Star Wars Battlefront to be Turned Into a First-Person Shooter?

CraveOnline: "Star Wars Battlefront will be EA’s “major first-person shooter” for 2015, according to EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen. This indicates that the upcoming game will be focusing upon first-person gameplay rather than the third-person gameplay the series has been known for."

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creeping judas1455d ago

Well that's a bit disappointing in my opinion. I've always enjoyed the third person shooter, and loved the first two Battlefronts. Oh well still going to be an epic game!

vishmarx1455d ago

i dunno. its back to expecting a reskinned bf for me.

an how the hell would melee classes work?
will they be removed?

Mega241455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

EA is destroying everything the OLD EA build. That foundation creating great games is so weak right now, its sad.

CorndogBurglar1454d ago

Melee characters in FPS games isn't exactly a concept thats never been done before...

BiggerBoss1454d ago

NOOO. Seriously EA?? One of the ONLY things I wanted from this game was for it to stick to its roots. Third person class-based multiplayer. I really hope theres more to this game than just being Battlefield with star wars skin, but it looks like ill probably be dissapointed

KnightRobby1454d ago

You mean Jedi and Sith? Well, they weren't in the original Battlefront as playable classes, so I am fine with that. I sure hope they consider adding them later on.

I do hope they add an option for 3rd person or at least a server like MW2 did. Battlefront has always been a 3rd person game to me personally.

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JonnyBigBoss1455d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about this...

nX1455d ago

Bad! What else? Nobody wants a reskinned Battlefield but I'm afraid that this was EA's plan from the start.

bleedsoe9mm1454d ago

i'm with JonnyBigBoss , i don't know how i feel about it , if they do a battlefield starwars clone right , not like they did with hardline , but really make it look starwars , i'd be in for 64 player hoth battle with at-at's , snowspeeders , blasters , and tauntauns .

nX1454d ago

^Sure, 64 player Star Wars battles in 1080p Frostbite glory are nice, but we're talking about a simple third person mode here that was one of the coolest aspects of the original Battlefront games. If this little thing is missing, I have a very bad feeling about their overall game design approach.

BiggerBoss1454d ago

@bleedso that wouldnt be Battlefront though. Why couldnt they just make a new star wars game if thats what they wanted? It seems they only used the Battlefront name to cash in on our nostalgia

cerious1455d ago

as long as dice sticks to the lore and expands on things even more than the last games, it should be good. The game should be expected to have the same style of the last battlefronts, with a good number of class choices, all the weapons available in those classes, and even larger maps than the last possibly(and more maps to play on).

WeAreLegion1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I always played in first person, anyway. (Except in Hero Mode, of course.)

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The story is too old to be commented.