3 Ways the Masamune Update may gimp the PS4

MWEB GameZone writes: "The big Masamune update for the PlayStation 4 became available yesterday and so far everyone is quite smitten with it. Share Play seems to be working as advertised and tons of gamers are sharing the games with friends over the interwebs, except perhaps if you're from South Africa. It's great. But for a select few, the update is playing silly buggers with their consoles and seemingly bricking their systems."

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HanCilliers1451d ago

I feel sorry for the PS4 owners in countries like South Africa who can't make full use of the update's features.

lord zaid1451d ago

Can't blame Sony for that. Still a cool feature though

HanCilliers1451d ago

It's one of the best features on PS4

Zenith4k1451d ago

Leather and straps or the only gimps I know

Kratosthegr81451d ago

I updated mine yesterday and put it in rest mode switched it back on no problem at all. I then tried using my vita for some remote play and it wouldn't connect. After going through the settings i found that by default the new firmware does not have the "connect to internet while in standy mode". So i ticked it and problem solved. it's a very nice update. so now while having a braai(BBQ) i can use my vita outside to skip through music without needing to use my dualshock and not knowing what the next song is and on top of it you can lower or mute the volume at the same time.

uth111451d ago

Sony should put out a quick patch to disable "Rest in Peace mode", until they fix it.