Destiny – Vault of Glass Hard Mode – Tips For Completing it Legitimately

Destiny's Vault of Glass on hard mode is no simple task, if your team is having trouble completing it then this guide has some useful information to help you out.

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n4rc1454d ago

It hardly qualifies as an exploit IMO..

The point is to kill him.. Using grenades or rockets are a legitimate tactic.. Being knocked back by said ammo isn't a glitch or exploit either..

I fall and die all the time, why shouldnt they?

I get the cheese part for sure... You shouldnt be able to beat them that easily I'd imagine.. But the templar is totally legit as far as I'm concerned.. Atheon is poor design on bungles part..

But throwing grenades at an enemy is a legitimate tactic.. The result may not be intended but you can't fault players for doing it

DigitalHope1454d ago

Beat it norm legit, then hard legit.

Now I farm it with mechanics bungie gave me. Wouldn't call them bugs or exploits. Just poor design oversights.

OmegaShen1454d ago

Pushin him off is patch, now it just randomly kicks players.