Electronic Arts Posts Positive Financial Results; Boasts Leadership for PS4 and Xbox One Sales

Electronic Arts just posted its financial results for the quarter ended September 30th, and they’re definitely positive ones, with everything in the black and overtaking the same quarter last year by a good chunk.

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Magicite1548d ago

But they also got interesting games coming soon - Dragon Age Inq. and BF:H

SonofGod1548d ago

BF:H should have been a dlc.

annoyedgamer1548d ago

Neither of those politically muddled uninspired excuses for games interests me. My last EA game was Crysis 2 have not given these clowns my money since.

I bought Medal of Honor used after that but the bugs and inconsistent framerate gave me a headache so now it is shelved.

Xb1ps41548d ago


Why don't you take gamer out of your name...

Voozi1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Doesn't make me sad since I work there :D

spacedelete1548d ago

well you can't blame me. i'm not buying anymore EA games from now on and they are on my blacklist with Activision and Ubisoft. i'll just wait until most of their games go free on PlayStation plus or just buy them used in the bargain bins.

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slate911548d ago

I bet those investors are pleased EA! They're #1, right?!

Pogmathoin1548d ago

People wishing games did not sell..... Welcome to N4G.... Buy them preowned... Insert into Console.... Simple as that......

Volkama1548d ago

Then cry when the publishers try to stamp out the pre-owned market or focus on micro-transaction and DLC.

Muzikguy1548d ago

It's not my money they have!

Captain_Cookies1548d ago

DONT fck up star wars battlefront 3

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