Get Xbox One, Titanfall AND COD: Advanced Warfare OR Sunset Overdrive – all for $374 in the U.S.

This week's Deals With Gold promotion features Titanfall price being cut by 50% along with Titanfall Season Pass being offered at 67% off for the Xbox One. The deal runs now through November 3rd and is available for Xbox Live Gold & Silver members world-wide.

Perfect timing for Microsoft to announce the Titanfall price reduction as we have just learned that the company is on a major discount streak in an effort to boost holiday sales by slashing an additional $50 off Xbox One consoles and Xbox One special edition bundles starting on November 2nd - however, only in the U.S. for the time being.

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MrOlympia741548d ago

Interesting promo overlap situation... could hurt PlayStation 4 sales for sure.

jguzmanr811548d ago

The best part is Microsoft can afford to cut the price of its next gen console while Sony is extremely cash-strapped...

Jason_Plays_PC1548d ago

I Dont think Ms wanted to cut the price of their console from 500 to 350 in less than a year wether they can afford to or not, its still bad for company wants to make a loss on hardware.Also for all we know Sony could be planning to match the price for the holiday season or doing some sort of deal, i doubt there just gonna stand there. Just wish Ms would be as aggressive in europe are they are in the US.

jguzmanr811548d ago

Well I'm just saying Playstation 4 is more important to Sony's core existance than Xbox is to Microsoft. Even their CEO stated it's not a core business...

thekhurg1548d ago

It's moot. The Xbox division isn't profitable, and Microsoft is not going to just continue to take loses for shits and giggles.

ManiacMansion1548d ago

@ jguzmanr81

The Playstation Division makes only 11% of Sonys turnover... so it isnt also that big. Now calculate all the advertisment and so on.. how much profit will remain?

donthate1548d ago


Xbox division has been very profitable in the later years after their loss leader at launch.

The thing with that profit is it validates the business model especially if you take out the loss leader part.

Now that Sony also made you pay for PS+ to enjoy online play, MS is in a better than ever position to gain more profits so they can justify lowering the price to get marketshare.

The difference is that if Playstation division starts hurting profits, it will hurt Sony significantly as they are as cash strapped as it comes and deteriorating fast. Their shining beacon, the mobile division is going down the drain, and I suppose they could sell more assets and departments to keep it a float.

MS even if they hit a rough patch and starts loosing money while building, they have deep pockets with a justifiable goal of not just profits, but living room penetration to avoid another major entrance into living room from a competitor ala what happened with smart phones.


MS didnt cut the price, they offered a new SKU to reach the $400 point. The $350 is considered a sale. A price cut in the console world suggest permanent.

Either way, the Wii U is starting to look very expensive next to the Xbox One now.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

So I guess this is how XBOX One is gonna do their fight.

I'm a Playstation fanboy but I don't underestimate Xbox, they are certainly trying stuff and eventually some stuff will produce some results, I don't think they will go down without a fight, so Playstation has to be ready for anything.

After last gen I learned that you don't underestimate Xbox, not ever.

Thatguy-3101548d ago

Desperation only to say I sold more than you this time around. I'll take my fanboy goggles off and admit that it's an extremely good deal. Microsoft is going all out for the holidays. If they don't manage to beat Sony these next two months then they can just forget about ever catching up to them. Let's see what Sony ends up doing with the PS4.

No_Limit1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


"I Dont think Ms wanted to cut the price of their console from 500 to 350 in less than a year wether they can afford to or not"

You do realize the intial $500 system came with the $150 Kinect camera, right? So just like MS give out a great promotion and offered the Titanfall bundle with Kinect for $450 for a brief promotional time, they are doing it again for the Holiday and knocked off $50 for the console for a limited time. It doesn't take a rocket science degree to figure this out. LOL

ABizzel11548d ago


If you want a XBO for $249, go to the MS store (read beginning)
If you want a PS4 for $249, go to Best Buy (read last paragraphs)

There's been promotions offering the XBO this low for a while now. August - September you could have gotten an XBO for $300 for the longest.

1. Trading in a 360 or PS3 got you $100 off of it.

2. Trading in almost any PS360 game (even 7 year old games) got you a $10 gift card per game (I got a $100 Gift card for it, my uncle got a $150 gift card)

3. The promotion of buying any XBO console or bundle get a game free was offered, + if you went to the MS store, you got a $50 gift card as well.

All 3 could be stacked. So ultimately I got an XBO for $299 (thanks to my $100 gift card), Destiny, Madden, and a $50 gift card. And it could have been $199, but I gave my 360 to my little brother.

The good news is you can still do the 360 / PS3 trade in and get $100 off (I don't recommend the PS3 trade-in though, I'll get to that later). So now you can get an XBO or Bundle for $250 (Sunset, Assassin's Creed) / $350 (COD, AC) with the trade in of a 360 at the MS store. So if you've ever been thinking about upgrading to a XBO, and you have a 360. Now is the time to do it, or you can still wait until BF and hope for a lower price, but why when you can get it now for a great deal.

"Interesting promo overlap situation... could hurt PlayStation 4 sales for sure."

No. Overall it should help the XBO sales jump, but how is it hurting PS4 sales. It's not, especially since these promos are limited to the US audience only. MS has already lost the war on a World Wide scale, they're just trying to keep their hold on the US market as best they can for this generation, while staying afloat everywhere else.

Now as far as the PS3, it's probably not the best trade-in for an XBO, because of PS+. But also because you can trade your PS3 in at Best Buy and get $100 - $150 off of a PS4 bringing it down to $249 - $299 and putting it right in competition with this XBO promotion.

The only difference is the XBO promotion is a official temporary price drop, while the PS4 promotion is simply a Best Buy deal, and the PS4 promotion last until the end of the year, instead of just a month and pending.

ABizzel11548d ago

Now regarding the article, I said their Black Friday deal would be an XBO bundle with 3 games for $379.

They already gave away 1 brand new game for free with the purchase of a console, during the Destiny launch, so it shouldn't be to hard to do 3 games (2 of which aren't really selling anymore) at that price, when they have 1 game bundles for $349 now.

I think they'll have a $379 bundle, and a $479 bundle.

$379: Halo: MCC + TitanFall + Forza Motorsport 5 (they can sell you DLC's for these games, and still try to make a profit)

$479: COD AW bundle + Halo: MCC

HaveAsandwich1548d ago

the more ms cuts the price, the more they lose. no business wants to throw money out of the window, just because they "can".

iluvmaPS31547d ago

Wrong. They lost a lot of money on ps3s. Im sure they can do a price cut if needed be. But be is not needed. Sony is absolutely crushing the xbox one in performance. Sales. And in 2015. Games! Muhahhhaaa. Good luck M$

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Ghanja1548d ago

Nope, I think that destiny edition ps4 with the last of us goty ed,infamous second son, and driveclub holiday bundle with 6 months of ps plus will happen one can only hope the word spreads!!!

jairusmonillas1548d ago

Free Titanfall is useless since it's community is already dying what more with the release of COD Advanced Warfare. I doubt you can find anyone online to play with anymore titanfall lol

GodGinrai1548d ago

"I doubt you can find anyone online to play with anymore titanfall"

I was playing it last night. plenty of people online. certainly wasnt short of full lobbys. sorry to burst your bubble, cupcake.

HOLDERofFOOD1548d ago

I think MCC will probably eat into that a lot though

GodGinrai1548d ago


"I think MCC will probably eat into that a lot though"

Yeah, I one of "that lot". Halo is my fave FPS, period. But Ill always have a lil time to play a few rounds of Titanfall. Its still a good game.

blakstarz1548d ago

You must be crazy....every time I'm on Titfall there is always a full house of people to play with and with the latest DLC maps its even more fun. The maps on this game are AWESOME!

DLConspiracy1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Don't make stuff up and put down a perfectly good game in the process to appease some stupid fanboy retort or laughter for yourself. The game is still doing fine and should have much more appreciation than it gets. Titanfall literally has some of THE BEST controls/mechanics of a fps to date. Its intuitive and well balanced like nothing before it. Especially for a new IP. If people would stop with the fanboy nonsense they would have enjoyed it as much too. Its probably going to get a hell of a lot better in the future too.

MRMagoo1231547d ago

A new IP lol it was COD in a new skin with robots, there was no risk involved it was even made by the same team and marketed as such in some places, but it still has bombed like crazy, the last time I was on the game it barely had enough users on to fill the game modes. I cant even remember the last time I heard titanfall being brought up when talking about games, even with people that only game on xbone in real life. The only time I am reminded the game even exists anymore is when I come on here and someone brings it up as a failed game.

DLConspiracy1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


Fanboys wanted it to be a failed game. It was still a success. Enough to make another. I think its sad that a lot of hate the game got was due to the fact it didn't come to PS4. Its still in my top 3 or four games out this gen. I would much rather give up my copy of destiny than my copy of Titanfall any day. It was a COD COPY? Is that why they called Cod AW trailer.. Titanfall 2?

Father__Merrin1548d ago

Microsoft didnt want to cut the price like this, imo this reeks desperation for sure

MRMagoo1231548d ago

I can smell it from here in Australia and its def desperation. I do wonder what sony have planned though, I cant imagine they will just sit on their hands while MS basically begs people to buy the xbone.

meatysausage1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Are you one of those people who enjoy paying more for stuff?
Who cares what sales are what, if your a consumer and your looking for a console, sales and console wars wouldnt even be a factor.

Just incase im called a fanboy, I own and love both PS4 and XB1

DLConspiracy1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Only thing I would imagine you smelling is what Sony had for lunch yesterday. Or probably a bit of concern on your own part.

etownone1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Didnt tDidn'the ps3 have 2 price cuts in the first year? Yes

And MS offering a Less su wasn't a price cut kid....

But a sale of $50 off is a sale... And maybe a permanent price cut.

MRMagoo1231547d ago

Yes and Sony was desperate to try to decrease the gap the one year to one year and a half late launch caused, thanks for proving MS desperate.

Neonridr1548d ago

because a customer paying less for a product hurts you how?

Who cares what MS plans are, whatever the reasoning it has got people talking about the Xbox One, and it has got people buying the console.

iluvmaPS31547d ago

Had you asked M$ at launch if the xbone was gonna be 150 dollars cheaper before its first birthday they would have laughed.

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Xb1ps41548d ago

Wow... What a great deal ms is putting out and the only thing a certain bunch can say is "it's bad for business" "desperation" and a bunch of other bs..

Talk about hardcore love for a certain console! Nothing will get you guys to own more then one console.. A shame really...

SkippyPaccino1548d ago

We do own more than one console... The PS4 and the Wii U ;-)

I understand your point, but I don't feel I'm missing out on the Xbox. Maybe in a thew years it will be worth a purchase.

Xb1ps41547d ago

And we have another one that hides behind the wiiu... Smdh... Wiiu is a great console but I would much rather own a ps4 and xb1 especially a xb1 with its current deal. But hey opinions right?!

SkippyPaccino1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


I got a ps4 on day one and purchased a Wii U a month ago. The Wii U is a good system for me to play with my kids and the ps4 is for my man cave (I do play playroom with the kids do)

I'm not in the market for the Xbox one. Like I said, when it hits below 300$ and it has a handful of games I want to play, I'll buy one. (most likely in a thew years)

ironmonkey1548d ago

You lose a ton of money regardless. Ms doing everything they can to sell for a loss while sony site back sells more systems and games and isnt taking any loss.

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