MONG Podcast - 57 - Can the Xbox One Catch Up With The Holiday Price Cut?

On this week's MONG Podcast, the team discussed some of this week's biggest gaming news like the Xbox One holiday price cut, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire getting a bundle, the Halo 2 Documentary, Dragon Ball Xenoverse's release date, the Call of Duty leak, Telltale's Game of Thrones, Halo 5's potential release date, and a whole lot of Super Smash Bros. announcements!

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lmcontaldi1453d ago

I think it def. will be able to take over PS4 sales for a month or two, but it won't be bridging the gap in overall sales just from this deal!

Bigpappy1453d ago

I think it will lead in the U.S. for sure. If the games quality stay this high, it may stay that way well into the following years. World wide is a different story. But I think M$ would be very happy just winning in U.S.

Jaqen_Hghar1453d ago

it has a 1m gap in the US to make up in basically 2 months (since they said the price cut was just for the holidays) and Sony has offered bundles, Shareplay, word of mouth from a bigger install base so basically snowball effect, LBP3, and of course hasn't announced many deals yet. The Xbox hasn't won a month in the US since December last year when PS4 was in short supply due to launching in more countries. Don't count on a 4m to 3m gap closing in the span of 2 months if it closes at all.

Bigpappy1453d ago

We shall see very soon jaqen. You could be right but I don't think LBP has near as much appeal as: Let's pick one... Halo: Master Chief Collection

NewAgeisHere1453d ago

Catch up?No. But the gap in week to week sales won't be as big during holidays.

Software_Lover1453d ago

Why is everyone so obsessed with them catching up. PlayStation 4 will sell more consoles than the Xbox One. Live with it. Move on. Love your games.

Bathyj1453d ago

It mattered last gen, it still matters now. Plus people want to know MS isnt going to drop support when it starts trailing like it has in every generation its been in.

Software_Lover1453d ago

It didn't matter to me, I always said that the ps3 would catch and surpass the 360. It took a little longer than I expected but it happened.

I do need to get out of my personal bubble though. The world doesn't revolve around me or how I think.

Xb1ps41453d ago

Ms dropped support on the 360? When did that happen?

gangsta_red1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

MS hasn't dropped support of the 360. In fact they released more 1st party games for the 360 then Sony did all this year. Max the Brotherhood, Titanfall and FH 2.

Time to stop with that weak excuse of "dropping support" especially when Sony hasn't released a game for PS3until LBP3, has dropped support of the PSP, PSPGO, Move, Vita and everything else associated with PS3.

Xb1ps41453d ago


That list of dropped support! It hurts though as I own a psp, go, vita and move... I will never buy another sony handheld again though, ever... Or any add ons, just give me the console and I'm good...

Bathyj1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Are you guys kidding?

What about that 3 year lull after Kinect came out? A handful of games released now in the twilight of a consoles years dont make up for the complete lack of effort MS gave 360 in the last half of its life span.

Its funny that yes, Sony is lowering support for PS3 becauase it needs to concentrate on PS4 even though last year was incredible for that machine. They supported it well the duration of its whole life. MS on the other hand is throwing a few bones to the 360 lately because the Xbone is lagging behind in sales. Sorry but they should have been supporting it in its prime, not as a means to prop up their shipping numbers for the Xbox "family" of consoles. Its so transparent. It even reminds me of Mattrick and the if you dont want a Xbox One get a 360 line.

But if you think you were adequately catered to it the latter half of the 360's life, then by all means, enjoy mediocrity. I'm just worried what happens when MS is behind from the get go and how long will they wait to leap frog to the next generation and get an early start which was the main reason for their success with the 360.

At least you realise thats just your opinion. Good for you, seriously.

gangsta_red1453d ago

Funny how every sony fan remembers the Kinect years of Xbox but doesn't seem to remember Sony's own 2 full years of no games and slow trickle when the PS3 was first released.

How games were held back and then released to make it look like a slew of games are just raining down on the heads of their players. Hook, line and sinker.

During that time you guys had the slow trickle, the 360 was getting game after game after game. And when the Kinect was released and was the hottest and fastest item out, MS supported it with more games, unlike Sony did for their Move, PSP, Vita, etc, etc...

And should we even count the digital releases and the indie games for 360 that are well over 2000 at the moment? Naaaw, back then you guys didn't want to count them because it conflicted with your "only AAA" stance which conveniently has been changed this gen.

Sony is currently throwing nothing at the PS3 except scraps and even less, the majority here was so adamant that Sony would support the PS3 well into PS4's life cycle like the PS2. But that is not the case.

And why would you be worried about what MS will do. This is the problem with the sony camp, always worried about Xbox players and what we are enjoying. Making up ridiculous claims that we are not getting catered too while MS provides us with games, updates and a stable network we all been requesting from MS.

Like I said, stop trying to preach that false propaganda that MS will suddenly stop support when Sony has done so more with their products. And stop this false sense of concern for the doomed Xbox gamers.

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Bathyj1453d ago

I think Xbone will definitely lead for a few weeks and maybe even the month, in the US. I dont think it will lead for a month world wide anytime soon.

Probably if its ever going to lead a month WW it needs to be before PS4 launches in China. That could be a wildcard that boosts PS4 significantly.

u4one1453d ago

i think its sales will accelerate thanks to the combo of some good exclusives, bundles and or a competitive holiday pricing, but its gonna take more than holiday sales to "catch up". The PS4 has a decent lead in North America, and a big lead globally.

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