Rumored Xbox One Domino's App Will Let You Order Pizza With Kinect

You may soon be able to order pizza from your Xbox One without lifting a finger, thanks to a rumored Domino's delivery app.

According to The Sunday Times, the app will allow you to begin your order by saying, "Domino's, feed me." After creating your pizza, an on-screen tracker will then allow you to follow the progress of your order. The rumored app can also be navigated using the Kinect's gesture controls.

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vishmarx1503d ago

ill be sure to buy a $150 camera to order pizza

strange times , we live in

mhunterjr1503d ago

To be fair, no one is going to buy the camera for the purpose of ordering pizza. But if you already have the camera (for the IR blaster, voice commands, d4, dance central, fantasia, xbox fitness, Kinect sports, etc), then you might appreciate being able to use it quickly order a pizza while you are watching football...

Army_of_Darkness1503d ago

I bet the ol' fashion way of Calling from my cell phone is still faster ;-)

MRMagoo1231503d ago

I would not let anyone even in the same room as my consoles with food let alone some greasy trash pizza from dominos.

RosweeSon1503d ago

Well it's the only reason I can see for owning one so far ;) that and putting your face in Fifa although could be done by alternative means on the previous versions.

mhunterjr1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


Not neccisarily. I already use the dominoes phone app. It's much faster than calling, especially on game day... You never have to wait on hold... Also my favorite pizzas are already on my profile, and my card information is already saved, so I don't have to explain anything to the order taker. It easily turns a ten minute process into a 20second process. If this app was nothing more than the phone app+ voice commands, i would find it pretty useful.

donthate1503d ago

A lot of people once they get over the hate (for no good reason) they actually want Kinect. You go on the reddit subs for Xbox One and plenty of PS4 converters love the console and want the Kinect.

Obviously people aren't going to pay $150 to just order pizza, but odds are they will buy it for a lot of other things and this is a nice add on.

Having friends over, and ordering pizza by saying "Dominos feed me" is hilarious!

badz1491503d ago

"useful for games" they said

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LOGICWINS1503d ago

"ill be sure to buy a $150 camera to order pizza"

That's like saying ud buy a $700 smartphone just to make/receive calls.

poppinslops1503d ago

It's the way of the future... It's the WAY of the FUTURE!

u4one1503d ago

yes. that is the sole purpose of the Kinect. To order pizza. Profound logic.

donman11503d ago

The Kinect XboxOne fail continues. $150 pizza ordering peripheral for an app. Geez!!!

1503d ago
DougLord1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

You obviously haven't used Kinect. I have been having a great time with it. Xbox snap TV. Xbox watch FOX. Now I'm playing Madden while watching the Dolphins game. Call Timeout, Pass, Run - now I'm calling audibles I never bothered to learn how to do before. X box watch tv, X box snap NFL, now I am watching the Dolphins and I can track stats and my fantasy team. X box pause, now I can go piss. Xbox resume. I didn't miss anything. Xbox order a pizza with sausage, mushrooms and peppers, 12 buffalo wings and a 2 liter of diet pepsi. Xbox play Xbox fitness (ti burn off the pizza). Yeah that SUCKS!!! You stupid Sony trolls - even if I could say Xbox bring me a beer - you would act like it as shit.

1503d ago
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GodGinrai1503d ago

Well, I for one think its cool. But then I eat pizza every week :)

gangsta_red1503d ago

I wonder if you can use this with the Xbox One amazing snap feature. I can see gamers becoming a lot lazier and fatter if true.

1503d ago
SquillieDeeWilliams1503d ago

The app is launching in the UK... ZING!!!

Pogmathoin1503d ago

Lukas, you will offend the muricans! They love Pizza! Kinect will scan your body, then make pizzas with limited calories! Then show you some sweet Jillian Michaels workout videos, to burn it.... 😛

u4one1503d ago


"Coming in November, UK Xbox One users will be able to fall into cheese feast heaven."

GarrusVakarian1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Don't take offence, my American brethren. I love pizza too!

It's coming to the UK too?! PRAISE ODIN!

You gotta admit, though, ordering pizza while laying on your ass speaking to your Xbox....that's pretty Murica.

MRMagoo1231503d ago

Sounds like a new south park episode lol they can use that fat wow guy but with an xbone.

Audiggity1503d ago

Damn Lukas! You beat me to it... I was scrolling down to write "Murica!" exactly as you have it...

A hat tip to you.

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