PS4 2.0: Walkthrough of Every Available Theme

Brian takes a look at every theme currently available on the PS4. How do the Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare themes look? Do the full motion themes slow down the cross media bar? Find out inside!

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Eonjay1548d ago

Whats your favorite Flow background color. Mine is The Dark Gray. I tried the Red, and its cool but it is so intense, especially on vivid displays.

GribbleGrunger1548d ago

I've chosen the gold theme myself.

PeaSFor1548d ago

dark gray, but im using the Rectangular theme.

ramiuk11548d ago

the retangle theme but the contrast in colours was messy on my projector.
where do i get the destiny and Cod themes from because there not on my Store in UK.
infact i cant even find themes on my ps4 console and have to use my pc

Kingdomcome2471548d ago

I'm a dark grey kind of fellow too.

Why o why1548d ago

Me certain points it looks like it has a tint of favourite colour. The purple theme is a bit to light for me.

BlissSeeker1548d ago

Would've gone with red but the tiles stay blue no matter what colour the background is :(
So went with that darker blue. VERY nice :)

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George Sears1548d ago

Themes are underwhelming so far but its a new feature which is understandable. Hope to see a MGS theme soon.

BattleTorn1548d ago

They're backgrounds, what are you expecting?

HeWhoWalks1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Someone will always be "underwhelmed" by something, even if it's free, adds value, or what have you. Just the nature of ungratefulness.

OT: So happy to see themes make a return! Can't wait for more of them!

The_KELRaTH1548d ago

A colour wheel would have been a basic option so gamers can choose the tone they like - what's been given is just Sony laughing at its customers.

opoikl1548d ago


Maybe they stand firmly behind their design ideology of keeping everything sleek, classy and mature. I understand what you're saying, but if a brand wants to maintain a certain quality and designer label, like Apple for example, they aren't going to let people mess around with their vision of its products. That's why you can't have a flashy green interior in your new Mercedes. Still, the more, the better I'd suggest.

aNDROiD17_1548d ago

Why can't they bring back ps3 xmb!! don't like ps4 ui

colonel1791548d ago

The XMB is so outdated, even if it was very simple to use. Also, the PS4 UI is basically a modern version of the XMB, it even uses the same icons. The problem is that is not very well implemented, and Sony is taking forever to improve it. When we start having folders (but should be like the TV/Video tile, in which you press down to get to the content), when we can choose what to put in the Content Area and sort it the way we want it (instead of having it move as recently used) and we can have more sorting options for Library, and also remove those download links from things you delete from the HDD), you will like the PS4 UI much more.

poor_cus_of_games1548d ago

There is new sorting options for the library.

xwilldemise1548d ago

Sticking to the paper sculpture one until better themes come out. Like maybe a Batman, The Last of us or MGS theme. Just a particular game that I like.

Also since I totally skipped reading this part..the update limits the amount of apps on screen to 15, does anyone know where to change this in settings?

FarEastOrient1548d ago

Why didn't he download yhe PS Toro theme?

WeAreLegion1548d ago

Yes. It's under System in the settings. Look for "Limit amount of items on home screen" and uncheck the box.

TheWackyMan1548d ago

I hope they do a theme similar to the LBP running sackboy on the ps3. I really like that theme, almost nothing was as good as that one.

Joey_Leone1548d ago

Hopefully we could get an update that lets us download our themes through the web browser like with the PS3,

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