'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' helped 343 learn how to 'push' Xbox One sat down with Dan Ayoub from 343 Industries to discuss the team's experience working with the Xbox One.

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Goku7811449d ago

IMO Destiny is a failure. If Halo 5 turns out to be good, I will eventually buy an XBOX One even though I still dont want one.

Yetter1449d ago

IMO Destiny is the most disappointing game of the year. Its not a bad game, the mechanics are solid. It just didn't get even close to living up to the hype.

hollabox1449d ago

I thought Destiny played too much like Mass Effect 3. Decided to skip after playing the beta

otherZinc1448d ago


Please, that title goes to Drive Club.

lfc_4eva1449d ago

This can only be good news for Halo5 development.
Now going by how good MCC is looking, Halo5 is gonna blow people out of the water I'm sure.

qwerty6761449d ago

they have one year left to polish it up and doing a very early beta

i really hope this game turns out good.

Pogmathoin1449d ago

I want Halo to be more than good looking... I want that buzz you got with Black Ops when it reinvented COD....
LFC, will Ballo ever score in the league??!!

IVanSpinal1449d ago

I loved CoD until they released Black Ops (zombies was good)

Dewitt1449d ago

I am guessing you mean MW1, because BOps didn't really change anything.

blackstrr4111449d ago

Lol. balo will eventually. But he needs to score against Real DemigodMadrid before he can redeem himself

lfc_4eva1449d ago

Ballotelliiiiiiiiiiiiiii has already proved he can score in the league with Citeh. Just a matter of time and a partnership with Sturridge and Booooooooom!

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Spid3r61449d ago

Man are we in for a treat....I mean Forza Horzion 2 was incredible about to pick up Sunset overdrive this saturday which is has incredible reviews...And MCC which is the best value for your buck and on December we will be able to play Halo5 beta and see Halo night fall... WOW just WOW

u got owned1449d ago

Been playing Sunset Overdrive the game is addictive:)

ImAPotato1449d ago

@Spid3r6 Just picked up sunset overdrive last night! Its amazing!!!! Forza Horizon 2 is one of the best games this year. And Halo MCC, im waiting to pick up! CANT WAIT! Great time to be an Xbox Gamer :D

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