Rumor: Uncharted 3 HD Remaster Teased in YouTube PS4 Reveal

The new YouTube app features the game to demonstrate its direct upload feature.

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TimeSkipLuffy1455d ago

I would love to play Uncharted 3 again on PS4! But it makes more sense to release all three titles for PS4 in a bundle (especially for those who are starting their console era with the PS4).

Hoffmann1455d ago

Yup, a Uncharted Trilogy with all dlc being on board and some graphical upgrades as well for them would be awesome and great for everyone who skipped the PS3 and wants to experience the whole Uncharted series.

hkgamer1454d ago

what were the dlc's in uncharted? were they just costume packs for mp?

Lulz_Boat1454d ago

but the pic is related to Unchy 2

Khronikos1454d ago

Newsflash: you will not get each game on three discs for 60 dollars lol. They will redo each as they see fit and they will charge like 40-60 for them. I think this is pretty logical. None of the games will fit together even with two discs. They each need a separate disc and download as the files for 1080p/60FPS will be just like TLOU no doubt.

ramiuk11454d ago

i would expect it to be priced similar to the halo collection to pull people in.

Pogmathoin1454d ago

I think after playing 3, going back to 1&2 is hard. 3 was by far the best..... So far...

ChronoJoe1454d ago

I'm thinking this was perhaps more a simple mistake, because the shot is a very common screenshot from Uncharted 2. It's one of the more frequently used press assets.

With that in mind, perhaps this image was just mocked up by someone without much thought to whether the actual game was going to be featuring on the PS4?

While I think it's perfectly possible that this game might appear on the PS4 (seems like the most likely candidate from Sony's games at least) I don't think this was intended as a hint, but mere coincidence.

user55757081454d ago

why does the title say HD remaster? it was already made in 1080p

miyamoto1454d ago

Bring It!

For both old fans like me and new PS4 players that need and want to experience the awesomeness of Nathan Drake!

mechlord1454d ago

Kinda off-topic on uncharted but on topic about last gen trilogies remade:
Wasnt there a rumor about mass effect trilogy hd coming?

iHazelwood1454d ago

@Khronikos Yeah you're right. Sony is shit at listening to fans. Luckily I have Microsoft that is actually releasing Halo :). All 4 games for 1 price.

bouzebbal1454d ago

no, U3 ran at 720p

Braid1454d ago

It's just a stock photo which probably doesn't mean anything but yeah, I'd buy that in a heartbeat if it was real.

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user56695101455d ago

It would make more sense for Sony to invent in making an ps3 and ps2 emulator then sell them on ps store. But why do that when you can make more money selling them all over again

CrowbaitBob1455d ago

Aren't you assuming that everyone who owns a PS4 currently owns a copy of all three Uncharted games?

I suspect there are plenty of people that would like to play the series that don't have all three games sitting on their shelf right now.

Farsendor11454d ago

I would rather have the Uncharted series in Full HD 1080p than to play at crappy ps3 resolutions.

Ratty1454d ago

Also, the PS4 can't emulate the PS3 through software alone. It could software emulate PS2 games though but apparently it's no easy feat either.

They tried to do it with the 80gb PS3 but it didn't work as well as the 60gb PS3 because the 60gb PS3 used PS2 hardware.

They probably figured that programming a stable PS2 emulator for PS3 and/or PS4 would cost more money than it would bring in and I can't blame them for that decision... as much as I'd like to be able to play my PS2 library.

Dirtnapstor1454d ago

Crappy PS3 resolutions? I'm guessing you never played any PS3 games, never mind the Uncharted series. Sure this gen is leaps and bounds better, but last gen wasnt bad.

k3rn3ll1454d ago

Or they can just put it on now. Why invest the money for an emulator for one series. No they would put on PsNow. You spent all that money buying it. Now use it

ninjahunter1454d ago

Then they couldn't charge you twice.

ChronoJoe1454d ago

It's unlikely that PS3 emulation is even possible on the PS4. It's very intensive to emulate hardware and the PS3 and PS4 aren't worlds apart like the PS2 and PS3.

Plus, programming software to emulate extremely complex architecture is very unlikely to work all that well either. The original PS3s PS2 emulator doesn't work that well for many games, for American original run models which had a little extra PS2 hardware to make them run smoothly without direct emulation.

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breakpad1455d ago

Sony BRING NEW GAMES for fk sake i ve been bored with these lame HD remakes

1455d ago
HeavenlySnipes1455d ago

Bruh have you been living under a rock? There are a lot of new PS4 titles coming next one of which is Uncharted 4

k3rn3ll1454d ago

Actually the next new one is Order and bloodborne. If they are thinking about doing this, I wouldn't be surprised to see a remast next fall and push 4 to 2016. I mean they did just do TLOU. They can't keep doing remasters without it affecting Uncharted 4s schedule.

Forn1455d ago

I want GoW3, and the Uncharted series remastered for PS4.

Jaqen_Hghar1455d ago

Don't forget Ascension! If Chains of Olympus gets a remaster so should that awesome entry!

nX1455d ago

God of War 3 is of the finest games ever made, I hope that we'll get it remastered at some point. Having the "ultimate version" of these classics feels pretty good 😊

Forn1455d ago

If they just remastered 3 but added Ascension's MP to it, I could live with that. The only moment that blew me away in Ascension SP was the last segments/level. That was pretty amazing.

BlackSpartan1871454d ago

GoW3 would be amazing if they remastered that game

Bronxs151454d ago

Bayonetta 2 exist. And it's what a gow3 remaster in 1080 would look like. But bay2 is 60 fps. I believe gow3 was 30 fps??

Also. Bayonetta kinda ruined God of war for me. I was a big God of war fan. But after playing bayonetta. Um how do I put this. It's like if you played little big plantet for the platforming gameplay they played something like a mario game and see what real platformers are like.

Uncharted is still my favourite all time game series tho.

ginsunuva1454d ago

I want Killzone Shadow Fall remade.

I'm so nostalgic.

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spacedelete1455d ago

am i the only one who only liked Uncharted 2 from the franchise ? Uncharted 1 was nothing special and Uncharted 3 was terrible. Uncharted 2 just had this magic about it.

Jaqen_Hghar1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Nope. A man has loved them all but thinks they've gotten better with each installment (the ones made by ND anyway). Uncharted 3 improved on one of the greatest games of all time and that's a hell of a thing to do. And yes a man realizes he's in the minority liking 3 over 2 but he liked the villains, cinematic elements, set-pieces, and ending of 3 more than 2.

jspsc1231455d ago

it was the atmosphere. im looking forward to farcry 4 because of the Himalayas.

MysticStrummer1454d ago

I can see liking UC2 the best, but saying UC3 was terrible is simply ridiculous.

JBaby3431454d ago

I think they got better with each successive game with 3 being the best. I know plenty of people who like 2 better which is fine. I'm curious what rationale you use to rate 3 as "terrible". It's ok if you didn't like it as much as the others but to say it's terrible seems off.

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zero_gamer1454d ago

That clip looks like Uncharted 2, and Sony might be doing what MS is doing with Halo, releasing a complete trilogy for $60. That would be a dream for Uncharted fans. Otherwise, why only remake the third Uncharted before the first two?


Exactly...this was Sony's chance to do a Master Chief Collection type deal where you get all three games and the beta for Uncharted 4's multiplayer.

Link2DaFutcha1454d ago

Haven't played any of them as this is my first sony system. I'm all about a trilogy pack.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1454d ago

They would have to release it on 3 discs. No way they can fit all three games plus the dlc with higher resolutions and framerates on 1 disc.

Spenok1454d ago

Uncharted of any capacity on PS4 would be amazing. Bring back the MP as well and you would have some seriously happy fans.

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THC CELL1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Want all 3 remade in HD plz god of war too

360ICE1455d ago

The Uncharted games were in HD. Not 1080p, but HD. God of War 1 and 2 were remade in HD on PS3, 3 and Ascension were in HD from the get go.

How many remakes do people want? It's been three years since Uncharted 3. It still looks great on PS3. There's this brand new thing called the future. It's grand.

nX1455d ago

Many PS4 owners never had a PS3. Those are still good games and they are a great preparation for Uncharted 4.

Chard1455d ago

A collection with 1080p, 60fps, and vsync would not be a bad thing.

360ICE1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I'm sure there are plenty of people who haven't gotten the chance to play it, but isn't this remakes trend getting a bit ridiculous? They're remaking games that came out only a couple of years ago and games on consoles that are still perfectly available for sale or to be borrowed from a friend.

There used to be backwards compability for those who didn't get to play games on older systems. I hope PS Now will have that area covered in not too long.

Personally, I'd prefer seeing new games being made in 1080p, 60fps with v-sync. Not saying that the Uncharted games being remade is the worst thing to happen, but it feels a bit premature. They can get away with barely changing them at all.

InTheLab1455d ago

While I agree to the future bit...there's really no downside to these ports. It's not like ND is stopping production of UC4 to pump out an HDier UC3...

360ICE1455d ago

That depends entirely on who is doing the porting. The Last of Us Remastered was made by Naughty Dog, and while one could argue that they learned from it and so forth, it's undeniable that it took up the time of one of two ND studios. If it's ported by Bluepoint, then I guess we'll just have to wait for Blast Factor 2.

Harold_Finch1455d ago

I'm one of those people, but for this game only. I can't get any other game (on any platform)that matches the combat system of this game other than The Last of Us. But on The Last of Us, you can't jump. That's all, no Tomb Raider, no SLeepig dogs but i would like a Max Payne 3 remaster.

MysticStrummer1454d ago

"isn't this remakes trend getting a bit ridiculous?"

It's the market's answer to that question that matters, not your personal answer. If people stop buying remakes, they won't be around for much longer. Relax and buy something else if you don't like them.

360ICE1454d ago

The market can want something that's a bit ridiculous. In fact, it does that all the time. I think remakes are more about being cheap to make, than that they sell to plenty of people. There are obviously exceptions like The Last of Us, which sold incredibly well.

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lemoncake1455d ago

Yeah I would love all 3 remastered In a single collection, just having the third one would be a missed opportunity and also feel a bit cheap as it's the first two that would take the most time to actually remaster properly.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1454d ago

All three remastered with the same character models throughout would be awesome, it would be a buy for sure!

Software_Lover1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Wasn't Uncharted already "HD"

Edit: I'm pretty sure Naughty Dog isn't scrapped for cash. WTF is going on? I guess you could always use more money to put in investments. Who am I to judge!!

bouzebbal1455d ago

if by HD you mean 1080p then no it wasn't HD.
this game will be like TLoU Remaster for people who skipped it last gen and hardcore fans.
no one forces you it's always a good asset for PS4.

Software_Lover1455d ago

HD is 720p and above, I'm pretty sure of that.

Uncharted 3 was 720p so there is no reason to call it an HD remaster. I'm just being "technical" right now. They need to call it something else.

Bytor1454d ago

I swear Uncharted 2 demo you could pick between 720p and 1080p in the menu.

ginsunuva1454d ago

If anyone actually skipped it last gen, it means they probably don't want it anyway.

jrshankill1454d ago

Wow.. people will pay for some extra pixels on a 3 year old game?

Totally milking it here. I could understand a collection, but one game that is only 3 years old and still runs perfectly fine in HD on PS3?

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mixelon1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Even Higher D!

I'm actually happy this is happening, if a bunch of the best games get polished up for current gen it makes it much less troubling to move the PS3 away from the main tv.. Or in some people's case, sell it on.

Jubez1871454d ago

No yea you're 100% correct. It was in HD, just not "full HD." Saying that 720p isn't "HD" then that means none of these gmaes we're playing now are HD becuae 4k>1080

Immorals1455d ago

Remastered trilogy and I'm sold. Didn't get a chance to play them last generation!

Volkama1455d ago

I didn't really like the games, but for some reason I want to play them again.

I didn't like TLOU much the first time, but I'm enjoying the remaster. Same could happen with Uncharted.

Rather have new games of course.

nX1455d ago

How does that even work? Not to accuse you of anything but that does sound like double standards, as if you didn't want to like them before.

Volkama1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Nah I really wanted to love TLOU the first time, I was totally sold on the hype (that was part of the problem).

I personally really don't enjoy stealth games. I never thought the original TLOU was bad, I just didn't personally get along with it because stealth. I nearly quit TLOU again this time, but the gameplay gets a lot more tolerable to me when you get a shotgun and molotovs. Screw stealth.

I completed Uncharted 1, but Uncharted 2 got an unfair rap from me because I got to a stealth section where all the bad guys had white shirts, so it rubbed me the wrong way AND highlighted a problem with my TV at the time. I never got round to trying number 3.

I love cinematic games, I hate stealth. So I'm always torn on when a good cinematic game with stealth elements comes about.

Edit: It bugs me how uppity people get if you say you don't like TLOU (not Bloodborn, but the many disagrees). Not everyone has the same taste in games. Some of my friends don't like racing games, so they haven't bought Horizon 2. That doesn't upset me at all. Why should it?

shivvy241455d ago

I didn't like 1 and 3 but I found 2 to be one of the best games of last gen :)

RedDevils1454d ago

"I didn't really like the games, but for some reason I want to play them again" WTf that doesn't even make sense, is like you contradicting yourself, which basically you actually like game that make you want to play it again but you don't want to admit lol