Release Windows for Battlefield 5 and Star Wars: Battlefront Revealed

During its financial investors conference call for Q2 2015 Electronic Arts just announced the release windows for the next mainline Battlefield and for Star Wars: Battlefront.

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pwnsause_returns1503d ago

really? BF5? how about you take your goddamn time on making battlefront..

Abriael1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

They are. That's why BF5 will be released in 2016 and SW in 2015.

Dudebro901503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

EA...take their time? Right....

Seriously, the fact at last e3 they had next to nothing to show for Battlefront, and are releasing only a year and a half later shows they are rushing it.

The game will have just under/over a 2 year dev cycle. That is not enough time to tackle something like Battlefront.

KingWookiee1503d ago

Thats no taking their time at all... I already have feeling that BF5 will be horrrible seeing how they can't even get 4 to work which most likely means SW will run like crap too since Dice is the only company out there that can't code on an engine that they made themselves.

martinezjesus19931503d ago

@dudebro, How about those games that get announced only 6 months before release??? Cod, or Ac come to mind. They obviously had more than 6 months to make thise games. Or Bloodborne, which would be releasing 8 months after release.

The game was announced during e3 2013. Who knows how long they were working on it before then

KingWookiee1503d ago

@Martin, considering they announced Battlefront while they were still in the process of getting Battlefield 4 ready for release (same company making both, Dice), they have probably been working on this for 1 1/2 years or so. Plus, Battlefield 3 had a 3-4 year development cycle and still came out broken, so what do you think Battlefront will be like at launch?

annoyedgamer1503d ago

And when will BF5 be developed? In one year?

llMurcielagoll1503d ago

Wish that was true. but unfortunately EA want their money and therefore, we get rushed broken games.

Dudebro901503d ago


Ea didn't get the license for star wars until mid year of 2013 year. Dice was not working on it before then, which is why the reveal was so little and cgi.

Dirtnapstor1503d ago

BF5 was in the making as soon as BF4 went gold. When public information becomes available is NOT when developers decide to start their next project.

Here's to hoping the next BF is Bad Company 3!

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dcj05241503d ago

Battlefield needs a break. Holiday 2017 or spring 2018

venom061503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

THEY NEVER, NEVER mention anything about BF5!! (God Lord some people are clueless)... they just said, "the next Battlefield game".. Hell, it could be 2143.. people need to calm and get facts straight, including the stupid a$% misleading title of this article..

KingWookiee1503d ago

It's EA, they will make BF5 before making a game that people actually want.

Abriael1503d ago

Might want to chill. You're raging like someone bit you over calling it Battlefield 5 instead of next Battlefield (which, mind you, is explained in the article).

The only one that needs to calm down here is you.

SpaceFox1503d ago

I feel like it's more likely they'll make Bad Company 3 before they rush out Battlefield 5. At least I would hope so, because the Bad Company series really deserves another installment and it'd be great timing.

Battlefield Hardline - March 2015
Star Wars Battlefront - Holiday 2015
(Possible unannounced game early 2016?)
Battlefield Bad Company 3 - Holiday 2016

I'd be one happy camper personally.

Roccetarius1503d ago

If people haven't learned their lesson with BF3 and 4, then they're probably going to get burned with BF5 as well. If only people had some self control.

NBT911503d ago

Only a year away for Star Wars? They have showed nothing of it yet and its only a year away from planned release schedule? Woah, that's not sounding too good...
I really, really, really want that game to be good.

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