A Critique of Gamergate

The anti-Gamergate crowd is composed of feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, the gaming press like Polygon and Kotaku, and a host of other notable figures like Joss Whedon, Chris Kluwe and to some degree Felicia Day clearly perceive the Gamergate crowd as a gang of mysognistic, borderline psychopathic young kids with a lot of tech savvy but little sense of morality. Their claims of pervasive sexism in gaming and the community undoubtedly have grounds, but by directing their anger at the Gamergate crowd as a whole, their message loses legitimacy in the eyes of the gaming community.

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HonestDragon1453d ago

Very well said indeed. I will admit that GamerGate (much like a lot of movements in the past) is not a coordinated organization. While there was the victory of some gaming media outlets changing their policies, it's the very vocal and immature minority of gamers that are screwing everything up for GamerGate. They are the reason why people like Felicia Day don't have much confidence in it.

The reality is that we don't really have anyone with a promising reputation to assist us. We are only gamers who support or take part in GamerGate. This whole thing was started by ordinary people who don't have the kind of credibility that some Youtubers or celebrity gamers do. For some of us to come out publicly would mean that any one of us could be the face of a movement that Anita Sarkeesian, Polygon, and Kotaku have labelled and accused of being sexist.

It's a double-edged sword. GamerGate needs leaders, but no one really wants the spotlight on them. It's unfortunate, but true. If some notable personalities could see the more reasonable among us who really want things to change for the better, then maybe things could turn around for GamerGate. Until then, everyone has their opinion about the movement that is either positive or negative.