Unreal Engine 4 Gets Geomerics Enlighten Global Illumination Support, Showcasing Incredible Visuals

Geomerics has released a new video, showing off its Global Illumination effects that have been implemented in Unreal Engine 4.

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MRHARDON1452d ago

Lol, they call this good graphics? I seen better on the Nintendo 64...

Darkwatchman1452d ago

I can't tell if you're trolling, over-exaggerating, or really that blind.

LightofDarkness1452d ago

I think he genuinely doesn't understand what he's looking at. That's easily the most realistic GI I've seen in a game engine yet.

Hoffmann1452d ago

Damn right, even Bubsy 3D on Playstation looked a lot better!

MRHARDON1452d ago

Lol, these graphics are better than the shit displayed here.

NiteX1452d ago

You're one weird fellow.

BlackPhillip6661452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I'll just throw a wee disagree in here. Though that Unreal 4 tech demo WAS nice ;). UR4 is still to do something special with itself in terms of gaming. Mario and the engines that helped bring him to life have nothing have nothing no prove.

Lon3wolf1452d ago

No, they call this good global illumination just like the title says, it's not hard to grasp is it?

That video was a great demonstration, wonder what hardware (no not an N64) we will need to run it smoothly in games.

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sarlucic1452d ago

Keep in mind that this video is showing the Real-time Global Illumination effect. The quality of textures, the assets, and so on is not a factor in what this video is focusing on showing.

If you are not working with 3D and or is very interested in the technical aspect of games, this video might not be that interesting, but I find it to be quite amazing how the global illumination works with the light, which i feel is one of the strongest points of UE 4. I am currently working with the engine for a freelance project, and I hope it will support this technology : >

user56695101452d ago

How many devs and people seem to care about gfx you would technical articles like these would be flooded .

dadavis19921452d ago

I just recently started working with UE4 and every update they add is like opening presents on Christmas.

Rute1452d ago

Looks very good. The only flaw I see is that some items such as the ones on the table do not cast shadows.