Three Weeks Later, DriveClub Still Doesn't Work Properly

On October 7, Sony released the racing game Driveclub for PlayStation 4. Today, October 28, the game still doesn't work as intended—and Sony still hasn't said a word about refunding the folks who paid $60 for it.

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Kayant1548d ago

"and Sony still hasn't said a word about refunding the folks who paid $60 for it" - This is such a silly statement journalist keep making if you're unhappy with the product you ask for a refund and so far people seems to have gotten that if they asked. Why would they need to say anything or do a mass refund when it's up to consumers to decide how happy they are with the product.

u got owned1548d ago

What a mess. This has to be the worst tittle launch in history.

GryestOfBluSkies1548d ago

i think sim city and bf4 were worse

Kayant1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Don't know about history but for this year. Yh it easily takes the cake.

Blues Cowboy1548d ago

@GryestOfBluSkies: I think you're right, but all of these games (DC included) show how badly prepared publishers still are when it comes to online infrastructure.

I wonder if The Crew will suffer similar problems?

Kingthrash3601548d ago

GtaV no heists after over a year
Nba2k still hasn't had a decent online play either in over a decade.
Smh pick a choose because there are great games with far worse launches.... But most recently and as stated above bf4 and simcity took the crown for the worst....

OldDude1548d ago

I keep seeing comparisons to the BF4 launch. People seem to forget that BF4 launched on PS4, X1, PC, 360 and PS3 while DC only had to get it right on one platform.

BF4 also didn't see a 1 year delay, it was a launch title this generation.

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turdburgler10801548d ago

What a piece of crap game. Way to shaft your customers sony. #poopondriveclub

Bennibop1548d ago

Me and all my friends are more than happy with driveclub and are looking forward to future content not refunds! I wish so called gaming media would stop speaking for us!

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MysticStrummer1548d ago

I watched a lot of online racing last night on Twitch, so idk how widespread the problems still are, but of course people will exaggerate both the positive and the negative. Games these days seem to be either "incredible" or "garbage", with no middle ground. Reality is that most are in that middle ground somewhere. I honestly haven't seen anything that would keep me from buying this game, and in fact if all goes well I'll be getting it today.

Volkama1548d ago

My personal experience is that you can still expect brief disconnections quite frequently at the moment.

That's a significant improvement over the first week or two, where being connected warranted a look of surprise, perhaps even a look raised eyebrow because you doubted it was true.

Still not really good enough for a paid online service though, and certainly not ready for the plus version influx

Torque_CS_Lewith1548d ago

You and your 2 friends/cousins do not necessarily represent EVERY DC owner.
I am sure most want a fix rather than a refund but there are surely some that would like the option of a full refund.

jhoward5851548d ago

Like I said before evo/Sony are trying to optimize their out dated servers.

Upgrading the entire server infrastructure will take too much time and money.

MysticStrummer1548d ago

Oh well… you said it so it must be true then.


If it was a problem with Sony's servers don't you think more games would be having the same trouble?

jhoward5851548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Its obvious they haven't it fixed yet right???
And why haven't they release the plus version of DC.

Companies normally set up their server power in section for each game.

EDIT: Does VMWARE comes to mind?

u got owned1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

well, Evolution Studios have been releasing "server updates" not game updates so we can conclude that the problem is server side, although it says that is Evolution who are doing the updates, but then again Evolution Studios is owned by Sony.

TheWatercooler1548d ago

Driveclub has been working fine for at least a week now. These articles are just complaining for the sake of complaining

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081548d ago

It's been working for me as well.
Kotaku sucks!

imt5581548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Around week and a half online for me works pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty good.

badz1491548d ago

pretty good hear too. I'm still waiting for the weather update though. currently at level 42. but man...if only online players try to race clean for once, that would be great. most of them are deliberately spinning those in front or ramming them to the walls which really is frustrating. Is there any way Evo could punish these bastards? wheel to wheel race is always welcome but cheating? come on

Skankinruby1548d ago

Lol @ that picture. I wonder whose payroll these idiot excuses for journalists are on....

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