It’s Official: Super Smash Bros. 3DS Is Obsolete

GeekParty: "While there’s still plenty of appeal in playing Smash on the go, Nintendo’s recent Wii U video proves that the 3DS edition of Super Smash Bros is the inferior version.

For those of you without the time to watch the entire 30 minute video, here’s a recap: more characters, mode levels, more modes, more players, more game, more fun."

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Buff10441548d ago

Really? I was playing it on the bus today! For Smash fans, it's the easiest and only way to play while on the go.

ghettosmurf1548d ago

I'm with you. Given a choice between getting a portable Smash AND a Wii U Smash versus a single (even moderately improved upon) Wii U version, you gotta go with the variety.

Blank1548d ago

Seriously I wish many others can see your positive outlook on having these two versions its honestly a damn good move and they are distinct from each other.

SpiralTear1548d ago

Yeah, while I can consider the Wii U version a much more feature-rich package, calling the 3DS version obsolete is a bold claim that I can't agree with.

RosweeSon1548d ago

Haha I've barely started playing myself so dunno what this article is all about, Obsolete... Rubbish!

Blues Cowboy1548d ago

I understand the sentiment, but the 3DS version is only obsolete right up until you leave your living room and get on the bus. :P

Blank1548d ago

Its ridiculous how people keep making it seem like the 3DS version would be on par or better than an HD console version. The thing is SO WHAT?! ITS SMASH BROS ON THE GO! Also by the way the graphics look pretty nice and I dont get performance issues. Im buying the both mainly since I love smash bros and for the sweet OST for buying the two you just cant go wrong with that!

Concertoine1548d ago

Its 20 bucks cheaper, too.

jcnba281548d ago

God forbid if somebody wanted to play both versions!

Yes the Wii U version will probably be better but that still doesn't mean the 3DS version is not a great game because it is.

shaw981548d ago

Can I put my wii u in my pocket? No I cannot.

JoshEngen1548d ago

You obviously don't wear JNCO jeans.

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The story is too old to be commented.