Far Cry 4 Dev: "Resolution Matters", Explains How To Improve Gameplay That Games With 1080p Can't

GP: Far Cry 4 Creative Director further talked about 1080p resolution debate and explained What he can do with lower resolution to improve gameplay that games with 1080p can't.

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DarkOcelet1503d ago

Wtf ! I just read an article where he says resolution doesnt matter . Seriously dude stay on a damn statement . Dont just go saying one thing here and say the opposite there .

GarrusVakarian1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Well, he was giving an interview to Official Xbox Magazine when he said that resolution doesn't matter. So go figure. The last thing he was going to say to them was "yes, 1080p matters" knowing that the X1 has had some trouble with 1080p over the past year. He's going to come up with some kind of diplomatic answer as to why it doesn't matter, especially if the final res of the X1 version isn't 1080p, as not to offend or get him/his company in trouble. When you're a dev, you aren't speaking on your behalf only.

I imagine his comment about 1080p would be totally different if he was speaking to a PS-related site.

gangsta_red1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

He still said that gameplay is more important. They took one part of his statement and ran with it.

"Resolution matters, and we will always do our best, but gameplay should always be more important."

So even still he remains true to what he said. He was just as diplomatic to this fan who asked this question as he was to OXM. He then goes on to clarify what you can spend more on other aspects of design/gameplay besides trying to make a game 1080p.

"Spend the system resources on more AI, animals, encounters and everything else onscreen that makes up a game."

I imagine his comment would be more of the same in a PS related site. He would probably play up the 1080p part a bit more since he knows that Sony fans want to hear more of that in their games than they do gameplay.

AutoCad1503d ago

You serious lol?
More fx on screen>1080p

famoussasjohn1503d ago

I would assume the talk about 1080p is PS4 talk considering Sony has advertisement agreements with them for this game, so they will mainly talk about the PS4 edition.

donthate1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I think once you reach a certain point resolution has minimal effect, and you are better of spent that extra resources elsewhere.

Holy grail of 1080p is stupid!

Plenty of games at 1080p is full of sh!t that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, yet many games with less pixels are far more enjoyable.

What does that tell you!?

I would be saddened if quality games is suddenly significantly determined by their "resolution".

I also stress that Alex isn't backtracking it at all if a normal person read it. However, you got drones of people wanting certain meaning, so that is what they are reading from it.

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imt5581503d ago

DarkOcelet, it is Ubisoft! What else you can expect from them. :-)

ainTgoTTime2bleed1503d ago

Exactly, but some people will never learn their lessons I guess (Not you or Ocelet);)

Walker1503d ago

seems far cry 4 will not run at 1080p and this kind of articles are a pure damage control

u got owned1503d ago

I thought PS4 was confirmed to run 1080p already, maybe i'm wrong, I' not sure.

Haru1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It doesn't matter if PS4 can run it at 1080p, if xbone can't they will lower the PS4 version resolution too just to match the xbone #Ubisoft

turdburgler10801503d ago

It's "targeted" @ 1080p not confirmed.

HeWhoWalks1503d ago

Far Cry 4 is targeting 1080p on both X1 and PS4.

tlougotg1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Anyone with common sense knows that in relation to games, gameplay, graphics, story, voice acting, etc.... they all %ucking matter. The apologist and spinners just always seem to try to find a scapegoat. Gameplay and Graphics are definitely in the top two things that matter. Some of you guys are too young to remember but even in the beginning the focus on gaming consoles and games has always been graphics, as much as gameplay (which includes textures, resolution,etc...). I remember during the nintendo, Sega, Playstation, NEC system wars all that was ever talked about was how many polygons could be rendered by a system and its color pallette and the amount of colors system could push (yes back then how many colors a system could push was their version of resolution war lol). Its insane for ppl to say graphics dont %ucking matter. Yeah Sony fans push and push because they know they have a more powerful system and they know they can have the best of all worlds, higher resolution, great game play, good performance and great graphics. Gamers should never settle thats just how i feel. That parity %hit is bs and weve already seen instances of this and even heard devs pushing for that crap.

Software_Lover1503d ago

I hate how twitter is now a news agency in itself.

masterfox1503d ago

"Explains How To Improve Gameplay That Games With 1080p Can't" <---Welcome to BS right here :D

buyakabuyaka61991503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


Hilarious, isn't it?

jrshankill1503d ago

The title made my eyes bleed.

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