Alienware Amplifier marks a paradigm shift in laptop graphics – will blow the competition away

Alienware has just rolled out a peripheral for its Alienware 14 laptop that boosts graphical power by 300% or in other words, Desktop-class power. Needless to say it could cause a paradigm shift in the Industry.

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Zeref1450d ago

Too bad alienware laptops are ugly...

I hope Razer comes up with something similar for its next Blade.

Jason_Plays_PC1450d ago

Alienware Amplifier marks a paradigm shift in laptop graphics – will blow the competition away..

Just dont look at the price.

Eonjay1450d ago

For the case they show, you are looking at an additional $900 on top of the price of the laptop.

user56695101450d ago

900? You better off buying their steambox and throwing it in your bookbag than this

Nicaragua1450d ago

So the solution to increasing graphics power for a portable laptop is to add an additional desktop sized case with its own power supply - got it, that makes perfect sense.

Somebody1450d ago

Yes, it does make sense. What doesn't make sense is the proprietary connector that will limit one product to one brand.

ABizzel11450d ago

Question, do you have to hook the laptop up to that huge power source?

If so doesn't that defeat the purpose, or portability, and on top of that it's often cheaper to get a high end gaming than a high end laptop, so it still becomes an issue of value.

x_RadicalAura_x1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

The only problem is, it could most likely kill a small child if it were dropped on them. IMO, this is barely passable for a "laptop." I'd take a Blade or 15" rMBP all day, every day over this thing.

ninjahunter1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Pretty nifty, modders have been doing this for a while. The idea is to plug a desktop GPU into a laptop. But the mechanics arent really there yet. Currently the weakest laptop you can buy from alienware competes directly with the PS4 in horsepower. The cost of buying the amplifier and an additional GPU probably wouldnt justify the price.

On a side note, in 3 or 4 years, this would be really good if coupled with the alienware alpha.

xX1NORM1Xx1450d ago

The alpha idea is brilliant lets just hope that Alienware had the same idea

Kumomeme1450d ago

alienware alpha just another overprice product
the gpu itself was 750ti level

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