Someone could erase your save files with PS4's Share Play

GR-UK writes: "We've been sampling the Share Play feature that launched today on PlayStation 4 as part of the 2.0 update and we must say we're impressed by it so far. We've passed the controller across Europe, and played co-operatively in Pix the Cat. There is some input lag, but not more so than what you can easily get adjusted to in most games (though we assume fighting games may be difficult to play this way). But as the feature is essentially the equivalent of giving someone else the controller - there is also potential disasters lurking for those who trust untrustworthy friends with their games. We managed to delete save files off eachother's PlayStation 4 units (in-game), and while you won't be able to access a friend's console menus there's enough damage that can be done in a few seconds. Of course, if you still want to share your game with an untrustworthy friend you can always upload your save files to the cloud prior to letting them loose, but we're curious as to how files...

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the_dark_one1451d ago

this title makes it seem like is an internal problem cause of the share play, very misleading.

Benke1451d ago

Nothing about it is misleading. Your save file can be deleted via Share Play.

G20WLY1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

It can, yes. I see people are still scrabbling around trying to find a fault with the awesome Share Play feature. lol

Seeing as you GIVE someone the right to access your PS4 (and you WATCH them), how exactly is this even worth pointing out?

PCs have remote access for IT support. Should I just scrap my troubled PC just in case they load it with viruses or spend all my money? Or should I choose who I give access to wisely and keep an eye on them?

Dem clicks doe, right GameOverReactor? ;^)

WalterWJR1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Yeah we could theoretically do all sorts to each other but luckily most of us are not ass holes.

wsoutlaw871450d ago

It is misleading though because the title makes it sound like some one could get in to your ps4 ui menu and start messing around. But its pretty obvious that if you give someone in-game control, they could do what ever they want in game. If someone deletes your game in game you could just take back control and save it again. This isnt really a function of share play, its just an obvious possibility of handing over a controler. If you had a controler to your friend sitting next to you, he could do the same thing. This isnt really news to anyone.

hay1450d ago

@wsoutlaw87: It would be only misleading if you assume too much, namely that Share Play allows to access the UI menu and screw around a bit.
If there's an in-game option to save, load or remove the save file, the Share Play will obviously use it, since it's part of the game's system to handle the data.

And it's not like any of us is going to Share Play with complete strangers or douchebags. It was probably filed as "non-issue", as the logic of savefile deletion is the same as logic of handing your controler to a friend.

NukaCola1450d ago

Well clearly it's used as a negative. That is the name of the game nowadays, hoever it is good this is caught so it can be fixed.

Personally if I let someone play my game, I will be watching them. If anything looks shady, I will just turn it of or unplug the system.

mkis0071450d ago

Game Saves are backed up on the cloud via ps+ are they not, just restore them...

UltimateMaster1449d ago

How about a spare USB save file copy?
It's sad that you can't trust your friends to this point.. I would make a second copy on a USB and see who's a real friend.

kparks1449d ago

Well if your share playing with someone thats a asshole of that caliber, you deserve to have your data erased lol..

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Neonridr1451d ago

well it's a loophole in the design that allows Share play to delete information off the host machine, so yes I would say it's an internal problem which is directly related to Share Play.

the_dark_one1451d ago

what i meant to say is cause of the share play, the saves on your ps4 could be erased, thats not the case is only someone else that can do it and not cause of the update. so yes is related to the share play but not cause of if directly but others

Neonridr1451d ago

@the_dark_one - ahh I see, thanks for clarifying.

Yeah, it's still weird that you have that ability though.

johndoe112111450d ago

That is not a loophole in the design. Share play is designed to give you the feeling of playing with your friends as if they were in your living room. If I give my friend sitting next to me my controller he can do the same bloody thing. Would you invite a random stranger into your living room and give him your controller? Heck no. same thing with share play. You give access to friends and family who you know wouldn't do that crap. There is absolutely no difference.

Should they make fingerprint sensitive controllers that can identify who is holding it and place restrictions to the system when you hand a friend your controller? At what point do we stop assigning blame and just understand that with certain features we may be required to be more responsible?

UnHoly_One1450d ago

But it isn't the same as having somebody sitting next to you, John Doe, and a lot of people may not realize how much control the other person really has.

Neonridr1450d ago

@johndoe11211 - why would you feel the need to allow a user in share play to have access to anything outside the game they are playing in though? That seems to be a design oversight in my opinion.

wsoutlaw871450d ago

you are giving them control of your controller and you are surprised they can then do stuff in-game with your controler? It is not a loophole, its obvious.

Neonridr1450d ago

@wsoutlaw87 - you are giving them control of a video game, not control over your PS4. I am sure Sony could have prevented any sort of access outside the game being shared. Don't act like that is some sort of impossibility.

Share Play is designed to allow someone to play along or watch your game with you. It is not designed so that a user can go access your system setup or data management. That would seem a little strange don't you think?

wsoutlaw871450d ago

@neonridr Read it again. No one has control of anything out side of the game. just in-game menus. It would be an issue if they could access your ps4 menus, but they cant.

Neonridr1450d ago

@wsoutlaw87 - ahh, my bad. Totally missed that part. Thanks for clearing that up. Makes more sense then. Yeah, if you are giving full control over a game, then I can see why deleting save games in the game itself is something that is unavoidable..

Tempest3171450d ago


I didn't see anything in Johndoe's post implying that people should be allowed access to anything outside the game, and that's not whats happened here. Nothing has been done outside of the game, so i'm a bit confused at your post.

tontontam01449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

The concept of share play is like playing with a friend in the same couch.

Just take the controller from him. I assume this can be done with a push of a button.

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GribbleGrunger1450d ago

Yeah, the media seem hell bent on trying to taint what is a fantastic and innovative feature.

Neonridr1450d ago

like what motion controls were, or an "optional" 3D screen on a handheld, or having a second screen in your controller..

gangsta_red1450d ago

Gribble, why is it that the "media" is only hell bent on making anything Sony look bad. Are you really that paranoid?

Did you not see the "media" hellbent on praising shareplay articles? Because so far I am seeing a lot of positive reviews for this feature on PS4.

Or did you skip those articles in favor of conspiracy and false flag tactics?

Spotie1450d ago

You should ask why they did it all last gen, gangsta_red. Why were people making outrageous claims about the PS3? Why were the load times for GT5 exaggerated with slown-down videos?

Why did everyone run with such "news?"

It may not have been a conspiracy-level effort, but much of the gaming media was of one accord when it came to slamming Sony last gen.

Or are we now gonna pretend like we can't simply google such stuff happening?

gangsta_red1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )


*sigh, shakes head*

So I guess Sony was the only one getting abused by the media last gen right?

I mean Uncharted didn't get praised 3 games in a row?

TLoU didn't win GOTY?

Journey didn't win GOTY?

Sony wasn't hailed for offering free games and a better value with PS+?

Sony wasn't praised for not having apps behind a pay wall?

Sony/PS3 wasn't glorified for having more exclusives?

What do you expect will come up in a google search if you JUST TYPE and LOOK FOR BAD STORIES ABOUT SONY, genius!?

You guys have such a great time pretending Sony is a victim of some huge media conspiracy plan. Every chance you get you guys pass up 5 positive stories in favor of the one bad one then go into that article and start screaming the media is bias and this site should be banned.

And don't dare say Driveclub, because that game deserves every bit of scrutiny it is receiving.

And nobody "ran" with Wii is a gimmick, "waggle" or any of the hundreds of Xbox live was hacked, MS is selling Xbox or X1 resolution?


Nope, just google bad stories and sony...

-Foxtrot1450d ago


lol are so obvious

SilentNegotiator1449d ago

Well we know EXACTLY how pathetic and corrupt the game media is these days.

Microsoft gave Polygon 3/4 of a million dollars to make a documentary about themselves...anyone that thinks that the media isn't full of Microsoft shills is completely lost.

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badboyz091450d ago

Shareplay=GameSharing. In the end it all comes downs to "Trust"

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Mikelarry1450d ago

This is why there are real world test, glad people are finding out issues that sony might have missed during closed testing hopefully now that this is out there they (sony) will release a patch to rectify this.

kowan1450d ago

You don't need a patch to rectify this "issue". In Share play you give the control to another person. That person now has access to your Ps4. Everything that person does you can see in your TV screen. SO if that person turns out to be an a-hole and tries to delete your files then simply cancel the shareplay session. Easy as that. Shareplay does not delete your files, it depends on how much of a jerk the other player is and how much you pay attention to what's happening on your screen. The only way files could be deleted in a shareplay session is if the user ignores everything he or she is seeing on their tv screen like an idiot.

SilentNegotiator1449d ago

I gave a complete stranger control of my game and they did something Sony?!?!


Blackleg-sanji1450d ago

Whats with all the negative sony articles lately haben been here in awhile did i moss something

vikingland11450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

It's not really negative,it's more to let people know to be careful with who your share/play with.

Edit: At least that's how I understand it.

DeadlyOreo1450d ago

Basically Sony just had a really nice update, and Xbox fans are not happy about it. Hence the negative articles.

matrixman921450d ago

xbox one gets monthly updates, dont know why xbox fans would not be happy. Nice change from the daily negative xbox articles

Lulz_Boat1450d ago

because they are loosing from the start :D

CorndogBurglar1450d ago

It was a nice update, i agree, but the Rest Mode nonsense sucks. I dont know why the felt the need to change it.

BlackTar1871450d ago

Didn't you see though Sunset Overdrive is the best game since Mario.......

wsoutlaw871450d ago

lol ya all the ssod stuff confuses me. I keep seeing people say how great its review scores are but the metacritic is 82. Thats not bad by any means, but when I checked I was expecting 90s with what people are saying about the scores.

Stick891450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Just like the friend that you are sitting next to could if you passed them the controller. Unless either your friends are complete jerks or you're an idiot and decided to let a stranger play on your game machine, than seriously how is this an issue?

Why o why1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Glad I read your comment. I was going to say the same thing. My god son started a game in my account and selected start from the start, erasing my data......from that point I set up a guest account and put a pin on mine. I'm sure sony can put a failsafe in place. Not all people voicing opinions are guilty but its interesting to read the comments of the concerned trolls since shareplay went live. What some of them fail to imagine is that it will only get better and the positive word will continue to spread.

ABeastNamedTariq1450d ago

That's not cool. But I guess you could grab control again before that happens, right? (Haven't used it yet, so idk)

SharnOfTheDEAD1450d ago

A simple push of the PS button will stop them from doing anything.