NBA Live 15 Review – Taking It to the Rim With Authority | PSLS

PSLS writes: The NBA Live franchise stumbled back onto the scene last year and really wasn’t ready for prime time. EA could have taken that criticism and done one of two things: Ignore it and just keep turning out a mediocre game (all the while still raking in some dough) or they could have taken it to heart and rebuilt the franchise from the ground up. Lucky for us they took the latter approach.

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TrendyGamers1503d ago

You might say they... rebounded after a bad start.

Ultra1503d ago

Umm.. very bad aliasing :(

TerminalGamer1503d ago

Much better than last year

Minute Man 7211503d ago

Need a demo so I can judge for myself

ftwrthtx1503d ago

Folks need to try out the shot mechanics and see if they like it better than 2K. Both are pretty even in quality this year.

knifefight1503d ago

I find that the characters don't necessarily show the same level of realism as NBA 2k15. But both are good.