TH_D33LR1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

You do realize Publishers do get ultimate say and if they feel they can squeeze out profits that yes indeed the Developer will have to make those changes. Look into it, read developer interviews. It happens for sure. Why do you think bf4 was so messed up but hardline got its delay. Because EA didn't allow dice the extra time. I don't think you realize how difficult it is to create a game to the standards we hold today. Especially a network heavy game like bf4 when we don't even really have fantastic networking infrastructure in north american to properly handle it with their initial design. This past year has basically been the optimization process the game should have gone through before release. It took so long because most of the team has likely moved to Star Wars. But you're kidding yourself if you think the person whose holding all the cash isn't going to make you design your game to squeeze profits. It's their whole purpose, to make money and fund projects. But there are great publishers who will let the developers do their thing. Just not activision or EA. Though it seems EA may have learned from BF4 they have a long way to go.

wita1477d ago

Ugh, you don't have to play Destiny for 100 hours, Bungie, to see that there are legitimate problems with the games. Their pre-release attitude toward reviewers and "hasty scores" really ticked me off.

With their budget, why *couldn't* they put more time into the world? I don't get it.

OmegaShen1477d ago

You do know the 500m wasn't for making the game right?

Mikelarry1477d ago

"That figure covers the game's development budget, marketing costs, and other various expenditures"


your point??, are you trying to tell me with some of that budget they did not have the resource to produce a better product and wasted it all on forbes and the like to make stupid quoted comments like " this is more than a game"

Assassingamer1361477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

@omegashen Uhhhh yeah it was used for the game. Bungie was given 500 million for the development budget. They were given that money to ensure there are not limitations.

OmegaShen1476d ago

Wow, Gamespot lol. I really don't trust that site, they called a DDoS attack a hack.

An did anyone ever think a huge amount went to actors? They aren't cheap.

Palitera1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

One word: DLC.

Most of the shortcomings are intentional for the same reason why CoD is not released with 25 maps.

Who would buy overpriced DLC if the game had 5 raids, 20 strikes, the missions weren't always the same in the same places, the 'planets' were actually open world big planets with meaningful exploration and cool stuff to do, instead of 4 or 5 small repetitive maps put together? You know, if repetition and DLC weren't the keywords?

You talk like this was a flaw on them. It's not. It is the appex if their de$ign $ucce$$.

And with this, I introduce you to Bungie.

The Meerkat1477d ago

Its only a success if people buy it.

Destiny DLC will be competing with some pretty heavy hitters.

I'd rather buy GTAV PS4, MCC and COD than spend another penny on Destiny.

BigBosss1477d ago

Good Lord what is happening to gaming industry these days! How hard is it to do something right and not mess up! If the Illuminati is involved in this I'm going to beat the living crap out of them and then beat the crap out of you guys!

Exies71477d ago

The Illuminati? Where the hell did that come from?

Hoffmann1477d ago

I wonder how many buyers of the game wished that too.