Air Brawl Looks to Update Wing War Style Battles with Even More Crazy Weapons

Carl Williams writes, "Who, reading this, remembers Wing War by Sega? Wing War was an arcade title that featured airplane battles in a 3D world of flat shaded polygons. Sega’s game was able to transcend the limitations of the hardware/time period and become more than the sum of its parts for those that gave Wing War a chance (many passed due to the graphics which were eerily similar to that of Virtua Fighter). Air Brawl, by Wilhelm Nylund, is a spiritual successor of sorts to Sega’s classic Wing War arcade game. Air Brawl improves on everything, most noticeably the graphics. Currently Air Brawl is sitting on Kickstarter looking for assistance in getting finished, the question is, how many gamers are willing to pick up the challenge?"

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