Top 13 Scariest Games of All Time - Guaranteed to Make You Stain Your Shorts

No Halloween is complete without a descent into virtual terror. Nicholas compiles his list of the 13 scariest games of all time that have left him shaking in his boots crying for his momma. If you're looking to get your scare on this Halloween this list is a great place to start.

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EinRobot1452d ago

Silent hill 4!? That's the silent hill you put on the list? Not a good list at all.

Reibooi1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I know alot of folks think 2 is the best and scariest Silent Hill but for me personally I like 3 the most. The tie to the original game was pretty cool and there were just some things that really got to me more then the other games.

The opening segments is a good example with the rusted out theme park and the creepy as hell rabbits with blood all over there mouths. When I was really little I was terrified when a mascot would walk up to me at a theme park and I guess that makes 3 a bit more scary. For me anyway.

Perjoss1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I tend to get the most scared when the AI does really unexpected things and doesn't seem like game AI at all. Who remembers that motha******* doctor in Bioshock that is just standing there behind you as you turn around from looting that chest of drawers thing? **** you Ken Lavine, but also thank you so much!

The tribal people in The Forest really freaked me out too when i first encountered them, they just watch you from afar and randomly run away.

Wagz221452d ago

The two-headed baby monster that they mentioned about Silent Hill 4 was actually a disappointment for me. If you notice in the intro trailer that plays at the start menu, they show this monster making a horrific screaming noise but when you actually encounter them in the game, they don't really make any noise. They still look creepy just not a threatening as the trailer perceived.

medman1452d ago

I'll stain my shorts when I want to, not when some game wants me to, thank you very much.