Pokemon X/Y version 1.3 out now

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y received a new update today, bringing the games up to version 1.3.

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krouse931451d ago

Well this is good news! I was considering a 3DS and I think once the New 3DS launches in North America I'll dive in. I'm glad nintendo does software updates for games now! I haven't had a nintendo system since the DS and the original Wii so I didn't realize they did game updates on their consoles.

user55757081450d ago

it just started with the 3ds and wiiU. pokemon x and y were a must update because there was a game ending save glitch at one point. i like old glitches though like missingno in pokemon red/blue

krouse931450d ago


Missingno was awesome, I remember learning about it from a kid on my bus when I was younger, he was pretty much the local Pokemon guru haha.

And that's good to know! I want Nintendo to do well, the success they saw with the Wii was incredible. Hopefully the carryover from that as well as the success of the 3DS and it's many iterations is good news for future Nintendo Block Busters!

Newmanator1451d ago

Would be nice to know those 'fun adjustments.'