Did Demon's Souls Spawn A New Era In "Hardcore" Gaming?

Perhaps it all began with Demon's Souls. Since then, two successful Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, Lords of the Fallen, and more; is it a new trend?

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miyamoto1503d ago

I remember very well how Miyazaki put it in 2009...
He wanted to go back to his video gaming roots during the 8bit Era of core gaming experiences that required a skilled yet thinking unassuming game player. Where a gamer needs to focus on the challenge and gameplay mechanics and not have a lazy and casual attitude about the game's worth.

Demon's Souls is a tribute t9 the Golden Age of Video Gaming.

Demon's Souls also is the saviour of JRPG here in the West. It made western gamers not notice they are playing a Japanese made action RPG. It blurred the line. Heh, it felt more authentic that many western made action RPGs ever made. Like in Bloodborne the Japanese's interpretation of Dark Ages atmosphere & background exceeded my expectations even to the minute details of their art production.

My 360 gaming friends absolutely love thier taste of Dark Souls as unique one of a kind experiences. They said you have to think think and think.

Lastly, the Demon's Souls clones are coming in full force! Yet I welcome them with open arms.
Better these kind of JRPG than that JPop joke that Final Fantasy XIII & XV has become!