The Order: 1886 Sure is, uh, Cinematic

A person at Destructoid finally played The Order: 1886, Ready at Dawn's upcoming PS4, monster-filled, alternate-London-history third-person shooter here at Paris Games Week.

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qwerty6761452d ago

well when you have the game director stating they're putting story first and its unfortunate that this is a game.

i'd sure hope so lol.

radler1452d ago

Yeah. The gameplay demo was disappointing to say the least but I figured hey, at least the multiplayer might be decent? But nope, singleplayer-only game.

These developers who are obsessed with wanting to create something cinematic should leave the games industry and go to Hollywood instead.

TomShoe1452d ago

Yay, more hate on a demo that was released last February.

It sucks but I already know reviewers have already decided they're going to hate the game.

OOMagnum1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

*Tom* Just like you seem to already love the game. Ill wait and see, but I know I wont get it till price drop. $60 for a game that is single player only and lacks in gameplay, no way.

imt5581452d ago

Every gaming site that has a preview of The Order is based on that February demo. And nothing new since then. Can't believe on what bull**** members of N4G falling.

InTheLab1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


What have they shown that looks so good, you're willing to defend the game against any criticism.

Every thing shown so far aside from graphics has been mediocre. Add that to the insta death QTEs and this focus on cinematics and I'm guessing this game will be sitting at a 60 metascore in the bargain bin while we are all playing Bloodborne and laughing about how we almost got duped into buying trash.

Kingthrash3601452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

X1 excusive Quantum break has qte..., cover shooting......story drivin ....not so smart a incomplete demo...Awsomeeeeeeee!!!!
Ps4 1886 has qte......cover shooting....story drivin...not so smart ai.... in an incomplete demo ....boooooooooooo genericcccc!!!!

Smh fanny troll logic .

1886 will appeal to many....same goes for qb.
Both look awesome and non generic. Its like saying uncharted is generic because its the same genre as tomb raider...or Alan wake was a generic silent hill.....and so on.
Just enjoy gaming

Why o why1452d ago

Well said kingthrash+

To be fair, that type of behaviour isn't exclusive to one entity but your micro descriptive is apt. Laud what you have and lambast what you don't.

user56695101452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

King let me put things into prospective

Infamous has free running, super powers, RPG elements, is in 3rd person, and a open world game. Awesome

Prototype has free running, super powers, RPG elements, is in 3rd person, and a open world game. Boring

I'm nit saying this game is going to suck or be boring like prototype but sometimes its easy to see from gameplay videoes that the game is lacking something in gameplay. Game -->play. How the game plays. And the looks of it it looks boring. You notice its more doubt with this game than heavy rain ever got before it launched . Before heavy rain only criticism was they did want to play that type of game. By people constantly defending when its easy to see there's something lacking will only hurt the devs. I think its the pacing that's off and ai .

I don't even get you last example all those games are great. And you can't same the game is the same or would be the same because the have the same amount of gameplay elements. By your logic cod and halo is just alike because they both are fps and the both don't have a cover mechanic . It's starting to seem like people are blindly defending this game without any basis . Everybody saying it looks boring but ill wait and see but yall say its going to be great .

Even the devs haven't proved themselves they handled popular franchise for a handheld. They didn't have to create backstory or lore, gameplay elements, or the main character, or the pace of how the game is. The creators did that. so its best we criticize or they gonna shoot themselves in the foot.

Dewitt1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

King always trolling, this article is not about QB it is about how the Order is failing to live up to its promises. QB looks way more engaging and varied and I trust Remedy alot more than a company that made a GoW game for handheld.

Kingthrash3601452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

↑↑↑ I don't think you know what trolling is.

I said nothing.....not one negative word about qb.....but you just proved my point with your troll post.
Your too busy judging INCOMPLETE DEMOS ...."looks waàaay more engaging and varied" that logic. That's what you got from watching a 10 minute demo???
My god...
As I said both look awesome both will appeal to people and most importantly both are incomplete.
In reality we know nothing about these story driving games...its impossible to know if they engaging or varied....for all you know both games can be 5 hrs long and control like the first resident evil games.
Could be extremely easy and have stupid and repetitive enemy's that walk off cliffs .
Or even worse....break the first rule of story driven games ...have a terrible boring story that makes no sense.
Smh I hope none of that happens to these games....because I love gaming and these games look awesome....but I won't let a demo sway me into guessing a games gunna be good or bad.
So I say the both look awesome...both look fun...but varied? Engaging? That's impossible to know at this point.

Why o why1452d ago

King...ignore motha fudders......say it with me

How anything can fail to live up to hype when it hasn't been released is only logical in an illogical fanboy mind. Both look interesting. ....thats all any of us can say with the little we've seen. Let them project....its pretty much all those types have left.

UltimateMaster1451d ago

I surely didn't enjoy The Last of Us for it's multi-player, not because it's bad, I was just interested in the Single Player Campaign.

It's blatantly obvious the media bias anti-sony is still going on this gen as it did on last gen.

Had Sunset Overdrive been a PS4 exclusive, it would have scored around 7/10, not 8 or 9.

As far I know, Sunset Overdrive doesn't have a multi-player VS either, yet the games graphics are undoubtedly not on par with what The Order 1886 offers nor GTA 5 Remaster, it's getting praised for the exact same reason The Order 1886 is being hated.

-Never before seen, whacky weapons.
In SSO, they're "OMG, what does this do? Wow it's fun"
The Order 1886 they're "OMG, how do I use this weapon, I have to use 2 triggers to shoot? I'm wayyyy too lazy to pull that off"

Or when Ryse came up. Everyone on Xbox were amazed at the graphics. They're all, everyone must play this game.

Now that an equally impressive game comes out they are like "Nah, graphics don't matter, resolution don't matter."

If graphics really aren't your thing, why did you bother with the current gen anyway?

"I don't know, I can't remember why I bough an Next gen console again....."

Bias hypocrites till the very end.

Credit should be given just on the effort of the graphics alone. If we don't buy games with great graphics, we'll get flooded with cheap Android-like game riddled in micro-transaction.. Is that really the future you want gaming to be?

We should buy those Ryse Son of Rome. I think a lot of people have been overly harsh for the game... and I've been swayed to believe the low score, but after this year scores? Scores became irrelevant to me, I've seen 8s and 9s given to Hyrule Warriors and I am second guessing if those low scores were justified on Ryse and probably weren't.

Stupid fanboy wars, probably would have never ignited had Microsoft never started those DRM policies. Those were Xbox owners mad at Microsoft, PlayStation folks were "Meh, whatever".

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98xpresent1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

"But I was kind of bored playing the game"

@cernaML :D yup I sure did

CernaML1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Nice stealth edit(s).

Afterlife1452d ago

Before you jump to conclusions, this is the same boring demo. The final game will be better.

fluffydelusions1452d ago

"The final game will be better."

And you know this how? BTW, I hope you're right. I only want good games.

Afterlife1452d ago

I should have said, better than what was shown. They showed very little of The Order 1886. I don't know but I'm hoping.

Gaming247allday1452d ago

So did Driveclub, everyone thought that game would be good as well, but i don't like interactive movies much

Hanso1452d ago

Dont know what your problem is Driveclub is amazing

LightofDarkness1452d ago

Driveclub is fine but it's far from amazing.

WickedLester1452d ago

When it's working like it's supposed to, yes Driveclub is a lot of fun. However "amazing" is a word I'd reserve for games like The Last of Us. Once online is completely fixed and dynamic weather, photo mode, replay mode, etc are added then MAYBE it can be considered amazing.

fei-hung1452d ago

Yeah, so far it is only people who don't own the game who dislike DC, or those who played it and saw a quick opportunity to get refunds.

Those who actually like arcade racers love the game off and see it far from being anything mediocre. People love to hate. That's a fact in this day and age.

Volkama1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Negative. You just made that up.

DJ1452d ago

Yeah Driveclub is the bomb. Please no hating.

Alinea1452d ago

comparing drive club to other racing games out there just makes DC meh, its just a barebones racing game, it has nothing special that makes me love it as a racing game.

Opticstrike1452d ago

Yeah.... Don't play games then... Go play your Fps which is basically run, shoot and die through out the entire game.. Devs are trying to emerge players into the story, making it an entirely different experience.. and all you can think of is, run shoot and kill..

OsirisBlack1452d ago

Driveclub is a very good game it would be amazing if the online actually worked. Seems it was reviewed on what it was not instead of what it is.

LightofDarkness1452d ago

Oh please, it IS a broken game and has been since launch. Therefore, they have reviewed it for what it is. If they were to review it for what its not they'd have reviewed the imaginary online component and inflated the scores.

Yes, I know they're fixing it and its better than it was, but let's not kid ourselves here and cry conspiracy every time a PlayStation game doesn't get full marks for obvious issues.

OsirisBlack1451d ago

@light obviously you read my statement and missed the entire point. I stated that the online is and has been broken from day 1 but that is not why they reviewed the game poorly. It was docked by MANY sites for not being open world and for simply being a racing game. It's odd how a racing game being a racing game isn't enough depending on the name of the game.

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DarXyde1452d ago

This game really isn't on my radar at all, but if it turns out to be good, I'll consider it. I emphasize "consider".

Now that everyone knows the general consensus of how the press feels, I recommend you all keep your expectations low and be pleasantly surprised if it's fantastic. As as new IP, it doesn't have a following so disappointment won't hit nearly as hard as an established franchise would. If it's bad, well, life goes on. If it's good, go for it.

Though I can't say it enough, try not to let reviews be the only indication of a game's quality. If it varies wildly, expect it to be hit or miss. You might love it and your friends hate it. You know how it all works.

Omnisonne1452d ago

Well put, I got a similar approach