PS4/Xbox One Games That Deserve Your Money In November 2014

GP: The month of November 2014 is proved to be a very interesting time. Several major games from renowned developers are lined up for a release in this month. Which Games Deserve Your Hard Earned Money?

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Jaqen_Hghar1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

No LBP3? It's got a TON of content let's give them credit for the best holiday value of the year! Launch it will have the new SP plus 8 million user created levels plus all new tools for even MOAR levels. Also it's family friendly entertainment during the holidays. A man is sure he will be having a blast with it come the holidays when his sister visits (she aced every LBP level which is something a man never did and it's like the only game she plays lol). Sony would be wise to bundle LBP3 with an extra DS4 for $450 to promote one of the few local co-op AAA games these days.

That being said FC4 and GTA5 will also be under a man's Christmas tree hopefully as they are both going to be outstanding.

crazychris41241548d ago

Im actually stunned lbp3 is comin out next month. I knew it was comin I just figured it was coming out sometime next year. They need to market it better. Commercials, previews and even a demo would help it out.

SoapShoes1548d ago

Yeah I'm excited for LBP3 just as much as GTA and Far Cry... Well maybe even more.

Jaqen_Hghar1548d ago

Just take a few decades off and MAKE GTA and FC in LBP3!

tlougotg1548d ago

My kids have literally put in hundreds of hours into lbp2 if not more, if i didnt buy my 7 year old LBP hed be so disappointed, not to mention that i enjoy it as well. The playability of this game is second to none and has truly been the most innovative console game this gen imo.

Jaqen_Hghar1548d ago

Have some fun with local co-op! Seems to be one of the few non-nintendo co-op AAA titles around these days (though Dead Nation, Pixeljunk, and Mercenary Kings are only Pixeljunk would be appropriate for a 7 year old lol)

DarXyde1548d ago

In order for me:

NOPE!, NOPE!, NOPE!, Price Drop, Not sure, and nah...

Funny enough, I think'll be riding this year out on 3 games, 1 of which that should be on this list: LittleBigPlanet 3, Bayonetta 2, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

danny8181548d ago

been playing the walking dead season 2. Havent yet opened forza H2. But gonna pick upo Halo MCC and Sunset Overdrive on Nov 11

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