Why P.T is the Best Game on PS4

PSGAMER argue the point that P.t. Is the best game on the PS4.

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JWiLL5521452d ago

Um, no.

Though it's certainly a brilliant idea and executed to perfection.

Crazyglues1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Yeah going to be kinda hard to make that claim off of a demo, but yeah it was indeed brilliant, and one hell of a sweet ride...

I was so surprised by this game, and maybe because I went in blind, no expectations... So I was stunned by the graphics, then the feel of the game was awesome.

-Two minutes in I had already told everyone on my friends list download this now, its so good, and scary as hell, and I never get scared from video games, I mean never... -but this one got me here and there...(well I was playing in the dark)

so good, executed so well, yeah I hope the game turns out to be this good, but it already has a Day-One buyer in me.. and about everyone on my friends list.

-But I'll hold off on calling it best Game on PS4 -- that's yet to be determined. (Best Demo on PS4 -- hands down, without question) I hope the game lives up to the demo, because if it does, were in for one hell of a Game..

-And I for one, Can't Wait.. LoL

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Pikminmaniac1452d ago

Considering this is a "demo" it's not a full fledged game. However with the unique puzzles and the intensity, it was very well made.

SilentNegotiator1452d ago

Not even a demo, technically.

Pikminmaniac1452d ago

Hence why I put quotations around the word demo.

SilentNegotiator1452d ago

Not really sure how I missed that on the first read.

THC CELL1452d ago

This demo is amazing. Hope they vr it up

Ripsta7th1452d ago

Hey dudes why is demo off da psn store?!? Ive been trying to get it lately

Gamer4life8881452d ago

That demo was all kind of epicness. this is how you reveal a game. gaming industry take notes

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The story is too old to be commented.