Analysts Predict a Return to Profit for Nintendo’s Q2 Earnings

CraveOnline: "There’s good news coming from Nintendo-land. At least, a Wall Street Journal analyst seems to think so. According to a post by Takashi Mochizuki on his WSJ blog, Nintendo will report both a return to profit and an elimination of its nagging, continued operating loss when it announces earnings after the market closes on Wednesday."

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AKR1451d ago

Wait....But I thought Nintendo was DOOOOOOOMED?!?! /s

Great to hear that the company's finances have improved. Both Wii U and 3DS are doing quite well for themselves.

novacav1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


I agree it's great news, hopefully the predictions are correct. Wii U may just have a breakout holiday season.

GoBySanchez1451d ago

I always find it funny that Nintendo naysayers tend to be Republicans or Libertarians. That's why you can't really trust them lol. Anyway good stuff Nintendo, you're the only one who has made any attempts at improving the state of video games this generation.

- Sanchez

BenRage31450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

That's complete bullocks. Do not bring politics into this site. And to counter your baseless argument, Forbes a supposedly conservative slanted business website has been telling people to invest in Nintendo for years.

On top of that, many of the conservative/ Christian parents I know prefer Nintendo over the competition simply because there are more family friendly titles. And what about Fox news?

Everyone loves Nintendo including Republicans.

crusf1451d ago

Thank god I wont be seeing that stupid sad Mario thumbnail on this site ever again!

danny8181450d ago

Oh you mean network for playstation gamers?

For me I find it that gamers always pin Sony vs Nintendo and Microsoft vs sony

1450d ago
mikel10151451d ago

I always wondered how people predict this kind of stuff from any company? Is it even possible to guess?

Afterlife1451d ago

It will get better. Wii U will be saved on 11/21.

NBT911450d ago

December 5th here!
Although IMO it was saved when Bayonetta 2 came out. That game got me playing my Wii U again and now I finished that I'm playing Mario 3D World.

Wii U is the perfect console to have in addition to your main platform IMO.

MsmackyM1450d ago

The Wii U is my main console and hopefully once Phantom Pain comes out, I'll have something to play in my PS4.

randomass1711451d ago

Good forecasts? And I thought I was the only positive one around here. xD

1stPersonHuman1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I still believe that the Wii U needs a price drop, and a model (and accompanying software update) making the gamepad not neccessary. Yes, I have a Wii U, and the GamePad is not worth my time. It can be fun to play games on there and watch TV, but to raise the price of the console to this price is not worth it. Even a $100 price drop would boost sales significantly. Nintendo needs to either have a good price point, or a good amount of power, and the Wii U has neither. Yes, it has many great exclusives, but how can you convince somebody to pick up a Wii U over the other two consoles when they are the same price and only the Wii U doesn't support many third parties. Nintendo's strategy doesn't make much sense. The Wii U needs to stand out in either price or power, and it is obviously it can only go for the price variable

mydyingparadiselost1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I partially agree with what you're saying but I think some of the logic is flawed. I do think a price drop would help but only a small one, like to $275. Nintendo already has a decent price point, it's still cheaper than other consoles even after the Xone price drop and the online is free, which makes it 40-$50 cheaper every year than the other systems.
As for the gamepad, I do think HAVING to have the gamepad for menu stuff and such should be patched out but a gamepad less console shouldn't and wouldn't happen. Games do use it for various things, a game like ZombiU wouldn't work for people without the pad and that's not something Nintendo can fix. They need to double down on the pad more than anything, make it more useful for games and give people a different and fun experience with it.
The Nintendo strategy is to give people quality games that you can't get anywhere else and the WiiU does that. Things like local multiplayer, the gamepad, the exclusives, the free online and backwards compatibility help do that. If they start doing what Sony and MS are doing they will fail because they would just be the same as the others, except with weakest hardware and less third party. That would be a death sentence for the N.

Realplaya1451d ago

What are you talking about? For one the gamepad is what makes the Wii U a Wii U. Without it They are making a PS4 or a Xboxone.

The funny thing is everyone rushes in to say the gamepad should be dropped.It doesn't they just need more software that shows why the gamepad is the way to go. 3rd parties will never focus or funnel time and effort into games on the Wii U so in 2015 they need to produce twice ads much 1st party games and support indies by getting them more exposure.

They can produce more profit by joining up with more game developers and making games a joint venture. Nintendo is now making a profit on every system sold and because the software they are selling is first party they are not losing money on games sold.

The biggest thing they are not doing is paying companies tons of money for exclusive content.

NBT911450d ago

Wii U is already significantly cheaper and comes with Mario 3D World (one of its best exclusives) free in the box, not even a bundle, literally a free game just for buying the console.

On ShopTo right now a 3DS is £99 and a Wii U basic is £165. So it's only £66 more than a 3DS. That's perfectly cheap enough IMO.

Bronxs151450d ago

i understand what your saying. price our power for mass market appeal.

i'm one of those guys interested in the sales and industry side, but sometimes, i like to see that nintendo is just doing their thing trying to stand out not by price or power but by quality software.

as a gamer first, i appreciate their efforts.

as a arm chair industry guy, i appreciate it more considering i know that they are suffering in sales, yet still won't rush out games before they are done, or gimp my software and do cash grab DLC.

wonderfulmonkeyman1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Same price?
Have you even SEEN the price of refurbished units for the Wii U?
Not to mention added games through bundles and with all the variety that the exclusives and indies on the console offer?
Also, the system has a lot of third party games.
It's not Nintendo's fault that the majority of them are games that you had already bought/played elsewhere.
Third parties had the room to make a ton of new games, but they didn't.
The lack of tons of new AAA third party games on the Wii U, is on the third parties, for wanting to go with ports of older multiplats instead of new exclusives.

And the game pad is most definitely a far better controller than a traditional controller, so it's necessary if you want more gameplay options that a traditional controller cannot offer.

BenRage31450d ago

I agree with almost everything you said, so keep up the good work. However, we really cannot use the Wii U refurb argument anymore, because they are sold out in anticipation of the Smash Bros release.

marloc_x1450d ago

Try typing your post with a DS4..

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