PS4 2.0 Update: Sony Explains Why You Can’t Copy MP3 to the Hard Disk and Why It’s Called “Masamune”

The PS4 firmware update 2.0 “Masamune” is now happily spinning the gears of our consoles, but quite a few users are wondering why it’s not possible to copy our MP3 files to the PS4′s internal hard disk. Sony Product Planning Department Division 2 Manager Satoshi Hashimoto explained the reason.

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BitbyDeath1478d ago

That is pretty awesome to hear it will happen in future.

DoomeDx1478d ago

tbh it should have been there from the get go.

IM getting a little sick of this constant ''in the future'' bs.

2.0 is great though. But ugh, 'in the future'

TheStrokes1478d ago

You can't put all your eggs in one basket. Some things would have been prioritized over others.
Patience is a virtue.

Yi-Long1478d ago

Agreed. It's 2014, and these consoles are marketed as entertainment systems and media players: They should support .MP3 and .MKV straight out of the box.

Moe-Gunz1478d ago

They're marketed as game systems.

NBT911478d ago

"Please wait for it"
This generation in a nutshell.
I honestly feel that these consoles should have come out this year instead of last year but I'm glad they are now getting much needed features and more importantly, games!

Pogmathoin1478d ago

PS4 can do screenshots.... Awesome!

MRMagoo1231478d ago

@yi long

MKV? what so you can watch pirated movies ? Put the disc in and watch that, if its digital and legit it prob wont be in MKV

Army_of_Darkness1478d ago

Now I'm beginning to see why Sony has been using "greatness awaits" on their ads lol!
But seriously though, it would have been nice if mp3 support was available at the get go with my ps4.

guitarded771478d ago

@ DoomeDx

Agree x10,000. This feature should have been there from the get-go. I prefer custom playlists in many game... especially driving games. How is it that pretty much every electronic device from computers to phones to last gen consoles have this feature, but the PS4 couldn't? Still the most missed feature for me. Best have it all working by the time Gran Turismo hits PS4... I can't stand to listen to the crappy game music.

ShinMaster1477d ago

PS4 wasn't marketed as an "All in One Entertainment System" from the beginning.

Meanwhile Xbox One can't even take screenshots.

donthate1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I wonder what is missing from the "internals" to make it difficult for them to copy files from USB to hard drive.

I mean they copy files from a number of other sources including internet downloads, and installation from discs.

I understand there would be some UI work, and some testing, but this sounds a lot more like a political thing than a technical thing.

I don't play MP3 on my PS4, in fact I don't use it much so I am not affected.


I wouldn't go down the route of claiming Xbox One is missing features compared to PS4. PS4 can't win that one at the moment and likely for the foreseeable future.

UltimateMaster1477d ago

Sephiroth likes the name of the update.

XisThatKid1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Sorry but I agree with Sony on this, They built the PS4 from the ground up and they made sure that the UI and such was functional and fluid enough at launch over making a media box, I would hate to be the ones waiting for share play,remote play, Live streaming, short load times (for the most part) and decent interface without many hitches than to have a rushed buggy UI with crappy put together MP3 player and Video player that may have had bad quality output due to the UI being sluggish. I'm glad they prioritized mostly gaming aspects before the conveniences. I'm glad they are evern saying they are adding such features in the future at least we know it's coming.

I understand the perspective of "DAY ONE because the PS3 had it" but hell I got a great gaming machine that will catch up and surpass its older sibling in features and possibly even in sales in the long run. In features and convenience the PS4 will replace PS3 in about a year. The PS3 need much time to grow as well. This is a platform starting from nothing and hit the ground goin mach 10. keep a little patience, Hopefully you'll be satisfied one day.

BTW in further of their defense they had no idea how much and how fast these games were going to launch out and how big the installs or downloads were going to be imagine constantly having to delete games and music frequently because Sony settles for a 500GB and misjudged on how much the average consumer uploads MP3s to the HDD and games are installing and DLing at 45-50GBs a pop a year later without deleting anything your done in 6 months. Then the complaints would be "OH SONY YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT IN A BIGGER HDD and still launched at 400$ and also give me every reason not to use any of your media services your trying to sell" business is business brothers and sisters. I'm sure they're not holding out because of neglect or malice, again be patient

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Muzikguy1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I'm calling BS. I highly doubt they're going to implement mp3 download/playback when they have it working with USB already. I'd like to be proven wrong though!!

I do think it should've been available at the beginning. I'm guessing if it ever does come out, we'll get folders for games then too

Conzul1478d ago

We will get anything we bitch loudly enough for. That's the ticket.

UltimateMaster1477d ago

You know you can still play music while playing a game.
You do have something else to put your music on, no?

Blaze9291478d ago

"This time the reason is is that we wanted to push out compatibility from the USB storage as soon as possible. It’s implementation is pretty lightweight."

Sony loves releasing things that aren't ready. They must definitely be feeling the pressure on the OS side of things from Microsoft.

XabiDaChosenOne1478d ago

Oh yea, you can definitely tell by the sal....oh wait.

Dgander1478d ago

@XabiDaChosenOne The Xbox One is currently light years ahead of Sony in terms of features, apps and functionality of the OS. If Sony keeps behind trust me a lot of people will eventually switch consoles. I know a few people that already have switched to Xbox One but I have yet to meet one logical thinking person that sees the PS4's OS and trade in their Xbox One for it.

MRMagoo1231478d ago


LMFAO light years ahead ? wtf pills have you been mixing ?

ColeMacGrath1478d ago

Because people buy "video game" consoles for media/apps that you can play on your phone or computer. /s

Blaze9291477d ago


So everyone requesting DLNA is what? Special? 3%'ers?

wsoutlaw871477d ago

@dgander so which features are light years ahead? Plus by the fact you say switch to xbo as if its some separate group and dont just say bought an xbox one also (you can own more then one) is clear made up fanboy stuff.

pompous1477d ago

Oh please. Sony isn't feeling pressure over mini monthly updates from MS. Sony is doing things their way like they have been. So please stop spinning this into something it isn't.

Condemnedman1477d ago


Xbox can't even take a screen shot
Wow that's so desperate . What would I want to take a screen shot of ? Hold on all those extra features it has over the ps4 lol

mike_honcho1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )


1st what's a ms fanboy doing in a Sony article?.. ohh that's right all u trolls feed off Sony articles..

2nd u know of a few ppl that switched to xb1 huh?.. well I know of hundreds that switched to ps4.. check out he sales numbers sometime.. ya might learn something..

3rd people don't buy consoles for the os it runs.. yeah it helps but generally I'm certain anyone would agree it's because of games.. and Sony has the exclusives locked down at the moment.. not saying xb1 doesn't have some good ones but cmon now 2015 is gonna be a killer year for anyone with a ps4..

4th next time you decide to come and troll a ps4 thread please do 2 things.... think.... then speak.. in that order..

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bman531477d ago


No but Microsoft is planning to release it in 2015. And is that any different from what Sony is doing with the PS4 by saying "sometime in the future" ?

user56695101477d ago

Sony: "its because I said so. DEAL WIT IT."
Sony: "I mean its for your convenience."

mike_honcho1477d ago

you do realize that they didn't say anything remotely close to what you quoted.. do you even read the articles??

no wonder you have one bubble

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swishersweets200311478d ago

they should call it "shitty buggy 2.0" have fun with stuff not working right update.

Abriael1478d ago

Everything's working right for me.

Nekroo911478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Even when you leave your console in standby mode?

Because theres a ton of complaints in the playstation forum.

Naga1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Well... not to add fuel to this fire, but I was just at Best Buy about an hour ago, and the guy next to me had brought in his PS4 claiming that the new update had basically bricked his console.

Again, I'm not saying this is the norm, or that he was even telling the truth - just reporting that it happened. If he was telling the truth, hopefully he's just an isolated case and this isn't going to become a widespread issue. Because that's never fun.

Abriael1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Nekroo91: you just need to power cycle it once. People nowadays can't even apply the most basic fix on their own.

lemoncake1478d ago

Many console owners are not very tech-savvy, savvy.

wsoutlaw871477d ago

The update works fine. Like every update, if you have a failed or interrupted update, you can have some problems but there is nothing really wrong with 2.0.

thereapersson1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

That's why people game on consoles. If they wanted to deal with fixing bugs and patches they should just get a PC. Consoles are supposed to have a light overhead and be simple to use for the layman.

Oh,and Microsoft is the only one advertising their system as a media box. Sony? It's been about gaming from the beginning.

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GetSomeLoGiK1478d ago

Sounds like someone needs to eat a cookie and calm down. Also, everything with the update worked fine for me.

Muzikguy1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

As far as I've seen everything is working great for me.

Edit: I like how they changed "standby mode"

uth111478d ago

Should have called it "Rest In Peace Mode" :P

I won't be using rest mode until they issue a patch for it.

Muzikguy1478d ago

Uh oh! I hope my system wakes up :)

MasterCornholio1477d ago

I bought my PS4 at launch and rest mode works fine on it.

ziggurcat1477d ago


"I won't be using rest mode until they issue a patch for it."

it's the same mode. they just changed the name.

and it's always worked flawlessly.

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Silly gameAr1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

You trolls REALLY need something better to do. It's not really working out for you guys, you know? I really miss the open zone.

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Eonjay1478d ago

Glad they are working on it and Im glad for the progress they made today. Even the small things are appreciated. I think the positive reception to this update will motivate them to fill in whatever else people are requesting.

SaffronCurse1478d ago

A ton of improvements to the overall OS. Definitely worth the wait.

dcj05241478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Good on them.

Still pathetic that these things weren't at launch. If the PS3 has then sequal should definetly have it. Like a new phone that can't read PDF files

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