Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Didn’t Have a Choice, but to be Different

With just a week left until the launch of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and all of the bad publicity the last Call of Duty got from the release of the game, Advanced Warfare had one choice, and one choice only: Be Different. What was regarded as one of the worst games in the series, right up there (or should we say down there) with Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops, Call of Duty Ghosts fell apart under the pressure that it was challenged with to find success critically and capitalize on both a former and next generation set of consoles. After a $1 Billion Dollar payday upon release, however, things went nothing but grim from there. Ghosts not only received some of the lowest review scores in the series history, it dropped 19% in sales versus the same year-to-year comparison again Black Ops II, but on top of that has ravaged per-order sales of Advanced Warfare.

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AiirJordann231548d ago

Here it comes. I bunch of people saying it's the same

venom061548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

that's because basically it is.. lets be real.. other than Titanfall's double jump and boost strafing, what REALLY is different about CoD this year... i will say the little gadgets are cool, but dude, it really AINT a new and improved CoD.. slightly new movement options.. but because IGN and all the other CoD fanboy sites are hyping this to hell and back, folks are thinking they're getting some "fresh and innovative"... i have to hand to Activision, they could sell ice to an eskimo. Their PR and marketing teams are brilliant.

Play2Win1548d ago

It's a First Person Shooter military style. What do you expect? I think the steps they made with this on seem to be really good. Let's put it to a test next week and decide then.

DeadlyOreo1547d ago


So hang on, what do you exactly want them to change? Maybe you'd be better off with a different genre of video game, because the amount they have changed with Advanced Warfare is perfectly adequate.

CarlosX3601547d ago

Well, the game has been in development somewhat at the same time as Titanfall, so you really can't call it a copycat.

The only thing happened is that Titanfall came out first. Live. Die. Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow came out shortly afterwards.

GhostTurtle1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

This is the thing I don't understand. Does it really need to be different? IMO the games have gotten worse bc if anything the gun play and maps simple get wrose, and certain things have been dumbed down for DLC. If MW2 had the exact load outs/settings as BO2 for example, it would be the better game. The game doesn't really need to be different. The devs just need to stop being stupid/greedy/get their heads out their asses and figure it out. For awhile there it seemed as if every time Treyarch would add new s***, IW would be stuck in the past (with their outdated game design). Ghost WAS my go to game hoping the IW/Treyarch s*** would match up (obviously complete opposite, but honestly thats not because it was "different/the same"). AW they are trying some different things, we'll see how it works out.

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3-4-51547d ago

It's the biggest change to COD since the jump from COD3 to COD4:Modern Warfare.

pompombrum1548d ago

Well after Ghosts, it won't take all that much to improve Call of Duty this year. Being honest, I'm not expecting all that much from this one, it's Treyarch's one next year that I have high expectations of as they've proven themselves in their last 3 games.

SouthClaw1548d ago

Agree I just wish there was a World at War game again I really loved it. Hated it at first because we were still in the WW2 era of gaming now that its all MW era it would be refreshing to go back to WW2.

The Meerkat1548d ago

I just hope it runs properly on my PS4.


I'll find out when I rent it :)

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