FFXIV: optional items cash shop now live

Square Enix has launched its optional item cash shop for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Players can now purchase minions, mounts and more via the Mog Station.

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DarkZane1453d ago

24$ for a mount. Are you serious Square-Enix?

noxeven1453d ago

Weren't they selling a mount in wow for 20 plus bucks as well.

rdgneoz31453d ago

Though with some of the mounts and minions in wow, a portion of the sale goes to charities (or have in the past).

HeyDuhh1453d ago

Some WoW mounts are $25+.

joab7771453d ago

I hate it. It was the one mmo that was pure so to speak.

I get why they do it but cmon?

TuxedoMoon1453d ago

Will this be the first step to free to play?
Square is pretty stubborn so I'll guess no.

Isn't the whole point of pay to play to NOT have any sort of cash shop? I know it's just extra trinkets now, but if this is successful, they'll probably move on to having gachapons. A gacha in mmos is paying for a CHANCE to get a certain item(s) out of a pool of items. People love dressing up their characters, so square can easily bait people with cool clothes.

Snookies121453d ago

WoW has had a cash shop for quite some time, and it's pay to play as well. So long as they don't start adding anything that's not cosmetic, it's fine. If they ever do include things that will help you win, that's when I stop playing.

Paprika1453d ago

Pay to win or pay to stand out.

Win is stat boosting, extra gear slots that aid PvP, extra gil rates, exp etc

Stand out is vanity. If I want the mount to look cool, I'll buy it... if not so be it. This is optional gear and extras nothing even remotely following the pay to win, f2p model.

For the game we get, its still worth buying this stuff just to look cool!

Azurite1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Doesn't say anything about items being for sale temporarily, as you'd assume when they sell ghost and pumpkin things.

Hipp01453d ago

I actually like the idea of a cash shop, it would only bother me if there were "pay to win" elements.

It's worked for WoW so I don't see why it can't work well for FFXIV.

Jubez1871453d ago

people wanted the cash shop. that's really all I can say about it. It's not SE being desperate. It's the playerbase wanting more and more