PS4 Firmware 2.0 "Masamune": Here Are List of Hidden Features And Changes Discovered So Far

Yesterday, Sony released the first major firmware for PlayStation 4. The firmware added ton of exciting new features such as Share Play, USB Music Player, Themes, Pause Download and many more.

Apart from the changes listed in the patch note, PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 added some secret features as well.

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MRMagoo1231454d ago

Nice list and I know some people where asking for something just like this, interesting, I wonder if there are some more left to discover in the patch of excellence.

Phoenix761454d ago

Best feature me and my mate found last night was when he loaded up this pool game he got from the store other week and which I do not own yet. We went into share play mode then he set the game up for 2 players. The game switched controller control over without a hitch!! Allowing us to take turns just as if we were in the same room!! Amazing :-D

bouzebbal1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

i think it's missing a very basic feature still: being able to see the controller charge status on the interface, and if i am playing with different controllers it could be nice to sort them by color.
also, how can you guys see if you are online on the PSN or not? would be nice if they could add "offline" or "online" somewhere

the thing with PS button it's also working for messages and notifications, not only trophies.

Ashlen1454d ago

You can use youtube through the browser now and it works great. Before it gave a missing adobe flash error.

Cogan11453d ago

You realise that there is a youtube app now? Should be in the Media section beside Netflix and IGN apps

dolphin221453d ago

Ashlen before the update was added the Ps4 browser was always able to use youtube by going to

Your right though, on the standard youtube it did indeed display a missing adobe flash message, oddly enough certain youtube videos on the standard youtube worked fine.

Another thing i have discovered is when you are playing usb music and browsing the internet for videos on the standard youtube when you click on a video your usb music cuts off and then automatically resumes again when the youtube video ends.

Also certain video files on facebook now seem to play that never worked for me before.

Ashlen1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Who would disagree... it's a fact you can view youtube via the browser an unlisted feature in an article about unlisted features in the 2.0 update.

@cogan The actual webpage is much better than the app. You can read and comment (which you can't do in the app), It's also easier to use and create playlists and you can type (using the full ps4 keyboard layout) and as well as update your own youtube page. And just in general the webpage is how youtube was meant to be viewed.

Obviously I knew there was an app.... and is just a html version of the app.

Exoil1453d ago

I disagreed because most videos played just fine for me on the browser.
Just had to set it up to use html5 instead of flash and as I said, most videos would play for me.

XisThatKid1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

They really should just be a vote up or down buttons instead, They (not everyone though) aren't "disagee" they just don't like your comment and have no way to express negativity besides a "disagree" without replying with a comment.
And yes it is indeed cool that they have YT browser support upfront. It would work before too if you went to as well.

Edit: @Exoil
WOW I really didn't know that about the HTML5 thing thanks.

RedDevils1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Nice head up Ashlen and Exoil

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Spenok1453d ago

Lots of nice additions. Love how you can move the camera while streaming, as well as cut everything else out.

The PS button popping up with notifications is also a nice feature.

1454d ago
buffig1454d ago

Since updating I can no longer turn on my PS4 using my Vita for remote play.. Anybody else had this? Any ideas?

Phoenix761454d ago

I'll look into it tonight after finished work and let you know, unless someone else comes up with solution :-)

Clover9041453d ago

I turned my ps4 on last night via Vita remote play. Make sure you update the firmware on both your Vita and ps4.

XisThatKid1453d ago

Yes I did have this problem before, I use remote play exclusively so I had to memorized the basic button presses on the controller to sign in and out, off and on and if there is an error since I have no screen to respond to.
1) you may have to just update both the Vita and PS4, because little to my knowledge I had to install PS4 update and guess when it was done installing then try RP again
2) Make sure everything is set up right under remote play setting on the PS4 and Vita sometimes after updates some of my settings go default for some reason (hasn't happened in a while though)
3) Restart everything. Turn off both of them like all the way off then start your PS4 then start remote play then put the PS4 in rest mode with RP then try turn it back on using RP.
Hope this helps pm if if you need further help I have some other RP solutions.

buffig1453d ago

Thanks guys. I had already tried all those things, but for some reason, late last night it just started working again. Thanks for your suggestions though, much appreciated.

burza19821454d ago

* "Massive Audio Improvement To Party Chat"
(Really? People sounding as they had no teeth in improvement?)

juggulator1454d ago

U can change ur avatar and real name from the settings and u can use the PS App to change ur real profile pic by uploading a photo.

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