Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC is Ridiculously Expensive

CraveOnline: "Bungie has revealed the pricing of Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC, and it’ll make your eyes water."

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BigBosss1454d ago

"The price tag of the DLC is set at £19.99 in the UK – yes, half the price of the full game - while the US price is $20. That’s a startling price difference between both regions, with £19.99 roughly equating to around $33.00."

What the freaking hell! What a rip off and a half bungie!

SIX1454d ago

Even worst deal for XBOX owners.

Mikelarry1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

I know it is a slap in the face. I own the ps4 version but I can now say without a doubt in my mind I am done with this franchise. good luck to other gamers who keep supporting this title.

@ below

from the contract which is available online activision is not to blame, their only input was for how many titles that gets released everything else is bungie decision. ill find the contract and post a link.

don't even get me started on third party timed exclusive.... WOOOSAH!!!!

SIX1454d ago

I too own the PS4 version and I don't like this one bit! With that said, I'm pretty sure Bungie hates this too. I would direct the attention at Activision. On the flip side this isn't any different then COD/Micro deal. Lets all agree that this type of timed exclusive business needs to stop.

Blastoise1454d ago

The price is an absolute joke, but what makes this even worse is these expansions are probably where all the decent story content went

Forn1454d ago

Even $20 for the first of what's probably going to be, like, 100+ dlc 'expansions' that doesn't really add much if anything to the experience is absolutely f'n ridiculous. There's so way I'm going to support this kind of milking business strategy. I'll just play amazing games that give me value for my money.

PONTIAC08G8GT1454d ago

Geez, don't season pass's usually cost $20-$30? I think I paid $25 for TF and got 3 DLC's. But that price for one DLC, it better be a 1/3 of a complete game. Glad I traded this game in early October when GS was offering $40.

Consoldtobots1453d ago

everyone was in an uproar when they wanted to raise the price of games before this gen started. They HAD to back off that one because as the saying goes a lost sale is money out the door that may never comeback. Im sure this pissed off the publishers to a high degree and this is their middle finger back. In other words in their eyes $60 doesn't justify complete game content like it did the gen before last. This has been going on for a while folks. At the end of the day it would have been wiser to pony up the extra money upfront than to get milked for much more in bits and pieces.

BallsEye1453d ago

so that's the crappy dlc I got in limited edition...wasn't worth it after all -.-

sonarus1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

lol @ all the bungie hate.

I was done with the Destiny Franchise pretty much after i finished playing it. Its a whole lot of show and hype but deep down its really a whole lotta of nothing

user55757081453d ago

wow only 3 new multiplayer maps? what a waste of money.

xHeavYx1453d ago

Not getting any individual DLC, I'll just wait for a bundle deal

RumbleFish1453d ago

I don't want to defend the price tag. The price is a joke and the game lacks content. But I am having a great time with old friends in this game and made a few new. It is actually fun to run in circles and collect spinmetal when you have a good chat with nice people. You can have the tension of a nightfall strike too.
I have played 170 hours so far and this makes the game worth the money for me.
I will buy the DLC.

Consoldtobots1453d ago

lol @ N4G kids getting mad at the truth, I didn't say I support this stuff I just telling you why it happened.

RedDevils1453d ago

Thank God I didn't buy Destiny, borrow the game from a mate and game feel like big waste of money

user56695101453d ago

Constobots is right this been happening for the longest and its going to get worst. We use to get expansion pack that that's the damn near a whole game. Free mp and skin packs. Now since they started putting these so called dlc on consoles people are willing to pay more for less. This gen gamers are the worst .

Funantic11453d ago

Most Xbox owners don't care. We're waiting on Halo MCC. Destiny reviews are way too bad.

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shivvy241454d ago

Damn that costs half a new game , what a rip off, better spending it on something else


LMFAO!!!!! I said screw this game and traded it for Mordor on Sept 30th , love the fact that I was booed,disagreed with, pm'd to death with hate talk and now look... NOW people feel the same way... SMFH!!! While the gameplay is fun... This game as a whole is garbage and a cash grab... I hate sheep but let's be honest , if people like it that's ok but this game shouldn't be supported so these companies see that we want our dollar's value in the game to start off with... NOT give us a half assed game that plans to milk us dry with expensive on disc DLC... 2nd time today Ive watch hypocrisy at its finest. Btw this isn't directed at you Shivvy24, I agree with you

WitWolfy1453d ago

I agree. Take this game and the $20 you would've spend, trade the game in and get GTA 5 instead.

SilentNegotiator1454d ago

So....we're just going to assume that it's a ripoff before we even see how much content we get from it? M'kay then.

"a new set of story content for Destiny, some new weaponry and gear, three new multiplayer maps, one new Strike (PS4 owners of the game will also get a bonus Strike as part of Bungie’s exclusivity deal with Sony) and a new Raid called Crota’s End"
...could we at least wait and see how hefty the added story is and how good the maps, raid, and strikes are?

_FantasmA_1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Regardless of the amount of content, I'm sure some if it was already finished and taken out of the final game. Remember a few years ago when we were all outraged after finding out that things like the Gears of War 3 skins were already on the disc and we were just paying to unlock them? I miss those days. We just kind of rolled and said fu** it, and started buying DLC and season passes like crazy. People buy it anyways and at whatever price is set. Season passes and DLC prices are getting ridiculous and to be honest I have yet to buy a DLC/map pack that I felt was worth it. I have always regretted buying every DLC I've been suckered into.

JeffGUNZ1454d ago

On their site it says 3 story missions lol. What a joke.

BX811453d ago

Brotha nothing you said justifies the price tag imo. Look at the content in the full game. Really not a lot there. Now you give $20 dlc that isn't that in depth? What's funny is these are my genuine complaints but I still play destiny with my friends. Idk maybe you're right and we shouldn't judge just yet but things so far aren't the best. It's actually a good base for bungie to build off of.

GuruStarr781453d ago


3.... story... missions....?....!


Let that sink in for a minute... 3 story missions for 20 bucks.... that is a TOTAL rip. Especially when you look at how many story missions were in the vanilla game and how little story it actually told!!!

We need to let them know we won't stand for this... it's a crock.

GTgamer1453d ago

Sooooooooo you expect us to be cool with the fact that Bungie spilt the story up to gain more money through DLC you better GTFO the game hardly had a story to begin with.

s1lentone1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@silentNegotiator you know you're right... we don't know whats to come. Maybe the mystery chick that " can't begin to explain why she didn't have any time to explain why she don't have any time to explain" will finally have time for us now. lol i prob butcher the quote some how. But in seriousness I will pass on this DLC Simply because of vague moments like exo stranger. Then after make us pay real $$ just find out why shes so freakin busy. Maybe its just me but i was hoping and expecting more from bungie. Its just lazy and i'm done paying for halfass games. If you don't like it let your voice be heard with your wallet.

@jeffGunz its $10 per mission now...the game is that good lol. What a ripoff.

TheSaint1453d ago

Three story missions. It's a f****** joke.


ummmm... they just told us what content we are getting from it!


King_of_Nothing1453d ago

@SilentNegotiator- No ones assuming anything, they've told us exactly what is in the DLC. 3 story missions, 3 multiplayer maps, one strike.

Considering how bare the full priced game was, even if the DLC is good, its of little comfort. People, myself included, feel like we purchased a severely incomplete game and now content that should have been included to begin with (story) is being shoveled out at $20. DLC should be used to provide extra content, not fill in missing pieces of the core game.

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BattleTorn1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

"The price tag of the DLC is set at £19.99 in the UK – yes, half the price of the full game"

Was the game £39.99 to begin with in the UK?

CowbopBeboy1454d ago

Yes, prices of games vary between £40-£50 depending upon the retailer. I got it for £40.

Perjoss1454d ago

Online it was going as low as 40, but in stores i saw it for 55 in quite a few places, uk psn was selling for 55 or 60, perhaps someone can confirm. Standard versions btw, not special editions.

caseh1453d ago

In GAME this was £54.99, the supermarkets had it for around £45.

PSN vanilla edition is £54.99 and the Digital Guardian release weighs in at a hefty £84.99, for ya'll mericans that's a whopping $136.

TheSaint1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I got it for £45, so give or take a little it's half the games price.

It's pathetic.

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CorndogBurglar1453d ago

I'm pretty sure this is Activision's doing and not Bungie's.

Bungie has never been known for being greedy with their DLC.

mrbojingles1453d ago

That's like saying you're not a racist while not doing anything about the minority being beaten to death in front of you. I don't really mind this DLC, wasn't going to get it anyway and will still play the main game with friends, but Bungie is just as much responsible for this. They made the content and helped Activision structure the DLC this way. Even if they were told to do it "or else", they're still a willing party involved in it.

WitWolfy1453d ago

Dude these guys are here to made MONEY, they were well aware of the deal they signed with Activision to make this game happen.


Welcome to the gaming industry.


Let's be real.

This is not the same Bungie for yesteryear.

That Bungie would never have delivered suck a lacking story to begin with.

This post Halo Bungie seems to have gone off the mark on a lot of issues.

Muzikguy1453d ago

I won't say "I told you so" because I never said that. I sure felt it though. This game said nothing to me other than a DLC milkfest.

BoriboyShoGUN1453d ago

Glad I stayed away from this game. This issshhh would of had me heated!!!!

hkgamer1453d ago

lets be realistic and say that the original recommended retail price for destiny was not £39.99. it would have been closer to £54.99. not really sure how much rrp is nowadays.

niw thats out of the way, £19.99 does sound a little expensive especially when compared to us currency, maybe they should lower it to £14.99.

however expansion packs has normally cost around that price if my memory serves me correctly. expansion paxks are slightly different to normal dlc in a sense. think of it as old school pc expansion packs.

anyway, people should make more noise and get them to lower it to £14.99 similar to how people complained about ground zeroes.

TAURUS-5551453d ago

that exclusive strike for the PS4 is for free right ?

Spenok1453d ago

Well... it comes with the expansion, so technically no, but it's not anything extra after you buy the DLC.

Bobby Kotex1453d ago

I don't even care about this DLC. I'm happy for the folks who like Destiny, but after finishing the single player and doing strikes for a couple weeks, I was done. I'm completely done with this franchise.

CuddlyREDRUM1453d ago

Compared to Naughty Dog releasing a year old game with 80 pieces of pay DLC, including guns, in Last Of Us Remastered.

Sorry, just seems odd you calling any DLC a ripoff with that username and pic.

BlackWolf121453d ago

COD is priced at only $5 less, and only includes 4 multiplayer maps.

Destiny's DLC is $5 more, and has tonnes more content, but it ridiculously overpriced?

nosferatuzodd1453d ago

damn straight F<ck you bungie and F>ck you too activision

iHazelwood1453d ago

While I can agree about the Xbox Owners getting ripped off, the price isn't really that bad for what you are getting.. In COD DLC or Battlefield you typically get 4 multiplayer maps and 1 co-op map for $15.

Destiny is a grindy game to begin with and to even get from level 28 to 30 is a very long stretch. So going from 30 to 32 is probably just as long.

Raids the first time take typically from 3-4 hours of extra gameplay. For PS4 owners they are getting 2 new strikes instead of one, plus the 3 crucible maps and the new gear that is available that can get you up to level 32. It might not seem like a lot, but like I said it takes quite a very long time to get from 28/29-30. If you ask me that is way more than anything you'd get in DLC nowadays, so it really isn't THAT expensive for the extra $5. A lot of other games like Assassin's Creed and even the last Batman game wanted to charge people $10-$15 for an extra 2 hour mission.

It is not worth it for Xbox owners in my opinion, they should get money taken off the $19.99 because that is simply not fair. There's a difference between someone getting something simply earlier like the COD/MS deal, rather than charging someone for something that they don't get. If they get it later (which isn't specified) that's a different story. But like I just said they haven't specified that yet.

Really disappointed with Bungie on this one.

frostypants1453d ago

Thank Blizzard for this kind of garbage, suckers.

aviator1891453d ago

To everyone who has the digital version of the xbox one version of destiny, you can actually call up xbox and request a refund based on the false pretenses on which bungie/activision sold the game regarding the dlc.

Worked for my friend and me. Just putting that out there.

iHazelwood1453d ago

@aviator189 I tried this a few days after it came out and they said to me if its over 2 days that they can't refund the game... Unless the guy was just trying to avoid a refund. How long after did you wait?


To put that into perspective..

All of the "big" expansion packs for the top games back on the 360 were 1200 MS points.

I am talking about the expansions for GTA4, skyrim etc. The expansion for Oblivion (The Shivering Isles) at the time cost 800 points I think, correct me if I am wrong.

I know nothing stays the same forever and the cost of making these games has gone up etc, but as a consumer at the end of the day what matters to me is the overall value for mony I am getting.

looking at what they have said is going to be in this content and how much they want to charge for it, it's a big fat NO from me.

it's a shame.

On paper and going back looking at old Vidocs, the game really had potential. Supporting this crap now, only means they will continue down this road and that is not something I want to see.

After my initial disappointment with the game, I told myself this is Bungie that gave me Halo which I still love so I will hold out to see what they do with regards to updates and dlc.

Well we have had events like the Queens wrath which said we would get "new" missions. In reality it was replaying story missions with a few modifiers switched on.

Now we get to see what the dlc is going to be about. The question I have in my mind is are those 3 story missions really going to provide hrs of gameplay and story development within the game? When I say hrs of gameplay I don't mean repeating a 10 min mission over and over just to see If I can get a random drop from it.

Time to hang up my warlock boots

terrordactyl1453d ago

1 raid, 1 strike, 3 missions.

£20 is a staggering ripoff for such a small amount of content

2cents1453d ago

Go Activision!!!

Your generosity astounds me!

Thank god I got the Ghost edition, wont be paying an extra penny for these DLC's.

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Neonridr1454d ago

Thank god I spent $30 more and got the Limited Edition which included both expansion packs..

D3TH_D33LR1454d ago

Wow. You saved maybe $5. Thank God!!

equal_youth1454d ago

Yeah thats what i was thinking about my limited edition too ^^

lipton1011454d ago

Actually $10 genius. It's $40 to buy each expansion separately ($20 each) vs just another $30 for the guardian edition which includes them both. So let's review! $40 - $30 = $10!!! Yay! I get a sticker. I love 1st grade math!

SilentNegotiator1454d ago


"maybe $5" - I think it's pretty clear he was using hyperbole to make his point that he didn't save much.

Neonridr1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

now saving money is a bad thing?

I understand the "thank god" part was a little much.

mochachino1454d ago


It's $34.99 in North America for the expansions if you buy them $5 was right.

wsoutlaw871454d ago

ya seasons pss is 35$. These prices are absolute bs especially considering how little content the full game had and the very few mp maps. Killzone gave away free maps and thats what bungie should do. 20$ for some missions that are probably as repetitive as the full game was. The sad part is I really like destiny and desperately want more content but 35$ in expansions is just crap.

lipton1011454d ago

Actually guardian edition was the key word, $89 vs $59 for the base game. Some simple subtraction and you'll get the difference of $30. $10 less than buying them both separately, $5 less then buying the expansion pass

Sheikh Yerbouti1453d ago

That's two McRib sanwiches or one McRib meal.

D3TH_D33LR1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@Lipton101 math or not, you should go back to pre school if you think this game is worth $90...

RedDevils1453d ago

For people who like wasting money on this game dlc, should think ahead and just buy the season to save you some cash lol

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BattleTorn1454d ago

Being Canadian, I saved closer to $15 =D

callahan091454d ago

Guys, the Limited Edition offered a lot more than just the two expansion packs. He essentially gets the Expansion Packs for free if you value the rest of the contents at $30 dollars. No matter how you look at it, he got a whole bunch of limited edition stuff + the two expansion packs for less money than the cost of just the expansions alone. It was a good deal if you like the game (I haven't played it, so I have no opinion on the quality of the game).