Walmart squares off against GameStop, begins selling used games

Retail giant Walmart moved to cut in on GameStop's market earlier this year by expanding into the used game business and allowing customers to trade in games for Walmart store credit, with the goal of harvesting enough used games to begin selling them back at retail.

Now it seems those plans have come to fruition, as Bloomberg reports that Walmart will begin selling pre-owned games at 1,700 of its 4,800 U.S. stores this week.

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annoyedgamer3263d ago

They will have a hard time selling anything when the entire electronics section always looks like a tornado passed through. Add in some opened bags of grapes in a corner and you have the typical Walmart back area. Its disgusting and I would rather spend more money to be in a clean store.

kreate3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

I'm willing to dig thru the trash for a good deal. Better be worth it though.

ATi_Elite3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Come on Bro who doesn't love eating grapes while digging through the used game bin. That's a service Gamestop can never offer.

I see gamestop going out of business in 2 years tops as Walmart has them on their radar.

Seedless grapes and gtav for $10 what can be better.

Concertoine3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Lol +funny

Gamestop better be ready, walmart and their irresistible grapes of wrath are gonna drive them to the ground.

ABizzel13263d ago



OT: They've been doing this for a while, and in most cases their in store credit is priced better than GStop for most games I've seen, and on the bright side for most people you can use the Wal-Mart gift card on anything in the store.

Xb1ps43263d ago

Walmart by me is pretty clean and neat, I wouldn't be surprised if your walmart isn't included in that 1700 if it's that bad...

annoyedgamer3262d ago

It is in a rich area, I pay extra for everything in my area and this WalMart is higher class than others but lately management has not been taking care of it.

deaddragonz3262d ago

I hate that you have to find someone to open the darn cases to grab your game, then wait in the slowest line ever. -_- Personally, I like gamestop because I can be in and out in 5 mins.

Xb1ps43262d ago

So you live in a rich area? I've seen you around here and you seem to come off as just a ps4 owner or am I wrong?

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Scatpants3263d ago

Hopefully the beat Gamestop's prices and don't just match them.

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kamakaz3md3263d ago

Yea and walmart is a total JOKE! I bought shadow of mordor from walmart, went back a couple weeks later and tried to trade it in, and ITS NOT IN THE SYSTEM. A manager tells me they dont take games newer then 2010... which is BS, because I sold my Battlefield 3 for ps4 to them for a gift card... BEWARE OF WALMART!!!! They are idiots...

GamingSinceThe80s3263d ago

I tried to sell back some games and even called ahead,but when I got their nobody even knew they bought back games,before the manager telling me said it was to late because the service desk was closed and to come back in the morningSomething I had asked when I called and was told otherwise.So I did that and came back in the morning and the service desk told me it had to be done in electronics,but they were not in till 12pm so I went back at 1pm and the guy was not there yet.So I called their customer service line waited on hold for 20 minutes or so and was told how sorry they were and that they would make it up to me for all the gas and time I spent,even that the store director would call me and apologize.Well they never did and I will never go back there to try to trade a game.Worst retail experience I have ever had.

kamakaz3md3263d ago

Haha, Yea I too went to CS when you go into Walmart, and stood in line under that fancy new advertisement sign, that talks about trading in games, and to see CUSTOMER SERVICE, then I was told to go to Electronics. I was able to trade in my B3 game tho, around midnight right at the cash registers, which I know is simple for all employees to do! Walmart needs to get their SH*T together! Hate to say it, but yes, they are thee biggest retail franchise and this sounded good to compete with GS, but they need to go back to the drawing board... Until then, because I dont want to sell my lord of the rings game to GS for 15 dollars cash, I will keep calling and checking if SHADOW OF MORDOR is in their system yet, so I can get my crummy 30 dollar gift card for gas!

shammgod3263d ago

i make it a point to never step foot into a walmart

strangeaeon3263d ago

Best Buy gives much better trade in value than either of these.

kamakaz3md3263d ago

Yes, but you gotta take into account certain situations for some people, like myself, who need gas money or something. Walmart has gas stations, and much more then best buy... I mean, you could even use ur walmart gift card for beer, so... This is good for walmart, they just need to go back and figure things out ALOT better.

strangeaeon3263d ago

Like perhaps paying their work force a living wage? Not getting on a stump, but I refuse to give Wal Mart my money due in part to how they treat thier employees.