Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Gears Up to Expand the Destiny Adventure

Activision and Bungie today announced that Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will be available for download on December 9th. The Dark Below marks the first expansion to the universe since Destiny’s record-breaking launch in September and features all-new weapons and gear to earn through new story, co-operative and multiplayer activities.

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KUV19771547d ago

3 story missions, 3 multiplayer arenas, 1 strike and 1 raid. Seems a little light-weight für 20 bucks.

itisallaboutps1547d ago

Looks like it would need 4 more dlcs including this one to actually get that full game feeling

HystericalGamez1547d ago

3 Story missions, which tend to be 10 - 20 minutes each.

3 Multiplayer Arena's (standard for map packs is 3 - 4)

1 Strike, which depending on the difficulty can take up to 45 minutes.

1 Raid, which at first takes hours to complete.

We're looking at hours of new content. I think the price point is pretty fair.

ShadowKing-1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

idk why people are complaining about expansion price, when COD maps cost about 15 bucks a pop just for 3 maps.

djdrake131547d ago

And the way they are making you play the same Strikes over and over and over, mean this is like hundreds of hours of content! New once, used again another 999 times.

FamilyGuy1547d ago

"1 Strike, which depending on the difficulty can take up to 45 minutes."

The only time ANY strike in this game takes 45 mins is when it's a difficulty modified Weely Heroic or Nightfall Strike. Other than those all strikes take 15-25 minutes when you know what you're doing. I beat this weeks Nightfall in 10 mins because of Void Burn making kills so much faster, just saying.

ScottyHoss1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


Skill gap - team coordination = completion time

turdburgler10801547d ago

If they want to charge us $20 then it should be both of the upcoming expansions. Hell xbox one owners are getting left out of a extra strike. Bungie should be begging for forgiveness not trying to screw us over.

King-u-mad1547d ago

Borderlands DLC way more expansive... and its a last gen game...

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jriquelme_paraguay1547d ago

yes. i trusted in Bungie, i have the Guardian Edition DIgital... but im a little dissapointed with the final product.
Im almost level 29. Got my Raid Helmet piece, need to leveling up.

But i will never pre buy or pre order again other game and seasson pass.
The only two games i do this is CoD and Battlefield, because if you dont buy the premium or expansion pack, you are not buying the whole game, and you cant play with most of your friends in question of weeks or months.

Lofabred1547d ago

So you're lvl 28 with the raid helm?
You should try doing hard mode without cheesing it from the beginning now.

SIX1547d ago

It also mentions an exclusive strike and exotic as a part of the Sony/Activision deal. Sucks for XBOX owners :(

wsoutlaw871547d ago

for 20$ it should be like 15 story missions 8 strikes and 3 raids. How hard is it to make some stupid missions?

BiggerBoss1547d ago

For $20 you want more content than is in the actual game?? LOL okay. At first i agreed that the dlc is overpriced, but now i see that todays gamers are completely over-entitled

wsoutlaw871547d ago

Lol over entitled, have you played destiny? This a a game with ridiculously simple/repetitive missions in a genre based off of content. Weither you call it an mmo, rpg, or even borderlands, it is seriously lacking. Borderlands 2 shipped with over 100 missions but you want to call 3 missions and a couple of strikes (longer missions) a damn "expansion" and charge 20$. I can't believe they call this an expansion when most games call 3 missions a preorder bonus. The lack of content on the origional game doesnt justify a lack of content in an expansion. Plus you already paid for the game and now you're paying just for some extra missions.

joab7771547d ago

Yeah maybe for $20 but it's alright for a 3 month add.

I just hope it doesn't devolve into just running the raid for new raid gear to get to 32.

darkmonkey13x1547d ago

too little too late Bungie

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Jimboms1547d ago

I love the look of this DLC so much!

zen_hydra1547d ago

Hurray! It's a glorified COD map pack!

I am pretty disappointed that Bungie is going this route with Destiny. It certainly isn't the kind of support I was hoping for.

Jdoki1547d ago

I really hope the story driven parts are more meaty than the base game provided.

Overall for the amount of content £19.99 price point seems expensive.

I expected at least 3 more Strikes as these appear to be the main thing to do once hitting level cap.

Despite being a supporter of Destiny and loving the game, I expected more of Bungie for this DLC. Not sure if it's the Activision influence.

The recent article where a dev states they wish they'd spent more time in some areas. The reports that a lot of story content was ripped out shortly before launch, and the Grimoire cards put in instead.

It all points to Destiny being forgotten long before the 10 year plan plays out.

wsoutlaw871547d ago

how much story do you really expect with 3 missions? I really like this game but theres nothing left to do and this dlc is crap.

Jdoki1547d ago

I'm not expecting much! :) But I am hoping what's there is more than brief cut-scenes this time.

There was another article somewhere from a dev stating they are going for a different kinda take on the story telling for the DLC. Who knows what that might mean.

JVC061547d ago

Any news on new trophies being added for this DLC also?