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CertifiedGamer1453d ago

Battlefield Hardline in march 2014. I am buying the game but damn that is a long time away for my Battlefield fix.

Fizzerd1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

yeah March 2014, I remember Hardlines' midnight launch. It was awesome.

Edit: why not play Battlefield 4?

denawayne1453d ago

I'm still having a good time with BF4. Glad to see this not coming out sooner. I really am not interested but I might be come March of 2015

ATi_Elite1453d ago

March 17 darn I got an appointment that day well looks like no Hardline for me. May have to settle for Rainbow Six Siege geesh.

Oh and continue playing BF4 patch warfare.

venom061453d ago

defintely can't wait for this one... new studio, new spinoff to the franchise (just like Bad Company).. Imma taser tha hell outta foolz..

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spacedelete1453d ago

not a single f was given.

Starbucks_Fan1453d ago

I hope this is the only BF game next year

MysticStrummer1453d ago

I saw somewhere that BF5 won't be until 2016.

CertifiedGamer1453d ago

Yes it is the only Battlefield game for 2015 but a very similar multiplayer type game to Battlefield from Dice is coming out next year which is Star Wars Battlefront theoretically I am expecting it to be Battlefield with Star Troopers.

xKugo1453d ago

I hope it flops hard; not enough to cause people to lose their jobs because I never want that to happen. But enough to make EA and DICE seriously consider their thoughts the next time they want to take a shit on the Battlefield franchise. How low it has sunken since it's BF 1942 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 days. A real shame..

MysticStrummer1453d ago

Yeah I was late to get into BC2 and I wish I had bought it on day one. I haven't played BF4 but BC2's online play is sooo much better than BF3.

Reefskye1453d ago

Battlefield 2 was their last really good BF, BC2 was good but was a downgrade from BF2

LightofDarkness1453d ago

On Paddy's Day? Ha, g'luck :p I already have a full agenda for that day.

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The story is too old to be commented.