Halloween treat hidden in today's Destiny update

GameZone: "Although today's update for Destiny is mostly aimed at creating "a more stable experience" for players, Bungie has also hidden a little Halloween surprise for its Guardians."

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OUROSMAG1452d ago

So neat! Just goes to show, Bungie has quite a few things hidden up their sleeve for the game.

Voozi1452d ago

So this is what "the darkness" looks like!

GiggMan1452d ago

Nice. I'll save mine until Christmas lol.

Snookies121452d ago

Too bad you can't get a permanent one. That would have been amazing.

kneon1452d ago

Too bad they didn't spend more time on stability. I've gotten the monkey error 4 or 5 times since today's update

Felinox1452d ago

Yes I keep getting kicked to orbit. Seems to have made the game completely unplayable.

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The story is too old to be commented.