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From the moment Sunset Overdrive was announced it was obvious that this wasn’t going to be your standard Third Person Shooter, I still have fond memories of the trailer where the Fizzco Employee rushes in and saves what is clearly meant to be a guy from Call of Duty. Let’s be honest though, anything developed by Insomniac Games is not going to be “standard”. I had been eagerly awaiting Sunset Overdrive to see whether or not it was as fun and open as it looked. I’ve given it a good thrashing and the verdict is in… it’s everything I hoped it would be and more!

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gangsta_red1503d ago

Nice, good to see this game getting a lot of awesome reviews. We need more colorful games with the emphasis on fun.

Good job Insomniac and good job MS.

tgunzz1503d ago

Great job indeed. This game is awesomely fun, and becomes more amazing as you progress... game on!

bacrec11503d ago

The dialogue is fantastic throughout.

700p1502d ago

It's a great time to be a Xbox gamer