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Palmer Sturman: There I stood, corridor stretching out before my very eyes as my character, Sebastian Castellanos, slowly lost his sanity, grasping his head and collapsing to the ground as his field of vision gave way to utter chaos. Behind me I could hear muffled angry shouting as unease washed over me: I wasn’t alone. I didn’t know what was behind me, and I definitely didn’t want to find out. I grasped firmly upon my controller and forced Sebastian up onto his feet, immediately running down the endless corridor, sprinting as fast as I could. “Damn,” I thought as I watched what was left tiny white bar in the top left corner of my screen dwindle away. “No more stamina.” Sebastian’s breathing got heavy and his movement became impeded just in time to see an unknown force dressed entirely in white materialize in front of him and end his life with a sickening squelch.

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jriquelme_paraguay1548d ago

Im on Chapter 12, love this game. Almost 20hours

Plagasx1547d ago

Chapter 12 is the worst in my opinion though..