Nintendo’s Amiibos might be the best NFC-enabled toys yet

So how do Amiibos stack up against the already impressive competition? The answer is great. In fact‚ they might end up being the best NFC-enabled toys on the market.

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pat_11_51548d ago

Sadly... I'm probably going to be buying a lot of these.

DarthZoolu1547d ago

NFC Characters are the worst thing that ever happened to gaming. It's the biggest money grab ever and no one should support it. It's just a way of making you pay for something that's been free for 30 years. Why on earth would I want to spend $15 or more for a single in game character? This is DLC taken to the extreme. Kids and casuals destroy everything good, and support the worst shit.

jmc88881547d ago

I see where you are going, but the difference is... these characters are going to be able to be used in many of Nintendo's games.

So you can level up your, say, Link with Super Smash Bros, in anticipation of using this leveled up character in the new Legend of Zelda game. After that maybe in Star Fox. Meanwhile your character keeps getting better and better.

This is different, and hell it might even work across generations, so you might be able to take your saved character from Super Smash Bros Wii U and use him in the Super Smash Bros (Wii U 2...or whatever) version.

You don't need to buy a bunch of them. Just buy one and level your character in Nintendo Games.

I bet it REALLY takes off with Pokemon. Each character is literally like a little Pokemon. Perhaps that's where they got the idea from (or made it for).

tastas211548d ago

These are just glorified USB sticks lmao

wonderfulmonkeyman1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

USB sticks don't provide you with CPU players that, as they fight you, not only grow in levels and strength but actually change how they fight.

It's not just simply altering how they fight by using pre-programmed responses based on where you are, or changing based on their difficulty setting, either.

They actually LEARN.

Troll harder.

its_JEFF1547d ago

I honestly don't think he's trolling, that's just how he feels about them. TBH most people don't even know what they're actaually for: I read your explanation and it sounds like a very passive experience. Like Pokemon, minus having control over the characters. So are we suppose to be able to take these figures around to different games? Will every Nintendo game now include a mode where you have your CPU buddy next to you, essentially a co-op mode? Will you have to lvl up your figure for every game or does its lvl carry over?

I honestly don't know what to think of the amiibo's or these Sky Landers and D Infinitys, I guess you can at least control your character for the latter two? I guess it can't be stopped, seems the way the industry is going... DLC, Expansions, now figures. I don't mind DLC, Expansions, or even the figures but they've gotta add something worth the price their asking for them. Don't be fooled by that $60 price tag, 1/2 the games these days cost almost double that.

DarthZoolu1547d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman can you tell me how a USB would not be able to do all of those exact same things? I know 100% that any usb can. All the nfc characters do is hold data! That is all! He was not trolling he was speaking truth. You are a FANBOY.

wonderfulmonkeyman1547d ago

@ Darth
I've yet to see a single USB stick support an evolving AI.
So long as that remains the case, you've got no case.
Also, I'm a multiplatform gamer, not a fanboy.

DryBoneKoopa851547d ago

Already have all 12 paid off along with the $100 copy of Smash! Can't wait! November 21st is going to feel like an early Christmas lol.

Blackleg-sanji1547d ago

Damn dude cut a fellow gamer a check lol

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pat_11_51547d ago

Damn. You're hardcore lol.

R00bot1547d ago

Of course Amiibo are better than other NFC toys, because they will work with more games.

DarthZoolu1547d ago

How can poop be better than poop?