After Xbox One Price Drop, Will Microsoft Rule Holiday Sales?

"Microsoft's Xbox One price drop news today is a big deal and could be a turning point for the system that's lagged behind the PlayStation 4 for a year now. The $50 price cut applies to all Xbox One systems, bringing the entry-level console down to $350. That's a healthy $50 less expensive than the rival PS4. In November 2013, you needed to pay $500 for an Xbox One--and no pack-in games were available, at least not in the US. In November 2014? You'll be able to get an Xbox One and your choice of high-profile games (Sunset Overdrive, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, or Assassin's Creed Unity) starting at $350. That's quite a compelling value.

Pricing is always important, but it's heightened during the holiday shopping period, and Microsoft is smart to launch this promotion so early in November. The price drop goes into effect the week of a historically Xbox-led Call of Duty series debut (Advanced Warfare) and just one week before Halo: The Master Chief Collection arrives. If any Xbox 360 (or PS3 or Wii) owner was on the fence about upgrading to Xbox One, this price cut should make all the difference in swaying their decision."

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dedicatedtogamers1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Add it to the chalkboard. "______ will save XBox One"

Did X1 win in NPD (we're not even talking about Worldwide anymore because everyone knows that Sony won) when Titanfall launched? How about all those bundles throughout summer? How about the Kinect-free console, which was a $100 price drop? Did they win in Destiny month when the system was being sold with FREE GAMES?

Afterlife1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

When Titanfall launched, no PS4 won NPD but was really close. And PS4 won again during Destiny month. Michael Pachter fails again. PS4 is too strong.

xHeavYx1503d ago

I personally think that it will be a close one that could go either way.
I'm curious about what will happen if the One wins. I predict certain people coming from under their rocks to boast and say things like "the tables have turned" or "it begins now" till next month of course when the PS4 sells more again

NewMonday1503d ago

rumor is PS4 also doing a price cut for holiday

PS4isKing_821503d ago

Titanfall month was actually a 60,000 difference. That's not exactly "really close" at all. Ps4 sold 371,000 and xbone 311,000.

But regardless I don't see ps4 losing November or December if all those previous deals didn't do it. But if they do manage to edge out a win, then congrats to them. It was a hard fought battle up to this point.

kreate1503d ago

Im still sticking w ps360.
Last gen stil rules.

bouzebbal1503d ago

nothing will stop the beast from rolling over the competition.. i think PS4 competitors should fight for survival because from now on we will see more and more studios shifting power to PS4.

Next month LBP3 is coming out with a massive community and fanbase, and let's not even talk about beginning 2015. So people are gonna get a PS4 this holiday to be ready for madness that starts in february (Bloodborne, The Order...)

Also, don't forget GTAV with the marketing deal they have with Sony and a PS4 bundle with GTAV.

mikeslemonade1503d ago

^ Y'all are just talking about America. If you're just talking America then yes it's gonna be fairly close. Worldwide the X1 has no chance.

insomnium21503d ago


LOL funny enough I posted this comment just the other day.

kayoss1503d ago

I thought Sony is about to release the PS4 in China. I wonder if this would make a huge impact on PS4 sales this holiday. WHne the xbox one launched in china, it sold almost 100,000 units.

darthv721502d ago

this is a sale, not a price drop. If it were then it would apply to all regions but its only for NA that I can see.

No different than if Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Target announced such a deal only this is coming from MS themselves. They have a retail chain and this is their sales promotion.

As it gets closer to black friday...i expect to see other retail chains offer something on top of this to sweeten the deal.

zeee1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Lets not kid ourselves. Price drops ALWAYS work. ALWAYS.

We all know that Xbox One is an inferior product to PS4. One camp believes that the difference is huge and one believes it's next to nothing. I find myself somewhere in the middle. The fact that it can't run many games in 1080p says a lot BUT, with the price drop and a free game, Xbox One is now in the right place. The place where you won't be paying a premium price for a console that's lagging in tech specs.

Xbox One sales will increase simply because it is going to be the cheaper option for many parents. Will the sales be enough to steal PS4s' thunder remains to be seen. It is an uphill task for MS. Also, lets not forget that MS has lost a lot of trust and their initial policies and statements nearly destroyed Xbox reputation even before it launched. Will the price cut be enough to push sales pass PS4? That also remains to be seen.

To sum it up. I have no doubt that Xbone sales will increase courtesy $50 price drop. It's just a matter of "by how much". I think Sony should counter this by not just releasing different bundles but also with a price cut even if it's temporary. They have had an incredible momentum and a price cut will only strengthen their position as "the" dominant force this gen.

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AngelicIceDiamond1503d ago

Add it to the chalkboard. "______ will save XBox One"

Saving? The Xbox One is doing just fine?

AngelicIceDiamond1503d ago

OMG by itself but not compared to PS4. At this point yall should know what I'm talkin about when I say that.

Its doing just fine when compared to last gen consoles.

Army_of_Darkness1503d ago

@angelic.... Some Gamers may think the xbone is doing fine, but when your a company competing for the same customers as 2 other companies and only selling half as much product as the leading one, do you really think the higher up management like that look?? Lol! Nope. And if I was in charge of the xbone division I would be in panic mode right now, thus dropping the price and offering free games to go with it....

Eonjay1503d ago


Of course and we do. However, the common understanding is that if Microsoft themselves felt that they were doing fine, there would not be a price cut. Pachter mentioned in a interview with GamerTagRadio that he had asked both Sony and Microsoft if they would be okay selling 80 million and coming in second place. Sony said they would be fine. Microsoft said it would not be okay.

So maybe its just their irrational idea of success, but this price drop exists because no matter how good they are doing, they are not willing to accept second place.

NewMonday1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

not fine when Forza Horizon 2 didn't chart on NPD, the gamer population is mostly on PS4. games can't find success on XB1.

metatronx1503d ago

Compare the success of xbox with last gen.It's a bit sad, don't you think?

bouzebbal1503d ago

"Its doing just fine when compared to last gen consoles."
what's the point you are trying to make? comparing two different things from two different gens and eras is not a good way of thinking.
You are saying that you can kick Badr Hari's ass because you are stronger than him when he was 3 years old?
x1 is a failure so far, it doesn't perform well compared to what's on the market.
Titanfall the most hyped game in x1 history didn't help, dropping kinect didnt help either..

Why o why1503d ago

There lies the problem angelic, 'just fine' isn't just fine for microsoft. Eonjay makes a perfect point. Doesn't mean its terrible but so many price cuts plus changes in the first year are indicative to ms thinking something different from many of their fans

GodGinrai1503d ago

"Compare the success of xbox with last gen.It's a bit sad, don't you think?"

The XB1 is performing better than the X360 at the same point in its life cycle. in the first year of the x360, it had no competition. So how is it sad when its outselling its predecessor in the same time frame WITH its main competitor (the ps4) outselling it? you need to get your facts straight.

Sure, they are losing to PS4 but lets not lose sight of the fact that its still doing ok. Im sure things will pick up for them, with all the work they are putting in. They may never catch the PS4, but they will do just fine.

kayoss1503d ago

I dont know about you guys, but the xbo selling a little over 6.3 million consoles in just little over a year is very impressive to me. I wouldnt say the xbo is failing, i would just say the xbo is not doing as well as the PS4.
The Ps4 sales number in a little over a year is just mind boggling.

dedicatedtogamers1502d ago

@ GodGinrai

"The XB1 is performing better than the X360 at the same point in its life cycle. in the first year of the x360, it had no competition."

Actually, that's false. Xbox One sold more in its first two months compared to 360, but if you actually align the launches, 360 had sold more at this point in time.

In addition, 360 had a lot of supply constraints (sold out in many stores).

So yeah. that's pretty pathetic. Xbox One is currently selling less than its predecessor (which was supply limited) even though there are plenty of X1s on store shelves. That is precisely why Microsoft touts "shipped" numbers in all of the last NPD reports.

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Anon19741503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I find this to be a bit of a head scratcher as well. The Xbox One has received so many deals, bundles, new, cheaper skus, high profile releases and so far it hasn't made a dent. Why would anyone think that this time it's going to make a difference? If price was the only factor than the Wii-U would be the pony to bet on, and clearly that's not the case. And who's to say Sony's just going to sit on their hands going into the holiday season and isn't going to answer back with deals of it's own?

MRMagoo1231503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It may win in the US maybe but I dont think it will, world wide not a chance in hell will the xbone win this holiday but the main thing these people dont seem to realise is there are a lot more months in the year than just november and december, which PS4 will keep winning easily and thats the times MS need not just the holidays in the US.

No one in their right mind would think the xbone can catch up in sales world wide this gen, releasing in china didnt catch them up even for a month, they still got outsold, releasing in all the extra countries didnt help them either the PS4 still won easily world wide then as well. Titanfall release didnt get them ahead either, they xbone hasnt been ahead anywhere since release except for a couple weeks when PS4 was completely sold out in december.

Jason_Plays_PC1503d ago

It will be close this month imo cause a pricedrop always increases sales.

Joey_Leone1503d ago

LOL if the PlayStation4 still beats the XBOXONE this holiday season, XBOXISDONE.

Magicite1503d ago

it was done the day it was announced.

ramiuk11503d ago

there is a couple of bundles in uk at moment

£329(white console,sunset overdrive,cod:aw)
£349(console,cod:aw,assa sins creed black flag and unity).

also the console is under £300 with a game and its still not selling that well.
It just cant get a break in UK and even kids in street are talking ps4 and not xbox(im a postman so meet alot of people lol)

poor_cus_of_games1503d ago

Ah there you are. Where have you been hiding? I missed your funny little comments.

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Afterlife1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It wont save the Xbox from lagging behind 2:1 but I can't deny Microsoft trying really hard to be competitive by offering the $50 cut. It's good for consumers. With the Master Chief Collection, it could be a close race with the PS4 this holiday in the US. It depends if people care enough about Halo to buy a port collection. Ports usually sell much less.

MRMagoo1231503d ago

Also like I said above , even a month win in the US wont make a scratch considering how far behind it is world wide and the gap is only getting larger per day, I can bet you tho if the xbone gets a few more sales in just the US there will be articles all claiming the tides have turned and saying xbone is set to win.

mkis0071503d ago

Ya, lets say xbox one does outsell ps4 in November and December NPD, what about the rest of the year; 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

IT would be quite crazy if Xbox One does not take either November or December with the deals going on. That is if Sony doesn't try something itself.

Man_Marmalade1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

They had a price drop not too long ago though. I can understand, kinda. But it just seems odd considering what happened with the first drop not including the kinect only a few months after the system was out.
Either way, good luck, MS

iliimaster1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

damn man ive been on the fence holding my wii u in my arms thinking about which console would i get first ( i will own both at some point) with this deal its going to be so hard to turn down 50$ off and i think u get a game too... if thats the case they r forcing my hand i took advantage of waiting on getting my wiiu and i got it dirt cheap with 3 games bundle

cyhm31121503d ago

nah, it won't even be close. The weaker hardware will bite them throughout its life.

MRMagoo1231503d ago

the wii was a fad and super cheap, the xbone is a lesser performing PS4 so completely different.

FarEastOrient1503d ago

Wii isn't a good comparison, it was the tickle me Emo for two years.

polow got sol1503d ago

The weaker hardware with the better games to be exact. Give me a 900p SO and forza over a 1080p drive club And infamous anytime

MRMagoo1231503d ago

Yeh those "better" games sure are helping, or maybe its subjective and a lot more people dont think they are the "better" games, hence the over 2 to 1 sales advantage.

bleedsoe9mm1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

@MRMagoo123 if you played all 4 and honestly think DC and infamous are better than FH2 and SO , i can respect your opinion but i think your completely nuts . (and i have played all 4 , but i'm not done SO , so far its better)

FarEastOrient1503d ago

What Xbox 1 exclusives are coming out first half of 2015? For example in February PS4 has Bloodborne, The Order, and Dragon Quest.

insomnium21503d ago

I don't understand what is it that people find wrong with Infanous SS. I finished it as true hero and started again to play as "evil". The game is superb! Controls are tight and the powers are great. The story is good and the main protagonist is funny/cool.

What is wrong with the game exactly? What are the reviewers/players mocking?

GodGinrai1503d ago

"Yeh those "better" games sure are helping, or maybe its subjective and a lot more people dont think they are the "better" games, hence the over 2 to 1 sales advantage."

LOL. PS4 does not have twice the sales because of its games. Its selling better because its the more powerful hardware that was cheaper, and not bundled with the PR wreck that was DRM and kinect for the last 12 months. Sony were pretty much handed that on a platter. Sony are benefitting from MS mistakes. Nice spin though. Sales reflect current user base so its possible for any game (even one that sucks) to sell twice as much as a quality game on a system with less users.

Funny how people like to throw the term "subjective" around when an xbox exclusive scores highly?...tell me,is the quality of 'unchartered' and the 'TLOU' "subjective" too?

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